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Concealed Carry Clothing For Men

Cinch Men's Bonded Softshell Vest with Concealed Carry...
  • Concealed carry
  • Soft shell
  • Ykk zippers
  • Embroidered logos

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Three Concealed Carry Clothing Types For Men

The Graystone Concealed Carry Clothing For Men is an officially permitted shirt. This shirt is ideal for any comfortable and tight fit under any dress shirt. It provides great concealment since the pockets are double compression. The pockets are also lower than past styles to further enable carrying the gun without drawing the gun. There are no visible logos or designs on the T-Shirt, and it is made of 100% cotton for comfort and durability.

This shirt also comes in a wide variety of colors. You can choose from black to brown or even get different shades of blue or green. You will definitely find the right concealed carry clothing you need for your needs. There is also a wide selection of specialty colors such as pink, green, yellow, and light blue. They are not shirts that you would wear every day, but they are ideal for special occasions or to conceal your weapon while wearing everyday clothing.

Most people think that standard concealment clothing such as khaki or some type of white T-shirt is sufficient for carrying a handgun. Concealed carry clothing made specifically for guns is made with different features. For example, some feature elasticized cuffs to keep the hands inside the pants or shirt. Some feature metal studs that allow easy attachment to belt loops or other small items.

Graystone Tactical Pants. The Graystone Concealed Carry Clothing For Men offers men a unique line of camouflage tactical pants. These pants are perfect for Concealed Carry Training or just plain concealment. They feature an anti-maintainability pocket at the mid-section of the leg for keeping a pistol securely in place. The front of the thigh has a Velcro closing on each side of the concealed carry pants for a firm grip.

Concealed Carry Shirts for Men. If you have been assigned a job where you will be working in close proximity to other people and they also own concealed firearms, it might be wise to invest in a few Concealed Carry Shirts for men. These shirts can be worn with or without a bulletproof vest. Not only is there a variety of Concealed Carry Shirts for men, but they come in many different styles.

An Undertech Concealed Carry Shirt. Known by many names such as the gray snake skin, the undertech tactical shirt, or the ghillie suit, this style of concealment clothing is perfect for those who prefer to blend in with their environment and blend in with their fellow team members. This style of shirt, unlike many others we have mentioned, is specifically designed with comfort and usability in mind.

Concealed Carry Pants. Just like the shirt, the Concealed Carry Pants for men provide a tight fit that conceals both the gun and any other accessories they may have connected to it. These are great if you are in a situation where you need the concealment but do not want to expose your gun. Some of these types of Concealed Carry Pants are loose like a pair of pants, which allows for easy movement and concealment, and tighter like those worn by the military.

Concealed Carry T-Shirts. The third type of concealed carry clothing is the t-shirt. The great thing about t-shirts is that they can be easily laundered. Since t-shirts are not made of paper, you can wear them several times before they become threadbare and start to look worn out. These t-shirts are great for those who need to blend in with their environment as they don't come in one specific color and are more flexible than clothing designed for Concealed Carry.