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Gun Cleaning Tools


Buyer's Guide: Gun Cleaning Tools

Gun Cleaning tools

If you own a large collection of firearms, having your guns cleaned should be a regular part of maintenance. Not only is it important to clean your guns after every use, but it is also necessary to maintain the gun parts in order to avoid excessive wear. A quality gun cleaning equipment, such as the Tipton Sports Gun Vise, can keep your antique or collector's gun safely in place while you run brushes or patches through the bores. It's easily adjustable to accommodate different firearms, including AR-15s.

Good gun cleaning tools are necessary gun cleaning equipment and are the heartbeat of your gun cleaning arsenal. They get the job done and ensure your firearm is working at its peak. Properly maintained, your guns will have a long shelf life and be worth the investment. Unfortunately, improper maintenance leads to excessive wear that can potentially damage your gun. So be sure to use your cleaning equipment and brushes as instructed and always follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

To remove mineral deposits from brass, steel, copper or bronze, try using fine steel wool, a cotton cloth and a gun cleaning tools such as the Shocker-X disposable scrubbing pad. Rub the surfaces of all moving parts with the towel until the mineral deposits are lifted from the areas. A clamped cloth can be used to remove excess grit and luster. Be careful not to leave mineral deposits on moving parts.

Using gun cleaning tools such as the cleaning kits for brass, steel, and bronze increases the life of your gun and helps prevent corrosion from occurring. If you clean your gun between cleanings it gives it more time to dry. This will prevent the need for more frequent cleanings.

When choosing a gun cleaning tools, your choice depends on what you are going to be doing to your guns as well as how often you plan to use them. For instance, if you are just going to be polishing your guns then a soft, synthetic cloth is recommended. The gun cleaning kit should include a polisher specifically made for cleaning synthetic cloth. You can purchase this in many different styles and designs. If you are only planning to clean your guns every so often, then use the gun cleaning kits designed for cleaning every day guns. These kits usually contain only enough soap to completely remove the grime from your gun.

If you are going to be cleaning out the internals of your gun, you will need to invest in some high quality gun cleaning tools. The first items that you will need are bore brushes and patch brushes. Bore brushes will help you move debris from the inside of the barrel to the outside. Patch brushes, on the other hand, help to remove small bits of metal from the internals while preventing them from moving to the next place they can potentially damage the internals.

If you are purchasing any of the gun cleaning tools listed above as well as other rifle accessories, you should invest in a quality multi-tool. A multi-tool will allow you to do more than just one thing with ease. Some multi-tools come with an adjustable file, cutting tool and other essential pieces for working on your firearm. The carrying case is a very good accessory to add to your arsenal; there are many carrying cases available that will protect your rifles as well as carry your tools in an efficient and organized manner.

If you own any type of firearm whether it is an antique or modern day model, you know that it needs gun oil. Gun oil is important because it helps to extend the life of the barrel as well as keep it functioning properly. To ensure proper gun oiling, you will want to invest in an airless grease gun oil; the gun oiler that you use should be able to withstand both high heat and low temperature. Before you run out and purchase your gun oiler, you should take some time and decide which type of gun oil you prefer. The gun oiler that you select should be easy to carry in an easy to reach place and it should be made out of a stainless steel design to prevent rust from forming.