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Glock 43 Holsters

Philem Withlead
Published Aug 17, 2021
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Our Top Picks for Glock 43 Holsters

Reviews of the Best Glock 43 Holsters from Our Research

Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Fit: Glock 43/43X Pistol | Inside Waistband

Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Fit: Glock 43/43X Pistol | Inside Waistband | Adjustable Cant | US KYDEX Made (Black, Left Hand Draw (IWB))
  • Only Compatible with Standard Glock 43 / 43X -- Incompatible with the built in rails of the Glock MOS nor attachments such as light/laser.
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE when you secure your pistol in our concealed carry gun holster. Specifically designed for the Glock 43/43X models, this robust waistband holster safeguards your handgun while facilitating discreet, safe carry.
  • RUGGED .08" KYDEX & Boltaron is strong yet lightweight for comfortable, confident carry in any situation. Waterproof and washable, it features a sweat guard that covers the full length of the slide to help maintain your side arm in pristine condition.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CANT of the 1.5” standard belt clip with a Hex Key for faster draw speeds and optimal concealment under clothing. The black powder-coated stainless steel hardware can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees without sacrificing full accessibility.
  • ADJUSTABLE RETENTION PRESSURE ensures a fast and smooth draw, customized to your needs. Adjustments can be made quickly so you can tighten the retention screw for your morning jog and loosen it later for regular carry.

The holster has a sweat guard which covers the full length of the slide. The holster fits only the Glock 43 and offers exceptional concealment.

It has been priced at a fair value and offers a good deal for the money. It is 100% made in the USA, and the veteran-owned company offers a full lifetime guarantee for this holster.

It is easy to conceal and covers the trigger guard. It is durable, lightweight, and adjustable for cant and retention. It is specifically designed for the Glock 43 and has a post-click audible retention lock system.

It has an audible retention lock system, is specifically designed for left-handed users, and has stainless steel and bolt-around material construction.

However, it does not fit other guns, and it is only for right-handed use only. Also, the muzzle end does not open it, and it does not fit threaded or extended barrel models.



  • The holster is equipped with a sweat guard.
  • Fair price.
  • The manufacturer's lifetime warranty is available.
  • Trigger guard protection.
  • Discreet concealment.
  • Conceals guns discreetly without leaving a print.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Lightweight holster.
  • Adjustable retention and cant.
  • Audible retention click sound.


  • Only available as a left-hand holster.
  • Not ideal for extended barrel models Glock 43.
  • Stainless can conduct heat in extreme weather conditions.

Galco Stow-n-Go Inside The Pants Holster

Galco Stow-N-Go Inside The Pants Holster Compatible with Glock 43 Ruger LC9
  • DESIGNED TO FIT: Galco's Stow-N-Go Inside The Waistband Holster is designed to fit Beretta Nano 9mm, Glock 43, 43X, Kahr MK40, MK9, PM40, PM9, Kel Tec P11, Ruger EC9S, LC9, SCCY CPX-2, Springfield Hellcat.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT: The open top allows for a swift draw, while the metal-reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return to the holster. The modern injection-molded nylon J-clip secures the holster onto the belt.
  • VERSATILITY: The Stow-N-Go's vertical orientation and neutral cant give the option of strong side carry, crossdraw, or appendix carry versatility to meet the needs of a broad range of gun carriers. Fits belts up to 1 3/4".
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Premium Center Cut Steerhide is an extremely durable steerhide with the outer and inner layers removed, resulting in a napped texture on both sides of the leather. Center Cut Steerhide works equally well for holster designs both because of its sturdiness and because its exterior does not show scuffing or scratches.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Using Premium Center Cut Steerhide allows us to offer a very reasonably priced, high performance IWB holster with a proven track record.

The holster pin is made from steel, and the replacement rear plate is made from machined aluminum. It clips to your waistband and does not limit your wardrobe. The clip is so slim that most people would not even notice.

It is almost weightless, simple, and easy to install. It is comfortable and concealable and can be used in conjunction with holsters which eliminates the issues which arise with the holster.

It has a simple, innovative, and minimalist design, and it does not take up space. It fits snugly and is easy to use and conceal the weapon.

However, it does not protect from a hot barrel after firing, and it is somewhat unsafe as the trigger guard is always open.



  • Compatible holster with various dress styles.
  • Easy to handle and install, even for beginners.
  • Perfect fit.
  • It does not take up a lot of space.
  • Conceals guns discreetly without leaving a print.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Lightweight holster.


  • Safety issues due to the open trigger guard.
  • Aluminum and Stainless can conduct heat in extreme weather conditions.
  • It does not protect the gun barrel after shooting.
  • Basic design.

Glock 43 Holster IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fits

Glock 43 Holster, Glock 43X Holster IWB Kydex Holster for Glock 43 / Glock 43X Pistol Concealed Carry - Inside Waistband Carry Concealed Holster Glock 43 Guns Accessories Pouch (Black, Left Hand)
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE: Please feel free to use our portable concealed holster to protect for Glock 43 Holster. This is our high-quality KYDEX IWB Holster tailored for Glock 43 / Glock 43X Holster. It is not only highly precise, but also rugged and durable, and can be hidden and portable, so you can protect yourself anytime, anywhere.
  • US .08” KYDEX HANDCRAFT: It is lightweight, sturdy, durable, sweat-proof, waterproof and washable, providing comfort and confidence in any situation. Glock 43 holster covers the entire body, effectively preventing sweat and avoiding clips Clothes can be safely and safely used.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CANT: Use the universally and easily available phillips screwdriver to customize the CANT of a 1.5-inch standard belt clip for faster gun removal and best hide under the garment. Nylon + fiberglass belt clips are secure and can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees to suit your habits.
  • ADJUSTABLE RETENTION PRESSURE: Use a universally available phillips screwdriver adjust the screw to achieve the tightness adjustment, to achieve the best extraction strength, and strive for the fastest self-storage time. It can also be hung outside the belt for use as an OWB. Please choose another hand.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We confidently offer a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind when choosing PoLe.Craft IWB KYDEX Holster. If our Glock 43 Holster do not work as promised, please return a replacement or a full refund.

This is an ideal Glock 43 holster when it comes to giving you excellent drawing time. You want something that you know will be quick and consistent; that way, you would not have to deal with any snagging or slow drawing times.

The holster is available in a wide range of colors in case you like to style your everyday carry.
It has a raised sight channel, an undercut trigger guard, and a wide and sturdy belt clip. It has adjustable cant and retention, is easy to conceal, and is comfortable.

It fits the Glock 43 with a tlr-6 light attachment, has an open muzzle end and full-length sweat guard.
It is a minimum wear holster for your g43 and is compatible with tlr-6 tactical lights and lasers. It has a small but sturdy quick mount clip.

However, it does not work very well without the tlr-6 lights.



  • Swift and smooth drawing time.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Wide and sturdy clip to attach on belts.
  • Trigger guard protection.
  • Conceals guns discreetly without leaving a print.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Adjustable retention and cant.
  • Sweat guard holster.


  • It cannot operate well with tlr-6 lights.
  • Not the lightest holster in terms of weight.

Fobus GL43ND Evolution Holster for Glock 43, Right Hand Paddle

Fobus GL43ND Evolution Holster for Glock 43, Right Hand Paddle
  • Fits Glock 43x, Glock 48
  • Passive retention, one-piece holster body construction
  • Retention adjustment screw with passive retention
  • Protected sight channel
  • Low profile design for concealability

The holster is lightweight and can easily attach to most belts and waistbands, thus making it easy to install and carry.

Many buyers loved it most because of the overall comfort, and one user said that it is a really comfortable holster that did not irritate the skin, nor did it feel bulky in places.

It has a low profile, and it is comfortable. It has a durable body, is easy to maintain, and has a safe locking mechanism with retention and 360 cant adjustments.

It has an integrated paddle with a holster. It has a 360-degree adjustable cant angle for ease of use, and it is good for everyday carry.

However, it is right-handed only, and it offers limited concealment.



  • It can be mounted on waistbands and belts.
  • Trigger guard protection.
  • Very easy to operate and extremely comfortable to carry.
  • Safe locking mechanism.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Lightweight holster.
  • Adjustable retention and cant.
  • Great EDC holster.


  • Only available as a right-hand holster.
  • Not a good concealment holster.

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Concealment Holster for Glock 43

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Concealment Holster for Glock 43, Matte Black, Right Hand - 410568BK-R
  • For a Glock 43
  • Belt loop and paddle mount platform include
  • Passive retention adjustment screw
  • Speed-cut design for rapid draw
  • This holster will not fit polymer frame Taurus Judges

This holster is available in either right-handed or left-handed orientations. Another thing to point out is the retention ability of this holster.

This means you have a security feature that will keep a hold of your pistol so it will not wiggle or slip out of place, and that also means that no one can snatch your pistol.

It is comfortable, low priced, and of high quality. It offers good concealment and has a Serpa locking mechanism. It offers full grip on the weapon, and it is specifically designed for the Glock 43. It has a belt loop and paddle mount option.

It has high-quality materials, is comfortable, and has a durable construction. It has a patented Serpa lock in a full grip and can be concealed with ease.

However, it cannot be used with shirts tucked in, and the thermoplastic might damage the weapon if used improperly.



  • Ambidextrous designed holster.
  • Secured gun retention.
  • The holster is equipped with a sweat guard.
  • Fair price.
  • Trigger guard protection.
  • Belt mounting option.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Discreet concealment.
  • Conceals guns discreetly without leaving a print.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Lightweight holster.
  • Adjustable retention and cant.


  • It cannot be used for tucked-in shirts.
  • Thermoplastic can cause weapon wear and tear.

Hosking Chest Holster for Glock MAS Coyote Brown

Hosking Chest Holster for Springfield MAS Black (Springfield XDM 3.8, Left)
  • Great for hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, cycling, jogging and any other outdoor activities.
  • Handmade in the USA, and shipped directly from the manufacturer
  • The buckles are not fixed like other competitors and can be moved to provide comfort and different cant angles

The Hosking Chest Holster is a great holster to have on hand for when you need to bug out and survive.

It can also be used for everyday carry, and it can excel if and when you need to escape from a situation where you need to survive.

If you want a high-quality holster with consistently quick drawing without snags or additional trouble, this might be your best possible option.

Although it is majorly molded for Glock guns, it fits many handguns. It has highly adjustable straps and waterproof Kydex material, and its mini-site is compatible with Glocks 20 and 21.

It has a rugged and durable Kydex-based design, fits snugly, and doesn't interfere with other loads, and it's specifically designed for Glock users.



  • Kydex water-proof material.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Adjustable retention and straps with buckles.
  • Perfect for Glock guns and a good choice for other gun models.
  • It clings perfectly to the body.
  • Perfect tactical holster.
  • Discreet concealment.
  • Swift and silent draw.
  • It fits large-sized men.


  • Difficult to reholster
  • The carry angle is not adjustable.
  • Not ambidextrous designed.
  • Quite expensive.

Buyer's Guide for Glock 43 Holsters

The Glock 43 is lightweight, easy to carry, and has become a very popular CCW handgun, just like any other handgun.

The Glock 43 needs a good holster to be carried, and there are a number of options on the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best one.

In this article, we compiled a list of the best Glock 43 holsters on the market today.

Is the Glock a Safe Pistol?

Many people say they would never buy a Glock pistol because it has no safety mechanism. Those who mention the lack of a mechanical switch or button to make the gun safe are what is really talking about here.

The Glock 43 doesn’t have a manual safety, which may seem concerning at first glance, but they are one of the safest pistols to use.
There are three features that make the Glock pistol one of the safest weapons in use today.

The Trigger Safety

The Glock 43 features a trigger safety right at the front of the trigger. Just like all other Glocks, this part must be pressed in order for the trigger to be pulled. It is the little piece that protrudes forward.

This means the trigger cannot be pulled from the sides or by inertia if the gun were to fall off. To fire your Glock, you’d have to press the front of the trigger with your finger before pulling it back.

The Trigger Bar

The trigger bar, which is inside the gun and lies just ahead of the trigger, protrudes upwards. When you pull the trigger, a part of it will come back and push on a silver-colored button on the right side (the firing pin safety).

Glocks are known for their reliability, but the Glock 43 also has uniquely novel design features. One of these is an internal safety that blocks the firing pin from moving forward and striking a cartridge in the chamber.

The Firing Pin Safety

The firing pin itself has an integrated stop and is held from ever moving forward, which means that it won't drift when the trigger moves. While pulling back on the trigger, a camming action causes it to pivot down; this releases the firing pin forwards for a firing cycle.

Indeed, you don't have to disengage a manual safety before firing as long as you just squeeze the trigger when ready. All of these keep the trigger from operating until you remove the safety.

Some people argue that there is no safety on a Glock 43 because all you need to do is squeeze the trigger. However, these guns are designed with safety features to prevent accidental discharges. For instance, if you drop your gun it will not fire.

Gun Safety Rules

Practicing good gun safety is imperative to prevent negligent discharges. To do so, you follow these safety rules:

  • Always point your gun in a safe direction.
  • Stay aware of your finger at all times and keep it off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to fire.
  • If not ready to use, always keep your gun unloaded.

Remember that gun safety depends on you, not mechanical devices found in your firearm.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous Glock 43 holsters in the market, so there are a number of options for you to explore. The holsters are also tactically designed because law enforcement agents and members of the military make use of this firearm.