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Glock 43x Holsters

Philem Withlead
Published Aug 27, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Glock 43x Holsters

Reviews Of The Best Glock 43X Holsters From Our Research

Badger Concealment Glock 43X IWB Holster

Badger Concealment Kydex IWB Holster Compatible with Glock 43X (Appendix Left Hand Draw)
  • Made from.060 Kydex for ultimate comfort and concealability
  • Fits belts up to 1.75"
  • Weighs only 3oz
  • Holster is Handmade in the USA

The Badger Concealment is available in two styles, the appendix draw and the FBI cant. Both styles are offered in left and right-hand draw. You may ask what the FBI cant is. It is simply a holster with a slight forward tilt which is favored by many because of its draw style.

The Kydex holster is extremely light, a mere three ounces, and can fit belt heights of up to 1.75-inches. The retention is adjustable with a screw which is pretty standard for a Kydex holster.

The cant, however, is not really adjustable. The FBI style has a 15 degree forward cant and the appendix style has a neutral cant. Bear this in mind when purchasing.

The Badger is probably the lightest and most affordable holster on the market but will certainly make you happy if you are looking for a simple “no-frills” holster.

The sweat guard extends only to the back of your gun’s slide which helps to make the holster even more compact. If carrying light is a big factor then you should certainly give the badger a closer look.


  • Extremely light
  • Adjustable retention
  • Fits 1.75-inch belts


  • Cant is fixed depending on the style that you order

Craft Holsters G 43X Compatible Holster - Cross Draw Holster

Craft make good holsters and the cross draw for the 43X is a quality leather option. One thing that you need to take into account is that Craft makes custom orders and will take about thirty days to make and ship a holster.

The default design is for right-handers but left-hand draws are also made to order. Craft offers the holster in two color choices, black, and mahogany.

The retention strap fastens to the inside of the sweat guard area of the holster which you should bear in mind as some people aren’t concerned, but others will prefer the thumb release to be on the outside.

In terms of aesthetics, the Craft is a nice-looking holster and you will be hard-pressed to find a custom leather holster for your 43X at a better price and it comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Great quality leather
  • Retention thumb strap


  • Longer manufacturing and shipping time

Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Fits up to a 54" Belly | IWB Gun Holsters | Men and Women

The Ghost Concealment Belly Band is a fairly typical neoprene holster, however, what sets this one apart is that they have taken larger people into consideration. The band is fully adjustable and can fit people with waists of up to 54-inches.

The holster also has a magazine pouch and both the holster and pouch have retention straps with snap fasteners.

The belly band ideally fits sub-compact to compact guns but could fit full-size autos if needed for occasional carry. Both left and right-hand options are available and the overall quality is very good for a holster in this price range.

One issue which you may need to consider is that because the belly band is designed to fit extra-large people, skinny folk will find the band too long. Otherwise, this is a very comfortable belly band holster for your 43X and the magazine pouch is a nice added feature.


  • Magazine pouch
  • Extra band length
  • Comfortable


  • Too long for skinny people

DeSantis Mini Fits Glock 43 with Stream Light TLR6 Leather Right Hand Scabbard Belt Holster

The DeSantis mini is a leather holster that is branded as a Glock 43 design but will fit the Glock 43X well, which is confirmed by many users.

The holster is made specifically for Glocks with a TLR6 Stream Light and it’s important to note that if you have another make of light you would need to be careful before buying this holster. It may fit lights of the same length as the TLR6 but it is risky. It will certainly not fit with many laser accessories on the market.

The DeSantis will fit belts up to 1.75-inches in height and has a tension adjuster to ensure the best fit when using a TLR6 light. Perhaps it is to make the holster a bit lighter but the leather of the DeSantis is a bit thinner than most other leather holsters but the fit and retention are still good.

The DeSantis is available in black or tan and like most leather holsters, the retention will be very tight to begin with. If you use a leather conditioner, combined with the tension adjuster, the holster should fit like a glove within a couple of days.


  • Good quality
  • Fits a TLR6 Stream light
  • Tension adjuster


  • The leather is a bit thin

Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Fit: Glock 43/43X Pistol | Inside Waistband | Adjustable Cant

Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Fit: Glock 43/43X Pistol | Inside Waistband | Adjustable Cant | US KYDEX Made (Black, Left Hand Draw (IWB))
  • Only Compatible with Standard Glock 43 / 43X -- Incompatible with the built in rails of the Glock MOS nor attachments such as light/laser.
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE when you secure your pistol in our concealed carry gun holster. Specifically designed for the Glock 43/43X models, this robust waistband holster safeguards your handgun while facilitating discreet, safe carry.
  • RUGGED .08" KYDEX & Boltaron is strong yet lightweight for comfortable, confident carry in any situation. Waterproof and washable, it features a sweat guard that covers the full length of the slide to help maintain your side arm in pristine condition.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CANT of the 1.5” standard belt clip with a Hex Key for faster draw speeds and optimal concealment under clothing. The black powder-coated stainless steel hardware can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees without sacrificing full accessibility.
  • ADJUSTABLE RETENTION PRESSURE ensures a fast and smooth draw, customized to your needs. Adjustments can be made quickly so you can tighten the retention screw for your morning jog and loosen it later for regular carry.

The Amberide comes in many different colors as well as left and right-hand draw. It has an adjustable cant from zero to thirty degrees and the retention is also adjustable. Note that the holster will not fit the Glock 43X MOS because of the built-in rails.

The holster is really comfortable to wear and will fit belts up to 1.5-inches. In light of the fact that many other Kydex options are about three times the price, the Amberide is great value for money and it also has a lifetime warranty with good customer service.

A more expensive holster may have a few advantages when it comes to little details but the Amberide will pretty much do the same job. In general, it’s a well-made Kydex holster and will be great for regular use or as a backup.


  • Adjustable cant and retention
  • Excellent price


  • Screws can come loose quite easily

Crossbreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Concealed Carry Holster

The Crossbreed is a hybrid tuckable with a cowhide backplate and Kydex holster. Because the backplate is quite a large piece of leather it will take a week or so to wear in nicely and become really comfortable. This is pretty standard for leather holsters and even more so for the hybrid tuckable designs.

The quality of the clips is good and you can adjust the cant and ride height by adjusting the two clip angles and height.

The retention of the holster is good but like most tuckable designs, the retention is not adjustable. The Crossbreed is made to be worn from a 3:30 to 5 o’clock position around the hip for right-handed users.

If you often need to carry your Glock 43X with a shirt tucked in over your gun, the Crossbreed is one of the best options taking quality and price into account. Crossbreed also offers a lifetime warranty on their holsters which is good for peace of mind.


  • Adjustable cant and ride height
  • Comfortable quality leather


  • The retention is not adjustable

Buyer's Guide For Glock 43x Holsters

The Glock 43X is one of the most popular guns on the market for concealed carry these days. The Glock company has a well-established reputation for quality and the basic design is favored by a very loyal section of the gun community.

The difference between a Glock 43 and the 43X is the size of the grip which needs to house a ten-round magazine. As such the 43X has a slightly longer and wider grip.

Many holsters that are designed for the 43 will also fit the 43X but if you would rather not take chances, we have done our homework for you and come up with a selection of holsters that should cater to your personal needs.

We have chosen six holsters that cover different carry styles, materials, and accessories such as lights.

Best Glock 43x Holsters

When researching our top picks for holsters we try to ensure that we also assess companies from an after purchase perspective. This means looking out for warranties and the quality of customer care that they offer.

All of the holsters on our list come with some kind of warranty and wherever possible, we have made sure that the holster manufacturers have a good reputation for customer service and honor the conditions of their warranties.

Glock 43 IWB Holster

The Glock 43 and 43X were primarily designed for concealed carry. They are sub-compact auto-pistols and most people who own them want a gun that is small, reliable, and very easy to carry every day.

This naturally means that your primary holster should be designed to maximize concealment. Your options would then be centered around classic IWB, appendix, and tuckable options.

This is not to say that you should avoid OWB or cross-draw holsters. Some gun owners have experimented with all styles and just like the cross-draw style.

Just bear in mind that gun laws in many states these days are making open carry harder and the IWB holsters offer better concealment with a wider range of clothing options.

Glock 43X Accessories

The DeSantis Holster on our list of top picks is designed for a light accessory but the Glocks, in general, are very popular pistols and there are many great accessories for the 43X from grips to sights and magazine releases.

If you are interested in checking out some of the best accessories available then visit our gun review of the 43X and look at some of our recommended options.

Best Glock 43x Holsters

FAQs For Glock 43x Holsters

Will A Glock 43 Holster Fit A 43X?

The main difference between a Glock 43 and the 43X is the width of the grip. A 43X has a slightly wider grip. Depending on your holster design, a wider grip might not matter. Many holsters that are made for the 43 are also compatible with the 43X. To be certain, you could look up your holster on the company’s website for details. Otherwise, if your current holster only covers the trigger guard area, then it should fit a Glock 43X as well.

Is A Glock 43X a Good Gun?

It depends on whether you are a Glock person. Some people are not Glock fans in general but objectively, the company makes good guns and the 43X is a quality weapon considering the price range that it competes in. Compared to the 43, the 43X has a larger magazine capacity.

Compared with the Glock 48, the gun has a shorter slide but is otherwise the same in all other size dimensions. If you want a subcompact gun with a slightly longer grip and ten-round magazine capacity, it is well worth looking into.

Is The Glock 43X Easy To Conceal?

Yes, the gun may have a slightly longer grip to accommodate a ten-round magazine but it is a subcompact gun. Guns of this size are naturally easier to conceal compared to compacts and full-size auto-pistols. Contrasted with other subcompacts, there is nothing about the Glocks overall size or design that would make it worse for concealed carry necessarily.

If you were trying hard to find fault with the gun you could say that the larger grip affects concealment but that is the trade-off when wanting greater magazine capacity.

Final Thoughts

That brings an end to our round-up review. No matter how you like to carry your 43X, you should now have some trustworthy options. Happy shooting and may your carrying days be comfortable.