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Combat Tops

Propper Men's TAC.U Combat Shirt, Black, X-Small Regular
  • Durable Battle Rip fabric sleeves and collar
  • Fully artioulated elbows and underarm gusset for enhanced...
  • Two zippered upper-arm pockets with loop-facing patch for...
  • Two zippered forearm pockets

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What is New in Combat Tops Clothing?

Combat Tops is one of the most recognized and widely used patterns, whether it is for casual daily wear or dress wear. The company, a division of Reebok, is very reputable and has been selling combat shirts, trousers, jackets, and other clothing lines for more than a century. Many top US Army units, including the 1st Cavalry Division, use the line for both their clothing and gear. They are not only highly respected by US forces, but also by international forces. They were also used by British military forces in both World Wars.

One of the reasons why Combat Tops remains popular is because it was originally designed as an all-purpose camouflage pant. It is made of a polyester/cotton blend, which provides lightweight protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The original pants were originally made to be worn on the battle field, and not just for everyday use. Today, the Company produces a line of pants, jackets, and shirts that are both comfortable and effective for civilian use.

A typical Combat Tops pants design is the crew neck, which features a V-neck opening. It can also be referred to as a flannel shirt, owing to its material. The fabric is specifically chosen to allow for comfort, but has the added benefit of helping to create a thermal insulation that can keep soldiers warm in cold conditions. The original design was called the "Crye" shirt, and has been adapted as the name Combat Top, as well. Today's version retains the name, but has changed into a more modern, slim fit style.

Combat Tops pants feature a great many extras, however. A liner is available, which allows you to adjust the interior lining according to the climate. An adjustable knee pad also comes as a standard, and can be ordered as extra. Additional padding in the waist and abdomen area help to ensure that your body receives the optimal support it needs, with the emphasis being on comfort. In addition, there are plenty extras including Velcro straps, included pockets for carrying gear, and an adjustable waist belt. For the male population, an internal combat bra helps to ensure that the wearer always looks his best.

If you consider yourself a true outdoorsman, then the Combat Top line of products should be on your list. From an environmental standpoint, it is quite impressive that the fabric is made from 100% natural fibers. The fabric is UV protective, so you no longer need to turn in 4 sets of, 4 combat shirts, or 4 pairs of cargo pants, or even a roll-up hat. Combat Tops also offers plenty extras, including an internal EDT vest, which can be used as an undergarment for your regular wardrobe.

An important thing to note about the new clothing change is that all items in the Combat Top line come with a lifetime warranty. If anything should happen to your Combat Top ( Combat Tops brand name) when using it, no one is accountable but yourself. If anything does happen to break, including a stitch or tear, or if your package somehow becomes damaged, you are covered. This is unlike some other brands of combat shirts that only offer a replacement or repair warranty if the shirt is clearly defective upon receipt.

A couple other little things that are nice about the new clothing change are the various size options. Unlike previous products where women were stuck either wearing large or small combat shirts, the new Combat Top line includes a variety of sizes. This includes women's small, medium, large, as well as plus sizes. Furthermore, there are new designs such as the kilt style, which will make you look like you're ready for the outdoors. Additionally, each of the individual pieces has been designed to drape well, and flatter your figure.

The newest additions to the Combat Top line include both the basic design as well as a new design that adds elastic around the wrist and ankle. This elastic is said to make the shirt more comfortable and allow you to have a tighter looking appearance without losing any of the flexibility. Additionally, the elastic on the sides of each of the shirts includes a special "slimming" method, and there are no visible seams on the tops. The newest addition to the Combat Tops line does come with an instructional free-of-charge pamphlet that gives details on the various combat shirts, including their benefits, and uses of the product. This pamphlet is also included in all of the Combat Tops apparel purchased via the internet.