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The Best

Falco Holsters

Bestseller No. 1
Falco IWB / OWB Leather Holster for Sig Sauer P365
  • The holster will fit standard 1.6" wide belt
  • 5-years limited warranty
  • Double stitching
  • Entire barrel covered, open muzzle design
Bestseller No. 2
Falco Cross Draw Leather Holster for J Frame Revolver 2.25"
  • 5-Years Limited Warranty
  • Will fit standrad 1.6" belt
  • Two belt slots for good stability
  • Entire barrel covered with open muzzle design
Bestseller No. 3
Falco Cross Draw Leather Holster for Ruger GP100 3" .357Mag.
  • 5-Years Limited Warranty
  • Will fit standrad 1.6" belt
  • Two belt slots for good stability
  • Entire barrel covered with open muzzle design
Bestseller No. 4
Falco Medium Tactical Concealed Gun Bag G102 Black
  • Suitable for Left and Right hand usage
  • Bag dimensions: 7.8 x 9 x 2.8 inch
  • Will fit a gun up the size of Glock 19
Bestseller No. 5
Falco Cross Draw Leather Holster for CZ 75, 75B, 85, 85B
  • 5-Years Limited Warranty
  • Will fit standrad 1.6" belt
  • Two belt slots for good stability
  • Entire barrel covered with open muzzle design

FAQs: Falco Holsters

Are Falco holsters good?

They are of great quality. Anyone looking for a holster, it's recommended. Falco was able to ship the custom leather holsters in record time. The gear is of top quality.

How long does it take to get a Falco holster?

It takes nine weeks for fully customizable holsters to be made and shipped to your door.

Where are Falco holsters manufactured?

Craft holsters are made by European suppliers with the highest quality.

Buyer's Guide: Falco Holsters

Buyers Guide: Falco Holsters

Falco has been offering a wide range of tactical and gun holsters for civilian and military customers since 1989. Their best features are their craftsmanship and constant innovations. They use only the best materials to make their holsters. This ensures that your gun is secure and in the correct position for when you need it.

Do you want to find the best Falco Holsters for your needs? Here are the top Falco Holsters.

Falco Executive Hybrid Holster

If you want comfort and functionality in an affordable package, a leather/Kydex combination will be the best option. It used high-quality leather and stitching to create a holster that looks great and feels great. This is evident in the Falco Executive Hybrid. The front features a Kydex shell, which is made from very strong Kydex and has held up well despite being bumped against other things. Four open-hole rivets hold the leather backing together. A single retention screw is located below the trigger guard. This feature is rare in hybrid holsters without adjustable retention. This huge leather backing actually consists of two pieces of leather: one is black, and the other is tan. It is exquisitely stitched together. It is strong enough to hold its shape but flexible enough that it can conform to your waistline. It's easy to take the gun out and put it back.

Falco IWB holster (CZ75 Compact)

The holster is extremely lightweight and compresses well even when the pistol's not in it. It doesn't need to be kept in its original form. It is easy to reattach the pistol to the holster thanks the Falco's reinforced mouth. Double-stitched main body. The threads are thick. It is disappointing that snaps don't work in the same direction. However, snaps can open/close positively and require a lot of force to undo. Hammer is completely covered. Sweat guard is strong and not fragile.

Leather Paddle Holster With Tension Screw

The leather is thick, well-treated, and richly colored. As with all leather holsters, this leather holster needed some time to break in. The Glock's ejection port had rub-off when it was first used. Functionality is assured by the Glock's cant-adjustable paddle. You will not feel any tension adjustment with the handgun. Pulling on it will only cause your pants to rise. You must quickly and decisively snatch the gun to release it. This retention is good enough to serve most shooters. The grip of the holster has not become looser over time. It's durable, well-made and perfectly fits the gun. It is very affordable and looks amazing.

Falco Cross Draw Leather Holster for Glock 19

Cross Draw leather holsters can be used for cross-draw carrying. The holster is made from premium leather. Two large, spaced belt slots secure the holster to the belt. This provides maximum stability. A steel-reinforced thumb break protects the gun. This belt holster is great for long trips and prolonged sitting. The holster's design geometry aligns the grip and gun barrel in a straight line. The entire barrel is covered by the holster's open-muzzle design.

Falco IWB Suede Holster for Colt Commander

IWB Suede is made of natural suede leather. This holster is ideal for concealment IWB wear. The holster can be easily removed from the belt by using a steel clip. The holster features an open-muzzle design and a reinforced edge. This makes it easy to re-holster. The gun slide's upper has a sweat flap that separates it from its body. This allows for increased comfort and a faster draw. The IWB suede-holster does not have a thumb break.

OWB leather holster with thumb-break

This holster is very popular and can be customized to fit weapons with lights. This holster can be worn at 4 o'clock and is comfortable. The holster has a slight forward tilt which allows for easy draw and recoil. It comes with a steel-reinforced thumb break to ensure safety and reliability. The wide belt slots secure it to the belt. The OWB holster has been made from high-quality Italian leather and is stitched with a precision that only skilled craftsmen can achieve. OWB holsters can be used with a wide range of pistols and revolvers.

The timeless roto shoulder bag holster

It comes with a single shoulder harness, a roto-holster, and belt tie-downs. Unique roto design allows horizontal draw. The thumb break strap can be removed to tilt the holster horizontally. To ensure reliable retention, the holster has an open-muzzle thumb break and a steel-reinforced thumb lock.

Leg holster made of nylon for tactical use

For tactical legwear, this holster is suitable. It features a belt loop as well as a leg strap. Adjustable thumb breaks and retention straps are available. Strap traps prevent Velcro straps from being removed and keep them from getting chafed by Velcro. Entire barrel-covered, open muzzle design.

Falco Holster is a well-known brand. The holster is strong, reliable, and stylish. This guide will assist you in finding the best Falco Holster. Don't delay! Make a move and get out there!