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Colt Defender Holster

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Buyer's Guide: Colt Defender Holster

How to Choose the Right Colt Defender Holster For Your Needs

Every colt hunter has his own personal ideas of what a good all purpose gun holster is. Not every colt defender holster is made equal. Hence forth each individual has their own definitive holster needs, and unusual requisites for their specific weapon. A holster is made up of two separate parts: the frame and the canteen.

The frame, which is also referred to as the "shaft," consists of three and one-half inch bbl steel, with an eight inch sight in an aluminum casing. The front sight is easily visible when the firearm is cocked, but can be covered or removed as desired. In addition to steel, some models of colt defender carry holsters are offered in leather. In most cases, leather is chosen because of its durability, although other materials have been used, including synthetic leather and nylon.

When selecting a colt defender leather holster, it is important to ensure that the proper fit is selected. When you place the firearm in the holster, it should "grab" the firearm without a struggle. The retention device, if present, should be snugly fit in the belt, but not excessively tight. The canteen, which is located inside the shirt pocket, should also be fit properly to accommodate the firearm. It is not difficult to find a size that is perfectly fit for you, provided you know your body measurements.

The leather for these firearms holsters comes in several different grades. Exotic is the highest grade, followed by tactical. Tactical grade leather is typically darker in color and thicker than exotic. Many tactical holsters have a black leather coating, which offers an additional concealment. Recently, many top of the line colt defenders have been offered with kydex or nylon kydex material instead of the traditional leather.

There are several different styles of holsters available for this line of firearms. Most of the men's defender holsters are manufactured with the kydex material and are slightly narrower at the shoulders. Men usually select this style of holster when they want to carry their firearm in a low profile way, as it provides a slim profile when worn on the hips.

Women usually select the nylon material for their colt defender holsters. These women's carriers have a more snugger fit than the kydex models. Women usually select a taller model so that they can easily conceal their handgun while still wearing a suitable clothing style. This carrier allows the woman to wear a tank top or long sleeve blouse underneath without any concealment. In addition to the perfect fit, many of the women's carriers feature a canteen flap, which allows for the concealment of the firearm.

Colt also offers two basic styles of leather holsters: the classic paddle and the buckle. Paddle styles feature an open end while the buckle adds a hook and loop fastening system. Many people prefer the open end design as it allows for the easy movement of the paddle through drawstring loops. Some of these systems use the canteen flap to conceal the firearm, which is why the holster is usually placed inside of the belt through a traditional belt loop. Those looking for a more concealable carrier should select one with a canteen flap.

All of the above mentioned models are just some of the variations available in colt defender leather holster systems. There are many other accessory holsters available to provide the additional flexibility and options that most people may be looking for. Many of the gun owners who have never considered the options inherent in leather holsters may be surprised to learn how beneficial and versatile these devices can be. A proper fit, comfortable carrying methods, as well as concealment are all areas that need to be considered when choosing the right gun holster to carry.