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Fn Five Seven Holster


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FN Five Seven Holster - Popular Concealed Carry Holsters Reviewed

Having trouble finding a good FN five Seven holsters? Maybe you have already went through the whole FN five Seven holsters review process already, and know this dilemma all too well because many of those who have used them have gone through the same exact experience. Either that, or you have just heard about them from a reliable source, and want to know if they are worth it or not. Either way, read on as we take a look at these new leather holsters.

Before we start with the comparisons though, we need to point out something very important; that is, how does one judge the best FN five Seven holsters? The short answer is, it depends on what exactly you want to use it for. If you are into competitions, then obviously you will want a gun that can keep up with the competition, and this means you will want a gun with a high ranking.

One reason why so many shooters rely on the French made FN five Seven holsters is because of it's advanced features. For one, it offers a great ambidextrous design. Many shooters that use their pistols on a regular basis already know the ins and outs of how to properly grip a pistol. With an ambidextrous design, it makes it easy to do so without having to fully remove the gun's slide. This is a big deal especially when you think about how easy it is for shooters to accidentally end up firing their pistol while it is in an open position.

Another important feature offered by the FN Five-seven is its quick and easy draw system. If you've never had the pleasure of handling a pistol before, you will find this feature very handy. The quick draw allows you to quickly place your finger on the trigger, but then your gun is instantly accessible and ready for use. It's also easy for shooters to change from one handgun to another, so it's always easy to get a new holster to go with your new gun.

In addition to the quick and easy draw system, the FN Five-seven also offers a smart re-holstering mechanism. The smart re-holstering process ensures that your handgun remains safe even after a number of occasions of travel. This is because the holster will automatically lock into place after each use. So when you take a trip out, you won't have to worry about losing your gun when you travel. The lock ensures that the gun will remain secure until you are ready to put it away.

Another feature of the FN Five Seven Holster is its Adjustable Leg holster. This is a unique feature that makes the base of the holster adjustable, which allows you to raise or lower the holster in order to customize the height at which you can carry your weapon. This feature is perfect for conceal carry, because if you need to change your holster to a low position to get a shot, you won't have to remove your belt or remove your pants to access your handgun. The leg adjustment feature is also great for carrying over the shoulder.

The Adjustable Waistband is another feature that makes this concealed carry holster very comfortable. The adjustable waistband makes it easy to raise or lower your waist, allowing you to change between a high and low position without having to get out your wallet or purse. The adjustable waistband is made of leather, making it very comfortable and durable. One thing to note is that the adjustable waistband is not available with every model. There are some models that do not have the adjustable waistband, but they are small enough to fit in the waistband on most models.

The final major feature that makes this model so great is the paddle draw. The paddle draw is one of the only draw types that will stay in position when you are carrying your gun with the included belt loops. In addition, you can also purchase the paddle draw separately, if you prefer. The additional paddle makes the holster extremely versatile, making it one of the most popular options on the market.