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Cz 97B Holster

CZ 97B Leather Shoulder Gun Holster Horizontal RH Right Hand...
  • Shoulder Holster
  • American Top Grain Leather
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Secure Thumb Break Holster

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The IRT CZ 97B Holster - The Best Choice For Your firearm

The CZ 97B Holster is the newest and greatest invention in handgun holsters. They are a revolutionary replacement for traditional canteen or waist mounted holsters. These slim line holsters are designed to fit snugly in the waist, and a small amount of space is allowed to allow for a easy draw. These slim line holsters can also be worn low if preferred, although they are not as comfortable for long distance shooting. They are made with an ultra-light weight titanium which is extremely lightweight for concealment, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of a lifetime of carrying a firearm. These are truly revolutionary products that have evolved to meet the needs of today's gun owner.

CZ is a family owned business that started in 1996 by two proud young men who were avid hunters and long time military veterans. They wanted to start a business that would make their old limitations disappear. So they set out to find a unique material that would keep their firearms safe and free from rust and corrosion, and they found it in titanium. It took them several years to perfect this new alloy, but finally they came up with the perfect candidate for their cz97b holster. This new metal has the strength, flexibility, and durability necessary to stand up to any abuse that comes its way.

CZ offers two different styles of their 97b holsters. The first model is a traditional leather strap model that comes in either a black or brown color. The second style is an aluminum "ergonomically designed" design that allows for an easy fit and even more comfortable carry. Both models use an eight inch connect point between the leather strap and the cz cushion, and they also have a two inch travel strap. There is an additional four inch cord on the cord wrap that attaches to the back of the person's belt.

Both styles are made out of high quality leather. Both models have recessed channels for the tension straps to be placed through, and both also have over the belt loops so the gun can be securely fastened. The gun is allowed to hang by its side rather than being mounted on the back. This allows the user to maintain an upright posture, and this makes the holster much more comfortable to wear.

There are two basic differences between the two variations of the CZ97B holster. One is that the model that comes with the two inch travel straps is a bit longer than the one that does not. The other difference is that the travel model adds a buckle for attachment to a belt. The IRT model is the only one that does not have a belt attachment.

Once the gun has been secured into the holster, there will be a lip around the edge. This lip will protect the gun from accidental hits that might otherwise deflect the pellet away from the side of the gun. In addition, the lip also provides a firm grip on the gun so that the trigger cannot be pulled too easily, since there will be no room to do so. This in turn, keeps the gun safe from any possible "fire" injuries.

One of the most common problems associated with holsters is that the gun may get "caved in" when in use. When the gun is held too tightly, it can often result in a "shoulder shrug". This results in the holster twisting backwards, and in turn causes the gun to fall out of its grip. The IRT CZ 97B holster offers an easy way to avoid this situation.

When looking for a holster, make sure that it is made out of leather. Some manufacturers use other materials, but it should be readily apparent which one the manufacturer uses. Leather will last longer, and is far more durable than other materials. Make sure to also test a holster before you purchase it, to ensure that it is a good fit for your particular firearm.