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C&G Holsters


Buyer's Guide: C&G Holsters

A Brief History on Cgu Carbide

C&G Holsters was established in 2021 by Don Barnes and Tim Mullens to manufacture quality, rugged and functional Kydex holstered products. They craft these high quality holsters using the finest Kydex materials available. They offer many options for use including cantilever or belt tension, quick release buckles, accessory attachment points and much more.

C&G offers several types of kydex holsters that you will find useful for everyday use. The Classic Tactic is a long term leather duty kydex holster. This C&G holster features a full leather body and black gun clip. It includes an extending paddle which allows it to be worn on belt but can also be used with a cord bracelet. This versatile kydex holster includes a front slip pocket and an interior reverse belt loop.

The C&G Distinctive Series is made from high quality stainless steel. It features an aluminum or steel front sight with an optional red fiber snap cover. A nylon cantilever is used along with a high grade snap guard. This C&G discreet kydex holster has a strong hold and is perfect for a concealment carry option.

The GMC Carbide Solid Binding is also available in an MSN model. This model is the same high quality construction found in the C&G models. The C&G Solid Binding also features an aluminum or steel front sight and a red fiber snap cover. It comes complete with an olefin belt hanger. This GMC Carbide Solid Binding is also a great everyday carry option.

The Cabela's Hunter series features a universal serial number. This serial number allows you to switch out belt clips for clothing accessories such as shoes. The tabs can be easily removed so that they can be changed for belt clips. This model of Cabela's Hunter Leather features a full grain leather upper and an adjustable buckle die. The leather is highly durable and easy to maintain.

The Columbia Bugaboo ii jeans offer a great deal of variety when it comes to their belt loops. There are numerous types and designs that can be switched out based on the occasion. The front and rear belt loops can be made from a wide assortment of materials including, nylon, leather, and nylon coated. They are easily removed so that you can change your belt clips for a different style. This wonderful choice from Columbia Bugaboo will keep your jeans looking new for years.

For a casual weekend get together, or for an upcoming party, the Columbia Bugaboo ii Festive Clutch offers a unique style of belt loops. These belt loops are made from a durable nylon which can be easily cleaned. This version of the Columbia Bugaboo has a large front pocket with an attractive hook and loop fastening system. They are also made of nylon which will allow for easy laundry and cleaning.

For heavier garments, the Columbia Bugaboo ii Heavy Duty Clutch is the perfect choice. It includes several heavy duty belt loops. This model is designed for everyday use in the workplace, or for more rugged outdoor use. The large front pockets and hook and loop closures provide a secure holding place for important documents and belts. This model of Columbia Bugaboo also includes a matching belt clip.

The Columbia Bugaboo ii Geo Circle is made for ease of installation. It consists of a large, durable nylon exterior shell that is covered with a comfortable, cotton lining. It has a comfortably padded adjustable handle and belt clips. The Geo Circle is fully assembled right out of the box.

In addition to the above models, there are a couple other types of Columbia Bugaboo leather products that can be purchased for use in Cgu Carbide products. There is the Columbia Bugaboo iiFX which comes with a leather trim. The leather is made to be waterproof, stain resistant, and ultra-comfortable. There is also the Columbia Bugaboo iiNA which comes with a nylon lining and an adjustable buckle strap for a snug fit.

The Cgu Carbide buckle is one of the best parts of any Cgu product line. The Columbia Bugaboo brand of buckles is used by law enforcement and other professional groups around the world. It is known for being strong, durable, and long lasting. It is even used by some of the highest ranking members of the armed forces. Cgu Carbide makes a good choice of belt buckle because of all of these reasons.