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Clinger Holsters

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Buyer's Guide: Clinger Holsters

Clinger Holsters, Kydex Holsters, And A Clinger Cushion

Clinger Holsters are a type of kydex holster. A Clinger holster has no screws or metal snaps to move out of the way when the gun is being held in a particular position. This holster was originally designed by a gun enthusiast who wanted to have a holster that didn't have any visible straps on it. He also didn't want any visible compartments to store items like keys or cell phones.

The original clinger holsters used a metal loop to attach either a snap or pin to the outside of the gun. The thumb side of the trigger is exposed so you can easily insert or remove the pin without removing the entire holster. You just pull it through the loop and place your gun in place. There is no need for drilling, cutting or sewing. Because of this, it is great for people who are required to take their gun everywhere they go. They can simply take it out of the holster, insert their cell phone and everything will be fine.

Since the invention of the kydex pouch, clinger holsters have evolved into other types of concealed carry options. They can now come with belt clips, pouches and even leather lanyards. These new types of holsters have many benefits over the traditional belt clips and holster clips. For one, they are more secure since there is no need for moving them around and putting them on and off. People can also carry their handgun with them much easier than they can with traditional belt clips. There is no need for an extra pocket or belt loops to store your handgun.

Some of the most popular options include the following: strong side carry, appendix carry and cross draw holsters. Strong side carry options are the most popular among Clinger holster users because they are easy to open and close. An individual who plans to use his handgun on a daily basis would benefit greatly from using this type of clinger.

Appendicitus holsters are another type of concealed carry holster that most people end up liking. With this type, an individual can easily conceal the gun by placing it inside the waist band or placing it in the pockets of their pants. Some may even place their handgun on their belt when not in use. This kind of holster offers much more comfort and flexibility as compared to other types. They are also more stable and stronger than most other types of concealed carry holsters.

Clinch-Tuckable holsters may be one of the most unique types. A close fitting holster that includes a tuckable flap is attached to the belt through the use of belt loops. This allows the user to remove the holster completely when necessary. The design of this particular holster makes it very comfortable to wear. A person will definitely appreciate having a video tutorial to teach him how to properly adjust the screws on the holster, and how to operate the spring loaded clip.

Clinch-Tuckable holsters are perfect for a person who wants to have a holster that will fit perfectly on their small frame. This will not only allow them to conceal the weapon while they are wearing it, but will also give them a very streamlined look. When trying to conceal the weapon, a smaller weapon will be easier to control while in a tight position. This type of holster allows an individual to shoot their weapon with a more natural and fluid motion. The adjustment on this type of holster is one of the biggest reasons why many choose to use this on a regular basis. In fact, most law enforcement agents state that this holster is one of the most comfortable and reliable holster that they own.

These three types of holsters are all great options for a small footprint, but the last option, the clinger cushion, is my personal favorite. By adding a kydex holster, belt clips, and a clinger cushion, a person can have an extremely efficient holster that will enable them to carry their weapon with ease while still being able to have a small, natural movement. In addition to making sure that I am comfortable with my gun, I also want to make sure that I am comfortable shooting it as well.