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Ghost Ring Sights

Bestseller No. 2
AMERIGLO GL-125 Ghost Ring Green with White Outline Front &...
  • The night sights designed for comfortable use in low-light...
Bestseller No. 3
FUSION Tactical Rear Shotgun Sight, Std Ghost Ring - No...
  • Fits most famous brad semi-automatic / pump shotguns
  • Interchangeable Ghost Rings
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 5
TacStar Shotgun Ghost Ring Sight Mossberg 500, Black, One...
  • Shotgun Ghost Ring Sight Mossberg 500
  • Easy to Install – No Gunsmithing Required
  • Adjustable for elevation and windage
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 6
XS Sight Systems ML-0012-5 Ghost Ring WS, Marlin 336, 1894,...
  • Front sight: White stripe
  • Rear sight: fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Material: blued steel
Bestseller No. 7
Iron Sights Ghost Ring Hooded Front and Rear Flip Up Back up...
  • Hooded Flip Up Front Rear Backup Iron Sight Set features...
  • Front Sight is adjustable for elevation and rear dual...
  • Easy sight-in and easy installation make the Flip Up Front...

Buyer's Guide: Ghost Ring Sights

Ghost Ring Sights - An Easy To Use Reflexive Sight

Ghost ring sights are among the most popular sights on any hunting gun. For years these have been known as peep sights by those who enjoy hunting with them. Although this was once a very popular type of sight, the invention of hollow-point ammunition changed everything. Now, any type of gun that you might hunt can take advantage of hollow-point rounds. So, how do you know which ghost ring sight to buy?

First of all, you need to decide whether you are going to use pistol or rifle ghost ring sights. If you have a relatively large shotgun then it will be more difficult to get a hold of your prey using a larger ring. On the other hand, if you own a very large pistol then you may want to think about using a large ring that will allow you to put your finger on the trigger. If you decide to go with pistol sights then the large ring will be your best option for accuracy.

So, what makes up a good ghost ring sight? There are basically three parts to this type of sight and they include the top/rear sight, the bottom plate, and the front sight. Ghost peep sights use a pin-like recoil spring to shoot your pellets out at a very high velocity. This helps to create a large pinpoint target area. In addition, they are extremely accurate. So, if you are looking for a very fast shooting target then this is definitely the sight to purchase.

For a very accurate shot you want to make sure that you always hold your finger on the trigger. It doesn't matter how accurate your aiming skills are if you don't have your finger on the trigger at all times. If you do this it won't matter how far you get the target as it won't take the pellet from the barrel. This is one of the reasons why so many people purchase ghost ring sights; they know that they will be able to catch the targets by using the pin-pointing power of their fingers.

One of the best features on these sights is the pin-pointing power. The front and rear sights are also very well constructed and are very accurate. When it comes to accuracy you want to find a sight that has a solid mount system. Also make sure that the pin-pointing scope is mounted on the same plane as the rear sight on your semi-automatic or even fully-automatic rifle.

So, once you have a reliable sight like this you can start taking some great shots because you will know where the target is almost every time you look through your sight. This is important when hunting large game. Another feature that is nice on these ghost ring sights is that it can be adjusted. You can either increase or decrease the distance that the target is sighted at. This allows you to get closer to the animal, or get farther away to get a better shot at your favorite prey.

Ghost Ring Sights are designed for hunters who are looking for a good close range scope that will work well with their skill level. These are much better than other brands that use non-compressible tube mirrors. The other nice features on these sights are the fact that it is not sensitive to crosswinds, and that there are not any contrast enhancements. The contrast enhancements are nice, but it can be hard to use if you are only experienced in shooting at short ranges.

Ghost Ring Sights are made in the U.S.A., and have been on the market for over 20 years. They are one of the most popular scopes that hunters are used to. The Ghost Ring Sight has many positive reviews, and continues to please shooters of all skill levels. If you are planning on hunting medium to long range prey like deer, turkey, and mule deer, then the Ghost Ring Sight should be considered. Ghost Ring Sights are inexpensive compared to other brands, and are sure to work well for the individual that is just beginning to hunt.