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Glock 22 Concealment Holsters

Fobus C Series Concealed Carry IWB Holster for Glock Pistol...
  • Deep Concealment – This inside the waistband holster is...
  • One-Handed Draw – Draw and reholster your pistol with the...
  • Rugged and Comfortable – This holster features a cooling...
  • Secure – Keep your pistol securely in place with passive...

Buyer's Guide: Glock 22 Concealment Holsters

Which One Is Best For You?

GLock 22 Concealment holsters, a unique hybrid holster that fits all different genres. Perfect for comfort and optimum functionality! Form-fitting, rugged reliable and extremely comfortable for fast and easy effective concealment. The newest glock 22 ultra tactical holster of 2021 is discovered after many hours of investigation and with the new models on the market. This holster meets the demands of law enforcement personnel, hunters, military and everyday personal security. It is an innovation in it's own right.

This is the best way to pack your gun when on the job or going on a hiking trip, providing an extra layer of protection against the elements while keeping it easy to access. Many people choose the traditional pouch style of carrying a gun. The leather, nylon or any other material can be easily torn or ripped by a strong wind and most people leave it hanging out of their car or truck. This can create an uncomfortable situation for you if you are traveling for an extended period of time. With an open ended piece of leather this dilemma is eliminated. Now with an owb grip you can carry your gun comfortably with no fear of tearing or losing it as easily.

For hunting and recreation the innovative design of the glock concealed carry allows you to quickly change your gun to a different cartridge without taking your firearm out of storage. The innovative eyelet system allows you to change out your gun quickly to achieve the level of accuracy required. This process takes less than a minute and you can save valuable time during an important hunting session.

If you prefer target shooting the new design in the blackhawk serpa concealment holster is the right choice. The front sight is raised above the surface of the grip which is designed to help you locate the target easily. The side rails also have snap in place guides which provide a firm and secure hold for rapid target changes. The blackhawk serpa concealment holster can be customized with additional features if you so desire such as additional straps or accessory holsters. These optional holsters can be attached to the outside of your belt through the use of an optional leather belt pouch.

If you like having additional storage space available when you need it the new soft canteen style of the blackhawk serpa holsters will be the perfect choice. The canteen is made of an ultra soft leather material that provides a tight and secure fit for your handgun. You can now easily conceal your handgun without taking it out of its concealment holster. The canteen is easily attachable to any type of belt and is easily taken out when you need additional storage space.

All Glocks now come in several variations such as low profile, mid-length, as well as long length. In addition there are two unique variations of the traditional open-toe style of gun holster available including the soft owb and the hard owb. Both styles provide different advantages while carrying your handgun. The soft owb is great for everyday wear, as it allows free movement of the pelvis but is not recommended for continuous long-term wear as the gun holster.

If your purpose for purchasing a handgun is for recreational use the best glock 22 holsters are the soft styles. These can be worn under your belt, on hips, or around the leg. The soft leather construction of many of these holsters allows for the most comfortable carrying possible. The traditional leather canteen style of carry is also very comfortable and offers excellent support for any size of hand.

Another advantage to owning one of these quality concealed carry holsters is that it provides quick access to your handgun when needed without having to remove your gun from its holster. The standard magazine release button located on the top of the pistol is easily accessible by pulling the pin out, much like a zipper. If the need arises you can simply take off the pin and discard it. These quality products offer the best value for money when investing in your handgun. Your investment in your gun will not go to waste.