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CYA Holsters

CYA Supply Co. Base Inside Waistband Holster (Carbon Fiber)...
  • Fits Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0 & M1.0 (Manual Safety...
  • IWB Holster - Inside The Waistband - Easily Adjustable...
  • Precision molds from CAD milled in house on our CNC. Made of...
  • Posi-Click' Audible Retention Lock System - Sweat Guard...

Buyer's Guide: CYA Holsters

Cya Holsters Review

CYA holsters saw it's rise in popularity and has now spread into gun holster making. Their current product line includes: Hybrid, Twilight, Dawn, F&F, Brute Force, Combat, Oppressor and Rail Master. They have received many favorable reviews and have received accolades from military and law enforcement professionals. The reason this company has received so much praise is because they are extremely innovative and continue to improve on their designs. They have also made modifications in their current holsters and offer some great upgrades and changes they've made to their products.

The first of which is their new Cya Holsters for girls. This new release is designed to be a more comfortable fit for women, especially those that are on their knees. This is accomplished by the thicker webbing and larger openings in the top of the holster. This holster is perfect for a woman who is on her knees all day long and has to put the holster on over again to get a comfortable fit. It is also a great everyday holster because of its low profile, but still has enough give to allow one to get a comfortable fit.

The other major addition to Cya Holsters was the introduction of their new product line; Cayenne Pepper Spray. This new product allows the female user to easily spray their pepper spray anywhere on their body. With the older cayenne pepper holsters users had to remove the pepper spray to take the device out, then insert it back into the holster. Most people would not want to do this because of the discomfort and work required to get the pepper spray out.

Another great modification to this product is the fact that the pepper spray comes with a kydex holster. Most pepper sprays are designed for standard carry firearms and this can make them difficult to use if you have large, bulky handguns. This is one of the reasons many people opt to carry concealed handguns. By incorporating the kydex holster with the pepper spray, users can avoid the issues most gun owners have when carrying large handguns. If the gun is large and cumbersome, there's no place to put it. However, if the handgun is small and compact, then you have plenty of room to store it.

All of these great features make the Cya Holsters line perfect for any female user who is interested in personalization and has concerns about self-defense. Users can now carry pepper spray in style, in a variety of styles, in a comfortable way, and even while wearing casual clothes. This makes the Cya Holsters product line perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to defend themselves.

In addition to the pepper spray being easy to get to and easy to use, the Cya Holsters line also features other products that are designed to be convenient as well. These include the Convenience Clip, which allows the user to keep their gun safe and secure while also being able to wear it in the same pocket or along with other items. The Cya Wallet is another popular option which allows users to carry their pepper spray and other supplies in style. Then, for an added measure of comfort, there's the Cya Bandage which has a comfortable Velcro strap and which is designed to absorb the pressure from a heavy-duty rubber band.

All of these products are extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Users also don't have to worry about any possible accidental firing of the pepper spray since the entire unit is made with an easy to remove spring system. With all of these features and a low price to consider, Cya Holsters is definitely a choice that more people should consider when they want a self defense accessory that won't break the bank.

A good place to look for these items is on the Internet. Because of the many reputable online stores that sell pepper spray accessories, consumers can find and purchase everything they need at one time. For example, consumers looking for Cya holsters may also want to check out the hundreds of pepper spray products offered by several online retailers. While doing this, consumers will undoubtedly find other accessories like pepper spray holster, flashlights, lanyards, and other items that they may also need for their personal security. Not only will consumers find a wide variety of Cya holsters, but they will also find the types and sizes they are looking for.