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The Best Colt Python Holster

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Rank 1
Premium Leather Three Slots Belt Holster with Retention...
  • KM/USBR Adjust to wear on the Strong Side or CROSS-DRAW.
  • Made from Premium Genuine Leather. Hand-made molding for a...
  • Sight rail space to protect the leather and muzzle sight....
ON SALE!Rank 2
DeSantis Speed Scabbard, Right, Black, COLT Python, Trooper...
  • Fits Colt Python, Trooper 4" S&W L Frame 4"; Ruger Gp100 4"...
  • For Right Hand
  • Black in color
ON SALE!Rank 3
BIANCHI, 111 Cyclone Holster, Plain Tan, Size 06, Right Hand...
  • 1. 75" belt slot
  • Full grain leather, plain tan finish
  • Fully suede lined
  • Two belt loops to wear cross draw or strongside
  • Quick release thumb snap
  • High ride; suede lined; open muzzle; 1.75" (45mm) belt slot
  • Plain tan, for right hand shooter-
  • Will Fit Chart #12696
ON SALE!Rank 4
Bianchi, 5BHL Leather Holster, Tan, Size 10, Right Hand
  • Integral thumb snap provides enhanced retention
  • Hand boning provides a precise, contoured fit
  • High ride
  • 2" - 3" holsters have 1.75" (45mm) belt slot
  • 4" and larger holsters have both 1.75" (45mm) and 2.25"...
  • FitsColt Python, Colt King Cobra and Llama Martial with 6"...

Buyer's Guide

Colt Python Holster

Are you a big fan of the AR-15 style firearms and wish to carry them with your favorite pistol? If so, then the Colt Python holsters are just right for you. Why not? The custom-molded leather shell attaches easily to a belt frame allowing you to carry it in the way you desire. Choose a Colt Python holsters for open carry, concealed carry or both.

You too can pack away your favorite pistol and bring it along with you on your casual hunting trips, summer picnics or on a long car trip with the family. With a little creativity you can even pack it in your briefcase for easy access. This is the perfect carry-all for those spur of the moment outings. How do you know which holsters to choose when there are so many models available? Easy; you simply have to try them all.

The most popular option available to gun owners is the traditional two-piece setup. Holsters today come in both a half-moon and full grain design. The half-moon design provides a comfortable, compact feel while offering a slim profile. While the full grain design offers a sturdy, fully-stuffed leather exterior that makes for a perfect fit. It is also great for use with larger handguns.

There are a few other popular options available on the market today for use with any type of firearm. Some people prefer the traditional paddle style holster while others enjoy the slide-out or button-tops. In order to decide which one is right for you, it is important to find the holsters that accommodate the best features. Which features will provide the most benefit and which ones are the most convenient?

When selecting a colt python holster, you must first determine which of the two main styles is most appropriate for your needs. If you frequently purchase handgun accessories such as ammo, clothing, cartridges, etc., you may opt to choose the half-moon design. This will allow for a snug fit, ample storage and enough room to transport your items with relative ease. Those who rarely use their firearms will typically select the full grain leather model which offers the greatest comfort and ease-of-use.

For instance, if you routinely carry a handgun, but seldom take it out of the holster, then it would not be necessary to purchase a model with straps or other additional retention options. Many times a person can quickly learn how to "think outside the box" and purchase holsters without additional components for use with concealment. However, if you need some added stability and security for times when you do intend to utilize your firearm, then consider purchasing one of the many Colty Python holsters available for purchase.

When looking at different types of holsters and accessories for your firearm, you should first consider the different retention options that are available. There are several different styles available including full grain leather, nylon, and even a polymer style that works great for sports enthusiasts. These choices will help ensure that your firearm remains securely in place and that you do not experience any discomfort while wearing your firearm. Once you have chosen a comfortable holster, you will need to determine the proper style of strap or shoulder strap that is most suitable for your personal taste and comfort level.

If you are going through a particular stage of owning a colt python and have purchased several different accessories, it is essential that you invest in a proper retention strap so that you have the confidence that your firearm is secure and safe. The Colty Python holsters are designed with an open top design to allow the easy access of the accessory without having to use a lanyard or any other type of fastening device. This makes it easier to quickly access your firearm for any necessary functions. This is one of the many reasons why the Colty Python holsters are the perfect fit for the average gun owner who is constantly on the go and enjoys shooting their firearm at a rapid rate.