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Crimson Trace Holsters

DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster for Both Ruger LCP and...
  • Patent Pending Design allows for Easy Conversion from IWB...
  • Best Concealed and Carry Design for Ruger LCP and Keltec...
  • Exterior of holster is made of a tough Armadillo Nylon that...
  • Interior is lined in smooth Nylon cloth for a smooth draw.

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The Advantages Of Crimson Trace Holsters

A leading manufacturer of gun holsters and other gun accessories since 1994, Crimson Trace Holsters offers many different types of gun holsters designed to fit all types of personal needs. They are created by gun enthusiasts who have a true commitment to innovation and quality. The goal of this company is to provide consumers with a product that will work as well or better than competing brands, while also providing a product that is secure, comfortable, user friendly and easy to carry. Because this is the case, you can be sure that whatever handgun or gun accessories you choose will meet your needs and will last a long time.

The majority of Crimson Trace holsters use a comfortable, low profile design to fit an average size person comfortably. They are manufactured using superior-quality materials which give them the ability to resist compression while resisting tears and punctures. This is accomplished by utilizing heavy duty nylon webbing, high tech stainless steel backings and heavy-duty cowhide leather accents. Because they are designed with comfort in mind, all of the holsters are designed so that the wearer's hands are completely protected from accidental contact or injury. They are proud to make their product available for sale to law enforcement, military and civilians in the United States, as well as in numerous foreign countries.

Many gun holsters today utilize some form of accessory like a belt clip or a paddle for attachment to a belt. Crimson Trace understands that not everyone wants to constantly carry around a gun holster. For these individuals, they designed the Rugged Shooters Freedom holster which is one of the most innovative and comfortable gun holsters on the market. Because it is designed specifically to work with specific handguns, it makes it easier than ever before to quickly change out the holster and take your handgun with you anywhere.

One of the best aspects about the Crimson Trace holsters is that they are very affordable and extremely durable. The gun holster has been used by thousands of law enforcement, military and other professional special operators because it is one of the most durable and reliable accessories that they own. This is because it is designed specifically to withstand years of use. Since it is designed with an open face design, it allows easy viewing of the gun when wearing it. Another feature that is beneficial is the lack of a cover over the pistol holster which allows immediate access to the firearm.

As compared to other gun holsters on the market, the CCT is made from high quality high grade nylon. The nylon is durable and resistant to tearing and wear, yet it is lightweight so it is easy to carry and easy to maintain. Also, since the holster is open faced, it allows easy visibility of the gun even when the firearm is not visible from any angle.

In addition, there are many different styles of CCT gun holsters for users. These include pistol, short and long models. Each holster is designed with comfort in mind while still allowing the operator to have access to the firearm. For instance, the pistol CCT short model is designed to be carried close to the person with the belt exposed. This makes it convenient for tight situations.

The long CCT gun holster is also designed for a strong user who is looking for added protection and security. It is constructed with extra straps on both the sides which are designed to securely hold the gun in place. It can also be easily strapped across the shoulders using the provided lanyard. Some models also have additional padding over the trigger guard to prevent accidental firing of the gun.

In addition to being made out of high quality nylon, the CCT also has metal inserts that add additional protection for the handgun. All of these features add to the overall value of the gun holster. It is important to know that all gun holsters are not created equally. The CCT is known for having a very strong design as well as being extremely comfortable for the user.