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Buyer's Guide: Craft Holsters

Leather Holsters by Craft Holsters - The Perfect Choice For Your Next Gun Protection Gear

The website of Craft holsters is absolutely awesome. Their site is extremely intuitive. Within a matter of clicks, you will discover the exact holster you've been envisioning. Not only will you find the perfect holster for your every day carry, but you will find it with unrivalled ease.

Craft holsters primarily focuses on the old world European craftsmanship and Bringing that to the western world. To me, that's what authentic leather gear is all about. Craftholsters is one of the premiere distributors of kydex and leather gun holsters. They are dedicated to providing the finest quality leather gun holsters to ever be offered on the internet.

There are two main categories, classic hardtop and hardback, classic flat top, and pocketed or pouch style. You can get leather, nylon, synthetic, or even carbon fiber. If you prefer a lighter weight, the nylon category is for you. Craft holster shoulder rigs are available in a huge selection of colors. The classic shoulder rig or flap back is the original choice for gun owners.

With a classic leather shoulder pad and leather cantilever attached to the top of the shoulder, there is no better way to carry a gun than with a Craft Holsters shoulder rig. I carry a Diamond model Taurus PTX with a leather cantilever and gun belt. With the leather shoulder pad and cantilever attached to my Craft Holsters shoulder holster, it really doesn't matter where I carry my gun. It just works!

With iwb, I can carry my gun comfortably anywhere. I don't have to worry about how I am going to get it out of my holster if I get in a bind. In fact, if I am worried at all, I let my Craft holster do all the work. The leather on these holsters looks great and holds up well to wear and tear. It's easy to get in and out of because it's deep enough that I can put my gun vertically (in the case of an A Frame) without worrying about it coming out. With Craft holsters, I don't have to worry about my gun falling out when I'm in a hurry or trying to conceal.

Leather is also very comfortable to wear. When I am wearing iwb leather holsters, I just need to take them off to sit down at my desk. No pain or soreness involved. I love carrying my handgun because I don't have to worry about whether I will like it when I am shooting it or not. With this type of holster, you simply need to decide whether you want your handgun to be comfortable or you want to take it down as fast as possible when you are in a bind.

One of the best parts about these leather belts is that they come with a leather belt holster and a canteen. These are two items I definitely could not live without. On my job, I often carry a handgun for work and I can't stress how much easier it is to carry this way. If I ever had to take my gun down in a hurry, I know I can count on these. They also come with a 5-year warranty, which is awesome.

I personally own four Craft holsters. I like all of them. I carry a duty model that is just the right size for my needs. If you are considering purchasing a holster, I highly recommend them.

I have also bought several extra belts that I use with my guns. The leather is very soft and very nice. I carry my gun on my shoulders with the belt over my shoulders. This works great because I can wear my Craft holsters over top of my shirt pocket for when I am going somewhere else and don't want the leather to get wet.

I also own a couple of other types of Craft holsters. For instance, I have a paddle model that I use for traveling. I love this holster because it is comfortable to carry. I have also purchased a shoulder holster that I use while hiking. I really like this one because I can put it on and take it off very quickly.

The leather holsters from Craft holster are very comfortable to carry and to use. I recommend them to anyone looking for a quality leather holster. You can find them at most gun specialty stores or you can find them online. You can be sure that you will get great service and a quality product when you purchase a craft holster from Craft holster.