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Custom Leather Shoulder Holster


Buyer's Guide: Custom Leather Shoulder Holster

Learn About Custom Leather Shoulder Holster Options

A custom leather shoulder holster is a unique gun accessory that is designed to fit the user. It can be easily attached or detached from a firearm and is made for quick and simple access by the user. The main purpose of a custom leather shoulder holster is to prevent the gun from falling to the floor, which may result in firearm injury. It is made from high quality leather material and has metal screws or other fasteners to keep it secure on the user's shoulder. The holster is usually made adjustable to accommodate different sized firearms.

Most custom leather shoulder holsters are made with one of three attachment points on the backstrap. These three attachment points are located between the grip and the base of the grip. Two of them are located behind the muzzle of the gun and one is located behind the user's shoulder, with the former located above the former. Each point has a screw or other fastener to securely attach or detach the holster to the user. If a screw or other fastener breaks, the gun may need to be repaired or replaced.

One of the most popular types of shoulder holster is the front and rear entry models. They allow a pistol to be carried in an easy and safe manner while also concealing the actual firearm from potential harm. The rear entry model allows easy access to the gun when the user is wearing a jacket or any type of headgear. This is a good choice for hunters and other individuals who often wear a helmet, vests, or other item that cover their head. It is especially good for those who prefer to conceal their guns.

The other type of custom leather shoulder holster system is the flip up system. This system attaches through a thumb break on the top of the user's shoulder. The thumb break is designed to be able to be quickly and easily removed, thus providing fast and easy access to the firearm. This is often used by target shooters or for open carry.

Concealed carry shoulder holsters are often chosen over traditional style belt holsters. This is primarily due to the added convenience and ease of use. These are ideal for individuals who must routinely carry a gun, but would prefer to conceal it. A small portion of the holster is usually exposed, and can be placed under a shirt sleeve or inside a pocket. In addition, these can be worn on the belt, worn in conjunction with a regular shirt, or even worn as a pendant.

Custom belt buckle shoulder holster choices include options that are simple and low profile. They generally do not include any type of storage compartments, only a couple of zippers, and are perfect for those who do not need a lot of space. This type of choice is typically chosen for casual or daily use. For those who regularly participate in shooting sports, this is a good choice, since it provides minimal protection to the gun and more area for storage.

Another option available for choosing a new shoulder holster is the multi-functional canteen. This option provides several uses including a belt buckle, canteen, and a lanyard. It can be worn over a t-shirt, and is great for carrying accessories such as keys, cell phones, and other personal items.

Finally, there are some less popular choices. A belt clip may not be the best choice, especially for younger children. Although adults may prefer this choice, it does present a risk of accidental firing. There is also the option of using an everyday carry model instead of a specialty model. However, many choose this because of the additional security it provides, especially in crowded areas. The decision is really a personal one, and is based upon your own needs.