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Buyer's Guide: Diamond D Holsters

Streamlight Strion Holster - 3 Reasons Why This Product Will Keep You Safe

Streamlight Strion Holster is one of their most popular models. In addition to being a quality holster, this product also does a great job of keeping your gun clean at all times. This holster has been reviewed by many gun owners because it does exactly what it says it will do. It's designed to be comfortable and easy to use even while in the car.

Streamlight Leather Streamlight Strion Holster II Ion. If you get the second generation of the Streamlight Strion, check out the STRLD-2 or the SRTLD-2 belt holster. Unique open end holder for the Streamlight Strion uses a closed cell foam pillow sewn in to the inside of the holder for easy access to both light and gun. The best thing about this accessory is that it was review ed by gun owners.

The belt holster features a nylon webbing with a slight curve in the center of it. You'll also find a metal clip on the outside of it. The Streamlight Strion Holster II was able to receive high scores from reviewers because it doesn't slide around when you put it on or off, it stays put all the time, and most importantly it is built strong enough to hold an orange peel.

The Streamlight Strion is very comfortable to wear because of its ergonomic design. One thing I want to mention about the holster is how sturdy it is. The Streamlight Strion can withstand being pulled around like a whip by a large purse size purse. Its ergonomic design also means that it can be worn with or without a belt. The Strion was also tested by law enforcement officials who found that it is comfortable enough to be worn during duty.

The Streamlight Strion has been compared to the MSA Pro by law enforcement officers and other quality manufacturers because of its light weight and low profile appearance. It has a four inch orange rechargeable strobe which comes included with the holster. The orange LED light is green when it is turned on and red when the battery dies out. A strong and durable nylon construction allows the streamlight to be worn on duty belts.

Most leather streamlight holsters feature a front pouch that has a snap closure or an adjustable buckle strap. These holsters usually do not fit well in pants because the straps are often too long and the belt itself is too wide. Some have open top compartments that allow you to put the holster in and access the top part while still being able to see the outside world.

If you prefer the open top, then most holsters have a small lip that goes all the way around the outside of the holster. You can wear the Strion holster in a variety of ways including open top styles, traditional pouch style, and even a basketweave style. In my opinion, I think the basketweave strion holster is the most versatile of all the types. Since the outside is just as exposed, there is not the same concern about seeing through the skin. The open top makes it easy to get a firm grip on the firearm and still be able to have your fingers work the trigger without getting your hands or arms injured.

When you consider the three reasons above, you realize that the Streamlight Strion is one of the best duty belts you can find. When you want to carry a small flashlight or two in your pocket for emergencies, this will be the best choice. For everyday uses, you can use the other two choices without any worries. For those looking for a good duty belt that will keep their handgun securely in place, this might be the best one available. The Streamlight Strion Holster is a very popular product and you can easily find one that suits your needs.