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Cz 75 Holster

CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, CZ75 SP-01 Tactical, CZ75 Compact, CZ75D...
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, CZ75 SP-01 Tactical, CZ75 Compact, CZ75D...

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CZ 75 Holder - Paddle Holster With IWB Adapter

The CZ 75 is a very popular model in the handgun holster category and many gun owners find it difficult to choose the right model for their particular needs. The CZ 75 also makes an excellent choice for casual, everyday use. The CZ 75 is a small size, lightweight and easy to conceal. This makes it ideal for most every type of person who wants to carry a handgun but does not want to feel as though he is burdened by the added weight and bulk of a full sized gun case.

There are two major differences between the CZ 75b holster and other similar models. The first is that the CZ 75b utilizes a slide release system instead of a bolt catch. This means there is no need for a second firearm to be inserted into the gun in order to engage the bolt or trigger guard area. In most instances where an open-bolt or bolt-less model is preferred, a second firearm must be added to the handgun to engage the retention component.

The second difference is found in the CZ 75's retention system. This system offers a much larger degree of comfort for the user while still ensuring the user has a safe storage device. The large retention area is comprised of a comfortable grip and shoulder strap making it easy to carry and maintain. The large retention area also includes a strong rubberized back-strap and leash to ensure a secure and comfortable carry.

The CZ 75 holsters are made with premium quality kydex material. This material ensures a snug fit around the user's shoulder allowing a comfortable carry even after multiple long term shots. It is also durable enough to withstand many years of wear and tear. The high quality kydex material also helps to keep outside elements out of the holster keeping the holster free from paint. The strong rubberized back-strap keeps the holster from shifting when the user is carrying it. Finally the heavy duty leash and backstrap prevent accidental releases allowing a secure and comfortable carry every time.

The CZ 75 holster includes two paddle style holsters. The front paddle allows for easy draw on the gun with a traditional canteen style draw. The back paddle allows for a traditional drop in style that is secured by the gun belt. Both styles include an adjustable canteen to adjust for a more comfortable fit around the user's shoulder. The two paddle styles also include an attachment point on the back of the paddle which allows users to easily attach a lanyard or chain if desired.

For those who prefer to use their concealment weapon in a different manner than a typical firearm the CZ 75b can assist in providing an outstanding solution. The iwb holster attaches to the user's belt through the use of a thin line of leather. Once attached, it snaps to place creating a firm and secure hold for an excellent fit. For added convenience, many models include a belt clip for easy access to the gun.

The CZ 75 Quick Retention holster uses a fastener system that provides a strong hold on the user. Unlike traditional canteen style holsters, the iwb holster offers a faster draw because it utilizes the strength of the user's body to maintain its position. This is opposed to traditional paddle holsters, which often fail due to the weak attachments. For added comfort, many models include a padded backrest and belt loop. The included belt clip adds an attachment point for lanyards and additional chain support to increase the user's comfort.

For users seeking an exceptional option in concealed carry there is no better choice than the CZ 75b. The CZ 75 holster combines the best of traditional paddle holsters and drop in iwb holsters. It offers an outstanding combination of convenience and comfort. Best of all, this concealed carry option weighs 2 ounces which makes it a quick and effortless carry for those on the go.