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Custom Leather Concealment Holsters

ECO Leather Concealment Holster Inside The Waist with Metal...
  • COMPACT & SUB COMPACT 9mm (With Small Laser), WALTERS PK380...
  • Ruger SR9C, SR22, P95, Bersa Thunder 9mm / .40mm / .45mm,...

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Custom Leather Concealment Holsters

Custom Leather Concealment holsters are the best choice for concealed carry enthusiasts. A holster is a device that is designed to hold firearm at the belt, or between the belt and the pants. A holster will have a small hole or channel where you can place your gun when not in use.

There are two types of holsters. The first type is known as a tuck holster. This type of holster will need to be taken out of the belt through the smallest hole. It is designed this way so that the gun cannot fall out while you are performing the action necessary to take the gun out of the holster. The second type of holster will stay in place when the user is wearing the belt.

Custom leather concealment holsters come in many different styles, colors, and makes. Holsters made from leather will need to be broken in. This means the leather should be able to withstand the weight of the handgun. If you choose a leather holster that is too stiff it will not break down quickly and will not allow the firearm to be comfortable while being carried.

Some of the newer holsters will utilize belt loops. Belt loops are usually used on duty belts. These belts are often the size of an M-Lister and they will be able to accommodate the larger handguns. Most of these are small enough that they will fit right inside the belt loops.

There are several ways to break in a belt loop. The first is by using pinching devices known as "cinch snaps". These snaps are small and if squeezed together will close the loops around the belt. You can also break them with a finger nail or thumb nail. These methods work great and some even consider them safer than the snaps. If you choose this method be sure that you are wearing the belt loops through out the day.

Holsters are made using other methods as well. Concealed carry harnesses are worn over the belt. A lanyard or chain is attached to the concealment belt with a hook. This hook can then be hooked onto belt loops or zippers. The method is similar to carrying a canteen. It can be cumbersome though and a lot of people do not like the idea of being able to easily access their gun while on their person at all times.

Custom leather holsters are not the only way to carry a gun. For many years pistol holsters have been made for concealment purposes. These are essentially a belt with a storage facility built in for the gun. Most of the holsters are adjustable and there is a canteen type pouch that can be pulled down to place the gun in.

Custom concealment holsters have been used by law enforcement for decades. It is a great way to add the element of concealment without showing up the gun. They offer an alternative to being openly visible, while providing a comfortable and safe way to carry a gun. Many agencies prefer using these than traditional belt holsters. For more information contact a sales representative of the specific company. They are more than happy to assist you in any questions or needs that you may have.

Holsters can be purchased from online websites. They are offered in different colors, styles and sizes for both men and women. These websites sometimes offer free shipping if they meet minimum orders. Before purchasing make sure that the website that you are going to is reliable. Make sure that the shipping method is secure.

There are different companies that make these. Names like Spyderco, American Eagle and Black Wolf are very well known. Some of them manufacture their own products and some contract out their work. The best way to find out the information is to ask people that have bought or used the products. You can also check reviews on the internet.

If you are considering buying one of these products make sure that it is of the highest quality. You should also inquire about a warranty for the product. It is important that your purchase is backed by a guarantee of some sort. If you need a good concealment holster then you should consider looking into the options of leather concealment holsters.