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Glock 27 Holster


Buyer's Guide

Why Buy Glock 27 Holster?

When it comes to personal security, the newest handgun safe to be introduced onto the market is the Glock 27. It was designed by a company called "Glock & Schrade", who are primarily well known for making airsoft guns. They also happen to make safes for them too. Although not hugely popular yet, the gun is getting closer to being the de facto handgun safe to be used by most people.

When it comes down to comfort, the only real difference between the conventional holsters and the glock 27 is that the former will allow a more comfortable level of support for your handgun as well as making it more difficult to manage in a fight or a tense situation. When it comes to security however, this gun has nothing on the market that can be compared to anything offered by Smith & Wesson or the Bersa techniques. This three part system by Glock consists of a slide lock, a hammer block, and a secondary mechanism for the striker itself that is only occasionally accessed, but always kept in a semi-locked state, until the user pulls the trigger. Once the trigger has been pulled however, it breaks open, sending an explosive blast through the steel blocks, making it extremely difficult for any human being to enter the gun. In addition to breaking open on impact, this shockwave can also disorient any person that is nearby; causing them to fall to the ground and become prone to any strikes they might receive from the gun's un-balanced state. As far as the strength of the blast itself, it is not nearly strong enough to dislodge anything larger than the slide itself, although it will keep most things on the floor for further protection.

Despite being one of the largest holsters currently available, there is still no substitute for the stability and support provided by Smith & Wesson's factory installed model. The company's Proprietary line of forgings ensures this stability, providing a full ninety degree angle of insertion for both the slide and the bolt, ensuring a solid and tight fit at all times. The slide is also aided by a specially designed cover plate, which glides on the inner edges of the rails. A unique feature of the G & W 27 iwb holster, however, is the use of a carbon fiber sleeve surrounding the stainless steel spring, aiding in the retention of the gun's overall length. This feature is also useful in ensuring the quick removal of the handgun, which many users prefer to do without the traditional cumbersome method of opening the case.

The frame of the G & W 27 iwb holster is constructed from a durable nylon and leather mixture, allowing it to provide a tight and secure fit. For a quick and simple draw, all that is required is a forward press of the pusher, which opens a flap on the side of the belt. This allows easy access to the pistol's charging port, which allows the firearm to be rapidly fired without interruption. After the weapon has been fired, a front slide lock secures the handgun in place, while a rear grip safety prevents accidental firing. These features, coupled with the two rows of strategically placed rubber cantilevers on the belt, provide users with an extremely effective and secure means of carrying their handgun.

Despite its relatively light weight, this handgun can easily be carried by an individual of average size, thanks to its lightweight structure. In addition, its strong construction means that the G & W 27 can be used with a standard waist belt, unlike many other models. As most experienced gun users will attest, carrying a heavier weapon for long periods of time can lead to fatigue. With the G & W 27, an individual is able to carry the weapon comfortably and confidently for several hours, thanks to its ergonomic grip, adjustable retention, and steel belt clip. Additionally, the comfortable grip ensures that the firearm is not accidentally bumped against the side of the belt, causing discomfort and increased tension.

Other notable features on the G & W 27 include the ability to switch out individual belt clips, as well as interchangeable cantilever holsters. While most shooters prefer to carry their handguns in cantilever holsters, these easy to remove holsters can create problems when an individual needs to quickly change targets during a competition. In contrast, the G & W 27 allows an individual to easily switch out the steel belt clip, making it possible to rapidly change the weapon's firing path. This feature also makes it easier to conceal the weapon, which allows users to compete in less strenuous classes without the worry of their gun being visible.

The second major feature on the G & W 27 holsters that sets it apart from other models is its trigger safety. Unlike other models available on the market, the trigger safety on the G & W 27 eliminates the need for a safety pin, which increases the overall safety of the handgun. With the use of a specially designed slide catch, individuals are able to retain their grip on the firearm without having to take their hands off of the firearm. After all, the G & W 27 has one of the most powerful trigger pulls available on the market. Slide safety is another outstanding feature of this particular model of handgun holster.

In addition to the exceptional trigger safety features found on the G & W 27 iwb holster, the leather exterior and comfortable holster style make this model a popular choice. This is one of the few manufacturers that offer a comfortable, high quality leather holster for use with one of their handguns. The combination of a comfortable belt clip and quick draw clip system allow users to quickly change their target while on the go. While it may not be the fastest or most comfortable option, the G & W 27 iwb holster manages to combine powerful gun handling with excellent design.


What is a Glock 27 holster?

The Glock 27 holster was created specifically for the Glock 27 firearm, which is precise, sleek, and easy to control. It is well-known for being a small, but extremely powerful package. It's small enough to be carried in a pocket holster without being noticeable. Depending on the material used, this holstering device can be made of leather, nylon, KYDEX, or another material. It can be concealed or protected if it is worn in a specific manner.

What do I need to consider when choosing an IWB holster?

Gun holsters that are worn around the waist allow you to carry your weapon while keeping it concealed in your clothing. Before you decide to grab any holster, think twice about it.


Your ability to quickly reach for your Glock 27 should not be hindered by your concealment. When purchasing a holster, you should pay close attention to the friction and retention of the product. This will ensure that your gun does not slip out, but rather that it remains in place.


Your choice of clothing will not be enjoyable to wear if you do not feel comfortable in it. Make sure you have a holster that is comfortable to wear while carrying your firearm. These holsters are made of a variety of materials and can be worn for an extended period of time without bending or changing shape in conjunction with your Glock. It is possible that you will need to adjust your pants size as a result of an IWB.


There are numerous holsters available that are made of synthetic leather. This is a less expensive material that is not as long-lasting. However, while the best holsters are made of high-quality materials such as Kydex and ABS plastic, the most professional holsters are made of genuine premium leather. Leather and Kydex holsters are the most durable materials available.

Angle Adjustable

Angle adjustments are necessary in order to ensure your comfort and ease while using the product. The combination of features such as retention settings and angle adjustments results in a product that is easy to use.


It is critical that your holster is the correct size for both your gun and your clothing. What matters is that it fits properly and that it is of high quality, regardless of whether it is an IWB or an OWB. Make sure the dimensions of your firearm correspond to the maximum capacity of the holster.

Is the Glock 27 a reliable everyday carry?

The Glock 27 was originally intended for use by the Austrian military. The Glock 27 is a 9-millimeter handgun that can be used for a variety of tasks and situations. In comparison to the Glock 22, which was a full-sized firearm, the Glock 17 is typically smaller in size. The overall length of the Glock 27 is 6.5 inches. This enables the firearm to be easily concealed and carried for everyday wear and use without requiring special training. The Glock 27 is a smaller version of the full-size Glock 22 that can be carried on a daily basis. There are a variety of holsters available to help you conceal your firearm.

What are the different types of concealment holsters?

There are a plethora of holsters available on the market. Everything is dependent on how you intend to employ it. The following are the most popular types of Glock 27 holsters on the market today.

Ankle Holsters

The ankle holster is the most popular type of holster available on the market today. A large number of law enforcement officers make extensive use of these devices. These handgun holsters are made with durable, breathable retention bands and are designed to keep handguns hidden from view. These holsters are well-known for having additional pockets that can hold magazines, as well as for their professional appearance and functionality.


The term "OWB" refers to a holster that is worn over the waistband of the wearer. They are typically crafted from leather or Kydex, depending on the model. These are well-known for their ability to help you achieve a slimmer body profile. They are easily concealed by wearing a jacket or a shirt over them. They're not as concealable as IWB holsters, for example.


A holster that fits inside the waistband is the most popular and widely used type of holster. They are designed for people who want to completely conceal their firearms. There are a variety of options available, with each type utilizing a different type of building material. The best IWB holster is made of genuine leather with adjustable retention.

What is the purpose of a Glock27 holster?

The Glock 27 is a powerful handgun that is both concealable and easy to carry. In order to protect the Glock 27, it is necessary to use a holster that has been specifically designed and built for it. Here are just a few of the numerous advantages of carrying a holster.

Cover for Trigger Guard

A holster can be placed over the trigger guard to prevent the weapon from being accidentally engaged. You and those around you will be safer. For those who have children at home, holsters are an absolute necessity.

It is not necessary to load or unload the gun on a continuous basis.

It's possible that you'll have to load and unload your gun whenever you need it. It is not recommended, especially if you are required to draw and use a firearm in the course of your duties. If you leave it loaded, it can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. You have the option of removing the holster and carrying your Glock 27 without a holster.


A Glock 27 holster is the most important reason to own and use one, especially if you carry your firearm in a concealed manner.

Ensures the gun's safety

Holsters for Glock 27 revolve around more than just convenience. It also serves to maintain the stability and security of the firearm. It is possible to keep your gun safe and secure with a holster. For those who work in law enforcement, it's critical to keep your handgun stable and in its proper position while on duty.

What is the best way to clean a Glock 27 Holster?

Knowing the difference between leather and thermoplastic is important because each material has its own characteristics. In order to properly clean and maintain your holster, it's important to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Heated holsters, for example, are extremely sensitive to the presence of heat. It may warp if exposed to hot water.

Some manufacturers recommend using hot water to maintain the integrity of the leather. It must be dried in a hot environment or it will crack. If you are not attempting to tighten the leather, you should avoid soaking it in boiling water. Leather holsters should be dried with a towel.

Oil should be used with caution in leather holsters. Oil can be applied to the leather holster to keep it from cracking. Only a few drops should be applied to the material in order to avoid holster weight. It will lose its shape in the near future.

Where can you buy a Glock 27 holster?

Nowadays, it is simple to locate a holster due to the large number of outlets that sell them, including gun accessory stores. Additionally, the websites of the manufacturers can be a good place to look for one. Holsters can also be purchased through online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. The styles, brands, and designs that are available are numerous. You can shop around for the best deal on holsters for the Glock 27 by looking through a variety of options.

How do holsters attach?

The majority of holsters are attached to the belt with a strap, and then secured with straps around your thighs and hips. There are numerous holsters available for this purpose. Some have an attachment plate that you can attach to your leg, while others do not.

Can you sit with an IWB holster?

When you carry a pistol in an inside-the-waistband gun holster, you're more likely to be conscious of your surroundings. There may be some gap coverage between the shirts and the trousers, which may allow for the appearance of a pistol grip to be visible.

Do not keep your hand on the holster while you are sitting or standing.

It is understandable that you would want to keep your firearm concealed. A poor retention holster is likely to cause your pistol to fall out or become loose if you have tried several different ones.

You should carry concealed with an inside-the-waistband holster that has good retention and can be adjusted for your comfort. If you do this, your pistol will remain securely in its holster, and you will not have to be concerned about it falling out.

Where should you holster your gun?

In order to carry an out-of-the-belt, you should select a holster that fits comfortably on your hip. Additionally, you should position your holster further back than the three o'clock position. This makes it simple to draw, conceal, protect, and be comfortable while shooting.