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Comforttac Belly Band Holster

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | IWB Holster | Waist...
  • ⭐️ RIGHT-HANDED ✔ ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Neoprene material...
  • ✔ HOLDS ANY SIZE PISTOL! Surgical grade elastic holster...
  • ✔ VERSATILE CARRY OPTIONS! Can be worn inside the...

Buyer's Guide: Comforttac Belly Band Holster

Review of the Comforttac Belly Band Holster

The new Bodyguard Compact has become the latest trend in bodyguarding gear and the Bodyguard Compact Belly Band Holster fits right in. Not only does it fit an M & P pistol, but it also fits an older model Smith & Wesson handgun as well. Since the ComfortTac belly band holster is also an universal accessory, it fits just about any model gun from subcompact to even full-sized. Even with the weighted unloaded weight of a full sized 1911, was able to perform during day in the workroom without the worry of the pistol slipping out of hand during physical activity.

I've been a fan of the old canteen style of canteen for canteen gear since my military days and the comforttac belly band holster fits in with that styling. It has the same small pouch as the canteen, which helps keep your gear dry during long hours of dry firing. This item easily fits into most pants pockets. When I'm done wearing the holster, I simply take it out and stuff my canteen in the pouch which makes it very easy to access.

One of the best things about this holster is its quick and easy setup. It comes with a snap closure on both sides of the pouch that secures your handgun to the belt with Velcro strips. There is also a tab on top of the flap that secures your M&P. Simply place the tab and snap the holster in place. This setup is extremely convenient, allowing you to quickly change out your M&P while on the job or on the go.

One of the main features of the Bodyguard is that it fits perfectly with most belt loops. I can wear my Bodyguard in just a few seconds without any additional modifications required. Since it is so simple to wear, I don't see many problems with wear or tear. Most gun belts are made of stiff materials and can be quite uncomfortable after several hours of wear.

The Bodyguard also has a breathable neoprene backing. Many belt holsters have rubbery neoprene, which can really irritate the skin and can even cause skin rashes. However, the Comforttac Belly Band Holster has a completely breathable neoprene backed lining. So, I never have to worry about overheating when I am wearing my Bodyguard.

Another great feature of the Bodyguard is the ride height. Since I shoot heavier pistol loads, I wanted to make sure that the body guard fit properly and had enough retention to prevent my pistol from jumping out at me while I was wearing it. So, the designers created a ride height adjuster system that allows the belt to change length while you are wearing the holster. This means that I can wear my Bodyguard out to a shooting range and not have to worry about losing my unloaded pistol when I am done. There is an eight inch release on the belt as well, which allows the belt to quickly retract if need be.

Some gun owners may be turned off by the Bodyguard because of its overall size, but I have found that it is very effective for everyday carry. For instance, I often times carry my pistol in my waistband while I am running. That way, I can keep my pants in front of my body and carry the gun around my waist. I also carry my unloaded pistol underneath my shirt when I am wearing a vest. This allows me to keep my shirt tucked into my waist, which helps to protect me from getting a sore back from carrying a heavy pistol in an unsuitable location.

Overall, I like the comfort that the Bodyguard Belly Band Holster brings to my shooting needs. It allows me to wear my firearm comfortably and also effectively carry it. I also find that I am able to wear the belly band holster with a variety of clothing so that I am able to wear it whether I am cold or warm, as I am always in an active climate (i.e. during the winter when I am outside and in the heat).