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The Best Gun Cabinets

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Protecting a Gun From Water & Fire

A gun cabinet is usually a safe specifically designed for storing either one or several guns and/or ammuntions. Gun cabinets may be solid, molded, or custom-made to fit specific needs. Gun cabinets can be made of metal or wood and can even be found in glass to keep the guns safe from moisture. Gun cabinets are typically used to maintain the contents of the gun safes and, in even more capable safes, also to prevent unauthorized or untrained persons from accessing the contents by fire, flooding, or other catastrophic events.

Gun cabinets are often installed over a wooden or metal cabinet so that the guns can be placed in a location that cannot be reached by children or pets. A wooden or metal gun cabinet can be a sturdy, reinforced, and locked storage unit designed to keep handguns, shotguns, and other long-range weapons away from children. Plastic cabinets, however, are not as effective in preventing unauthorized access to firearms. A plastic gun cabinet, when not locked, can be a very attractive and functional item. The size and shape of the cabinet will depend upon the size and shape of the handguns that will be stored inside. A small pistol cabinet, for example, is smaller than a large shotgun cabinet.

Gun cabinets offer many purposes. The most common type of gun cabinet offers the convenience of locking up the gun collection in a steel or metal container. This type of cabinet protects the handguns from accidental firing while they are being handled. Safe gun cabinets offer the most security against theft or burglary.

Gun cabinets may also be made with different types of locking mechanisms. The most commonly used method of locking gun collections in gun cabinets is with gun cabinets that utilize either deadbolt locking or keyless entry systems. High-end gun cabinets with keyless entry systems use biometric fingerprint technology to allow access by authorized personnel only. Security grade locks on gun cabinets provide the ultimate protection. These locks feature a one-touch keypad lock, providing a means of authorizing access to the firearm.

High-end gun cabinets and safes can also contain more than one firearm. For example, some safes can hold firearms, ammunition, and even cash. Other types of safes may be able to hold only ammunition. Some safes can store multiple firearms in different locations. Such features make it possible for an individual to secure a handgun, rifle, or shotgun in different locations, depending on the location where the firearm is needed.

Gun cabinets and safes can come in different styles. This includes designs that include gun safes that resemble traditional drawers or cabinets found in banks, credit unions, or police departments. Others feature open safes that look like cabinets that are opened upward and outward, resembling vaults. More modern cabinets, such as those featured by St. George, Noreast, and Kelty, open upward and outward and resemble traditional fireproof cabinets, with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.

When purchasing a firearm safe, one should always consider the safety and security features included. These features must be high quality and made of a durable material to be able to withstand the rigorous environment a firearm is subjected to. In the same way, gun cabinets and safes should be able to withstand the effects of being placed under water. However, it is important to take note that not all cabinets and safes offer the same level of protection. Hence, one should always check the features and capabilities of the gun cabinets and safes he or she is considering before purchasing it.