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Double Rifle Case

Plano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped Rifle Case
  • Plano gun cases: Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Features this hard case feature a molded-in-handle and thick...
  • Comfortable molded-in handle, thick wall construction, high...
  • Made in the USA

Buyer's Guide: Double Rifle Case

Choosing a Double Rifle Case

If you plan on buying a new rifle one of the first things you are going to have to decide on is a rifle case. These cases can range from very cheap to very expensive. What it all comes down to is how much you are looking to spend on your rifle case. You will also want to choose between a fixed or a removable magazine. A fixed magazine allows for the rifle to be put on display, and a removable magazine allows for you to easily change the caliber and size of bullets that you have.

The next decision that you need to make is which type of case you are going to get. There are two main styles of rifle cases. One is a soft case that has a hard interior. This type of case is great if you plan on storing your rifle in an outdoor situation. They are not as secure as a hard case, but the extra security is well worth the cost. Magazine storage cases vary by manufacturer, but they generally feature different compartments for different sized magazines.

You should consider exactly what you are going to be using your rifle for. If you plan on storing it in the woods you are going to want a case that is made specifically for this purpose. They come in many different shapes and sizes and offer different levels of security. In some cases you may have to have a minimum size magazine to be able to secure your rifle. This is because the case is going to have a thumb break on one side to prevent it from being opened while the magazine is removed. When you are looking for a case this way, make sure that the outside is padded to help keep your rifle from being damaged.

You should also consider the overall quality of a case. If you are spending close to a hundred dollars, it makes sense that it should be of a good quality. A lot of the cases that you see for these types of rifles are made out of different types of leather. Leather is going to give your rifle a classy look and provide it with protection against scratches and bumps. This is one of the main reasons that people choose to use a case instead of just storing it in a drawer or on the floor.

Another part to consider is how secure the case is going to be. Most of the time, you are going to be carrying your rifle around with you all the time, so it should be able to withstand a lot of pressure without breaking down. Remember, if you have any type of locking mechanism on your rifle, it is important that you are able to access it easily without interruption. For this reason, you should choose a locking mechanism that does not require the rifle to be pointed at anyone.

The next thing to consider is how big your case is going to be. It is important that you get one that fits your rifle correctly, so that it does not stick out and get in the way. This can cause a lot of discomfort if you have to constantly take your rifle in and out of the case to switch out the accessories or to check for bullets.

When choosing a case, there are many different ones that you can choose from. You can get a regular saddle bag, one that is large enough to store all of your rifles and ammunition and even lockers for your other equipment. Remember, just because you can fit more items into it does not mean that you should. If your case is too big, it could hinder your ability to travel and carry your gun, which would be a real shame.

There are plenty of options to choose from. This is why it is so important to do your research and find one that you are comfortable with. After all, it is something you will be carrying around with you for quite some time. Remember, this is not just a device for keeping your rifle safe, but also a fashion accessory as well. So make sure you pick one that you love!

Hunting Rifle Case and Magazine Set

The Hunting Rifle Case makes the perfect gun case for any hunter. Designed to withstand dirt and rain and anything else nature puts your gun through, this gun case will open up flat and zippers open flat for ease of access, and each of the sturdy handle's velcro closes tightly for secure storage. The exterior of the case is textured with different colors of straps and a couple of handy pockets for keys and other miscellaneous items. It also has an internal mesh pocket for keeping ammunition and cleaning solutions for cleaning both guns and scopes. The interior of the case is lined with soft fabric, but it is lined with heavy duty rubber foam for shock absorption and safety.

Padding is important because it cushions the blow of firing a gun. For that reason, most models are made with extra padding in key places to protect against serious harm. Two rifles can fit into one Hunting Rifle Case, and some people like to have both guns in there so that they have two rifles if they need to. However, some folks prefer just one gun in their Hunting Rifle Case, because it makes more sense to have less padding in key areas and more padding on the outside of the firearm case.

When buying a hunting rifle case, you want it to be both water-resistant and durable. Although the actual protective action of the case itself is water-resistant, it may not be entirely waterproof. This is something to check out before purchasing, especially if you frequently will be using the case outdoors. Many manufacturers make firearm cases with both waterproof and non-waterproof features. While non-waterproof models do have some added padding on the inside and outside, most of it is in the form of Velcro straps or flaps that can be removed for washing and/or cleaning.

The outer cover of the hunting rifle case, known as the exterior zip layer, should be a sturdy fabric that will protect the pistol from the elements. A good choice of material is nylon or polyester mesh, which will not tear easily and will provide a good amount of protection. Some models of firearm cases feature an interior liner or "breathability lining". This lining helps to improve the overall comfort of the inside and allows some airflow to pass through the case, which is good during a hunting trip. Some cases with this kind of lining will also have some extra padding in key areas such as the interior zipper pocket.

The interior of a rifle is usually constructed with three main compartments: two external pockets and one internal compartment. Much like the exterior pockets, these compartments should be made of a sturdy material that is waterproof but yet breathable, making for easy cooling and good ventilation. Some of the better quality models of gun cases will include a padded "bullet tray" that provides a place to attach a flat lanyard or belt holster that will allow you to carry your weapon in a secure and comfortable position while on the trail. Many of the better models will also feature a padded magazine storage compartment that will allow you to store standard sized ammunition magazines without any issues.

Most gun cases will feature some type of cantilever mechanism that will allow for the vertical movement of a firearm in case it comes into contact with some object. When using scoped rifles with long barrels, it is important to check and make sure that there is a way to disassemble the rifle without touching the barrel itself. Most guns that come with a cantilever mechanism will have two horizontal handguards that slide up and down over the front of the rifle. There are often two vertical rails on each side of the handguard, which will also slide up and down. You want to make sure that your cantilever mechanism can handle the weight of the rifle along with the added weight of the scopes, sights and laser accessory that you will be carrying.

Some models of scoped rifles will feature an integral carrying handle, which is designed to attach to the back of the rifle with an adjustable attachment. This can be controlled by a small switch on the side of the carrying handle, which will allow you to determine how far the carrying handle will extend out when in use. In many cases, you can replace the carrying handle on a scoped rifle with a sling clip or a drum magazine that will enable you to more easily and rapidly reload your gun. These magazines are made for easy carrying of lightweight ammo. The drum magazine will accept hollow-point ammo or soft point ammo and has a magazine safety that will prevent the magazine from being accidentally ejected when the rifle is not being held.

Other models feature pouches straps that attach to the top of the main compartment. These pouches straps will also accept soft point or hollow-point magazines, as well as some standard military issue magazines. Pouches straps can usually be removed and secured to the bottom of the main compartment when necessary. These types of models often feature external zippers that allow for the quick and easy installation of replacement magazines.

The Top 10 Best Hunting Rifle Cases

Bestseller No. 1: Plano single or double non-scoped rifle case Plano gun Cases: Protecting your prized passion since year began. Features this lockable case hallmark feature a molded-in handle and thick, reinforced wall construction. The latches keep the case secure and the inserts are specially high density foam for maximum protection. The outer case is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.

Plano rifle cases are made with their patented, tensioned fiberglass liner which provides the most durable and reliable protection for your most prized possessions. The interiors of the gun cases are padded with the fiberglass, giving them added strength. You'll discover that all Plano lockable rifle cases feature an adjustable or removable lining which allows for snugger storage of your valuables while providing the required breathing space for increased speed of retrieval. Also, the locking mechanisms are fully electronic with key lock or keyless locks for added security. These lockable gun cases are available in many different configurations to suit your needs and preferences.

Plano, Texas based company that prides itself on providing the finest in innovation, technology, and customer service has developed the ultimate lockable rifle case. The company's top of the line models have received raving reviews from industry insiders and professional consumers alike. One such model is the Plano Soft Rifle Case. This high-quality, lockable soft case is made from heavy duty polyester, making it able to provide the utmost in protection for a pistol, sniper rifle, or other large sized handheld weapon.

With features that are tough enough for combat, this soft case is designed with smart storage in mind. Unlike traditional hard cases, the Plano soft case provides smart solutions for keeping your firearms secure and in the case. It's built using high tech materials that will survive even the harshest weather conditions. The polyester lining is tough enough to withstand even the most passionate pistol shooters. Also, the exterior is coated with a UV resistant sealer that will allow you to store your firearm safely out of the sunlight.

This Plano, Texas based company that offers a wide range of rifle cases has developed an excellent locking mechanism that will keep your handguns safe and operational. Made from heavy duty industrial 600D PVC nylon, the Plano Locking rifle bag features an effective locking mechanism that will keep your handguns securely in place even when you're traveling. This durable bag also includes a zippered section that will allow you quick access to your pistol.

For more convenience, the Plano, Texas based company that offers pistol accessories also offers an effective magazine storage system for long guns. This magazine storage system allows users to easily maintain magazine levels in between rifle shoots. The system works by having rows of push pins located above each magazine that simultaneously lock down each magazine. This feature is extremely convenient because it eliminates the need for un-ratcheting the magazine to change magazines. A high quality lockable magazine storage system will ensure that your long guns are securely stored and protected.

One feature that every serious gun enthusiast must have is a good set of shooting accessories. From bullets to scopes, gun straps, and other necessary gun gear, you will want to make sure you have all of your gear properly stocked. With the innovative design of the Plano, Texas based company that offers smart solutions for transporting and protecting your firearms, you will be sure to have the right gun gear before each use. In addition to a padded center divider and a lockable nylon case, the Plano, Texas based company that offers the top 10 best soft hunting rifle cases also offers a matching carry bag.

From fasteners to locking clips and holsters, Plano, Texas based Maggard Gear offers a huge selection of accessories that will make sure your guns are protected at all times. With modern design and engineering, the company has developed some amazing products that will add convenience to your outdoor experiences while still allowing you to take care of them. From the easy to use, lockable nylon cases to the precision built quick release locking clips, all of the products produced by the Maggard Gear Company are ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind. When it comes to taking care of your scoped rifles and other accessories, Maggard Gear wants to make sure you are satisfied with their products.