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Glock 20 Holster

Galco Gunleather Cop 3 Slot Holster for Glock 21, 20 (Black,...
  • The right-hand holster made of premium cowhide and is...
  • GLOCK 21,20
  • Sport type: Hunting

Buyer's Guide: Glock 20 Holster

Pro's & Cons of the Glock 20 Holster

If you are considering buying a Glazer 20 Holster, but have never fired a gun in your life, it's probably because you're still a little wary of whether or not it will be a good purchase for you. The truth is that these holsters are a great buy. Not only are they extremely compact and very easy to conceal, but they come with many features and benefits that other holsters do not offer. So, if this is your first semi-automatic pistol, it would be wise to consider the Glazer line of products.

One of the most obvious pros to the glock 20 holsters is that it is one of the smallest and simplest forms of handgun concealment available. This means that you can easily pack it into the smallest sized bag you can find. It also means that you don't have to worry about some clumsy situation where you take the gun out in front of a bunch of people for a few minutes. With the compact size of the gun, you can also forget about some of those problems. You'll always have a safe place to hide it.

Some of the cons associated with the glock 20 holster are fairly obvious. One of the biggest complaints is that it is typically made from a lower quality made leather. In fact, some of the cheapest models of these holsters are made from Chinese quilted leather. This isn't anything that should really matter, but the quality made products are typically the best. Because they are made from high quality leather, you can rest assured that they will hold up much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

If you haven't noticed by now, there is one major difference between the regular glock 20 holster and the pancake holster. The conventional model is made to be carried using belt clips. For many, this isn't even an issue, but others like the ability to use regular belt clips with the gun. The gun is not held in a prone position, so it needs to be within a certain distance from your body in order to be effective.

This is not a problem with the belt clip holster. It is designed to work with any kind of belt, and because of its innovative design, it can even work with regular paddle devices. Because it doesn't have a place for the gun to be carrying, it is even more effective at keeping the gun out of the way. It keeps the operator from having to constantly lift and lower their gun while on the job.

The other major complaint is that it doesn't conceal the handgun as well as it could. Because of the way that the gun is carried underneath the belt, it actually sticks out past the bellybutton and into the abdominal cavity. Because of this, it actually makes the person on the go a bit more visible to potential thieves. This, however, is a minor concern when you consider the typical activities that people perform while on the go. Carrying a handgun is not limited to target shooting and self defense, however.

Because it is made out of high quality leather, the holsters made by Glocks have long been known for being extremely comfortable to carry. Many people compare the feel to carrying a pair of chaps in most cases. It doesn't matter whether you are on your lunch break or on a business trip; the comfort level is enough to make many people happy. This is another one of the major pros of the glock 20; it is comfortable and easy to carry.

In addition to being comfortable, one of the main pros of the holsters made by Glocks is the ease in which they are designed to operate. The company has specifically designed them to be quick and easy to open and close, making them ideal for concealed carry holsters specifically designed for the pistol. This is not to say, however, that other options aren't comfortable as well. There are plenty of options, including options that allow the gun to be cocked and unlocked with only one hand, options that are specifically designed for right or left handed people, and plenty of other options to consider.