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Philem Withlead
Published Sep 13, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Gun Range Targets

Reviews Of The Best Gun Range Targets From Our Research

Ar500 Target Solutions Rangetime Steel Targets

Ar500 Target Solutions Rangetime Steel Targets AR550...
  • New for 2021- Resigned X-base sets up and stores easily.
  • Includes AR550 12"x20"x1/2" AR550 Silhouette Target, Target...
  • Comes apart in seconds for easy transport. Free Shipping!!
  • AR500 Steel targets are manufactured from new high quality...
  • Mount kit holds target at a 20% angle to help deflect...

It is one of the best rifle targets because it provides instant feedback and a more realistic target system than other tactical targets.

It has an innovative design that makes it stand out from the rest. The target can be put anywhere and used with any firearms or airsoft guns. It means you can start practice immediately after bringing it out of the box. It is small and lightweight hence easy to transport from one place to the next.


  • Dimension of 12” x 20” target
  • Great AR500 design that is laser cut.
  • A 2X4 wooden stand.
  • Mount kit for holding as an ideal angle.


  • It provides instant feedback on every shot you take because the impact produces a sound easily heard.
  • It is very safe to use because it will not shatter or splinter like other rifle targets.
  • It can be used with any firearm and an airsoft gun, making it versatile when you want to practice shooting.
  • A good option for hunting practice.
  • The angle of the target reduces the danger from falling shrapnel by deflecting it down to the ground.
  • The size is perfect for practicing indoor and outdoor shooting.


  • It is not very durable due to its lightweight design.

EasyShot Premium Shooting Targets

EASYSHOT Shooting Targets – 18 x 12-inch Premium Targets...
  • AIM AND SHOOT: This target is ideal for practicing accuracy...
  • MADE TO LAST: Our shooting target is printed with high-grade...
  • NEON BRIGHT COLORS: Bright neon colors boost visibility for...
  • VERSATILE USE: The EASYSHOT paper target stand is robust and...
  • FREE E-BOOK: We provide an e-book with expert guidance and...

If you are trying to improve your shooting skills, these targets will help you do just that. When using this target while practicing, it is easy to see exactly what mistakes you are making while shooting, making it much easier to fix them.

When used with dry-fire practice, EasyShot targets help you develop and improve your shooting skills.


  • Visible neon color upon bullet impact
  • Ideal for dry fire shooting.
  • Keyholes on the backside for easy hanging.
  • Heavy-duty materials for long-term usage.
  • Versatile for some firearms.


  • The neon colors make it super easy to see where your mistakes are while shooting.
  • It's easy to hang up this target whether you're practicing indoors or outside, making it easier to shoot with friends.
  • It is a great product for both beginners and professionals who want to improve their skills.
  • This target is perfect for all types of firearms, whether rifles, pistols, or shotguns.


  • The bright colors might not be suitable for some people's eyesight.

AR500 Steel Silhouette Reactive Reset Pistol & Rifle Target

AR500 Steel Silhouette Reactive Reset Pistol & Rifle Target
  • AR500 Steel ~ 3/8” thick
  • Handguns ~ All Calibers
  • Rifles ~ All Calibers including .223, .30-6, .308, 338 Lapau...
  • Dimensions ~19.0” (h) x 11.8" (w) x 3/8” thick and is...
  • Made in the USA

The AR500 Steel Silhouette Reactive Pistol & Rifle Target is a great target for honing your shooting abilities in the 7 yards to 100-yard range. This target is available in both inch and metric sizes, but you'll need to supply your own mounting hardware if you purchase the metric size.

The targets are 3/8" thick and made from AR500 hardened steel. The targets are printed with a white or black silhouette on a bright orange background for high contrast and visibility of bullet holes.


  • 3/8 AR500 steel thickness.
  • Ideal for all calibers of handguns and rifles.
  • Shooting distance of 400 yards.
  • Dimension of 19" x 11.8"
  • Weights 21lbs.


  • It is a high-quality, well-made target.
  • Comes with detailed mounting instructions.
  • Visibility of bullet holes.
  • Reset target is a breeze to get back into shooting position.
  • Can easily purchase multiple quantities of targets from various online retailers.


  • Expensive if you want to do occasional target practice at distances closer than 100 yards.

Action Target - B-27E Pros Paper Target

Action Target - B-27E Pros Paper Target - 100 Pack - Paper...
  • B-27E Target with shaded scoring rings starting outside &...
  • B-27NCJA silhouette with bottom cut off.
  • Black & Gray & Orange.
  • Size: 23" x 35"

It is the best choice if you are looking for a target to last and hold up well under heavy use.  It is made with paper for which you can get more than enough pages to work.

They also come in different variations, such as the FBI Q (5-inch center circle), the VTAC-P (Viking Tactics), and a hanging silhouette.


  • Comes with scoring rings.
  • Orange color indication for dark to light.
  • Silhouette target without bottom.
  • Immediate effects.
  • Dimension of 23" x 35"
  • Ivory paper material comes in 50 packs.


  • The paper is bright white, and the dark to light shading clarifies how accurate you are shooting.
  • Useful for teaching precision shooting.
  • The targets come in different styles, like FBI Q (5-inch center circle).
  • Improves shooting muscle memory.


  • You can't use it for mid-range shots like 10-15 yards.

High Caliber AR500 Geometric Steel Targets

High Caliber AR500 Geometric Steel Targets - Gong, Half...
  • Includes : All AR500 steel is made in the USA and targets...
  • AR500 steel is a special high carbon steel hardened to...
  • 3/8" AR500 steel targets work great for calibers from 9mm...
  • All targets come painted flat black to prevent rust and...
  • Targets come with 5/8" hole and are ready to hang and shoot...

These high-caliber steel targets are perfect for hitting with any rifle or pistol. Their geometric shape makes them stand out from the rest on the market today. In addition, these targets have a unique design that improves functionality and gives the user an easier time when practicing shooting.

They react differently to every shot, so you get instant feedback on your accuracy, speed, and aim in every shot you take.


  • Comes in 3 different shapes, octagon, square, and circle.
  • Steel thickness of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 respectively.
  • Steel hardened to endure multiple shots.
  • All targets have holes for hanging.


  • High-carbon steel makes it long-lasting and very durable.
  • The unique geometric design makes each target stand out when placed in a line or row.
  • Provides instant feedback with every shot taken because of the loud sound produced whenever you hit your target.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor training purposes.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • The hole of the targets is a bit small; hence difficult to mount without buying extra mounting hardware.

Buyer's Guide For Gun Range Target

Gun range targets are a great way to practice shooting skills or have fun in ranges. Different groups use different targets, such as law enforcement and the military, civilians, and sport shooters. Some of the common targets include hostage targets, zombie targets, and humanoid targets.

There are so many different gun range targets that there is a wide array of products available online and in stores to choose from. Each product varies in size and price, so selecting one that will fit within your budget and be appropriate for the user is important.

It is important to consider a few things before you start shopping for your target. These include:


This is a big factor for most people when they are buying products. Before picking out a target, the average person should consider that being more expensive does not always mean better quality.

If you have a budget in mind, it is best to search for one within your price range so you can get the most for what you spend. Some targets are priced very cheaply, while others can be in the hundreds. But you can still get nice deals that are affordable.

Shot Quantity When Purchasing

It is important if you plan on practicing shooting frequently or will be using many rounds in one session. Targets that can hold up to hundreds of rounds are more expensive than those that only allow 20 shots. If you will be firing more rounds into the target, it is best to invest in a durable product that can handle the extra shots without breaking down.

Durability of Materials

The categories of material used on many targets are vital because it determines the quality of the product and how well it holds up before it needs to be replaced. For example, targets made with plastic hinges or other flimsy parts will not hold up to regular use and will need to be replaced more often than those made from sturdier materials like metal. You can also check online for customer reviews.

Target Size

You should also consider the size of your target before making a purchase. If you buy a too-small target, not all of your rounds will hit, and it may be difficult to tell if the target is doing its job.

On the other hand, if you buy a target that is too large, then there is a chance that it will affect how quickly you can clear each stage of practice or competition because there will be more to move around.

Frequently Asked Questions for Gun Range Targets

What is a gun range target?

A gun range target is a product that is designed to be used in shooting ranges. These products vary, so there are several different types of targets, and each one serves a specific purpose for sharpshooters and shooters.

How do I choose the right gun range target?

Choosing the right gun range target will depend on certain factors, such as your budget, your shooting skills, and how frequently you plan to use the product.

What are some types of gun range targets?

Common gun range targets are featured in hostage targets, zombie targets, humanoid targets, and steel targets. These products vary in price because they are made with different materials that affect their durability and longevity.

How do I know which size of gun range target to buy?

Choosing the right size for your gun range target will depend on how many rounds you plan on firing at it and who you plan to shoot with. A large product will not be an issue if you practice by yourself, but a smaller one may be more efficient if multiple people shoot.

Why do manufacturers make targets with different materials?

Manufacturers create products made from different materials because each product type is designed for a specific purpose. Higher quality products are typically made with sturdier metals that can handle many shots without breaking them down. Cheaper ones are often created with plastic parts or other flimsy material that is not as durable.

What should I consider before buying a gun range target?

There are several different factors that people should consider before making a purchase, including how much they want to spend, the durability of the materials used, and how frequently they will use them. It is also useful to think about the size of your product and what kind of target you want to have.

What is the best material for a gun range target?

There is a long list of good materials, but the best material for a gun range target is typically metal. These products are more durable and can handle hundreds of shells being fired at them without breaking down. They can also maintain their original structure much better than other types of targets made with cheaper materials.

Is it possible to buy made-to-order gun range targets?

Gun range targets are not typically made to order. These products are mass-produced and sold to be used in commercial and public shooting ranges. If you cannot find the target you need at a store near you, it is best to look online or ask a retailer if they would be willing to obtain one for you.

What is the best steel for a gun range target?

The best steel for a gun range target is a thick one. Thicker steel products can handle more shots fired at them without breaking down or tearing up. In addition, the thicker these products are, the more durable they will be overall.

Is it possible to buy recycled targets?

It is not possible to buy recycled targets. These products are designed for commercial use, so they are not made with used materials. If you are looking for an eco-friendly product, you should look for ones made with plastic or organic materials instead of steel.

Are our gun range targets affordable?

Gun range targets are generally affordable products. These items are fairly inexpensive, and they typically cost no more than $20 per product. However, the price of these products can vary depending on the size, type, and material used in their production.

Are gun range targets reusable?

Some gun range targets are designed to be reused while others cannot be.

What gun is range target size best for me?

The right size of a gun range target will depend on the number of people shooting and how frequently it's being used. Higher quality products are typically made with sturdier materials that can handle many uses without breaking them down. Cheaper plastic targets usually cannot stand up to heavy or frequent use very well.

Can gun range targets be used in other places asides from a range?

It is possible to use gun range targets in other places. This type of target can be used on various surfaces, including wood, metal, and even cinder block, depending on the specific product that you buy. It is important to consider where you want to shoot when determining which target will work best for you.

What size of gun range target is best for me?

The size of the gun range target that you need will depend on the number of people shooting at it and how frequently it will be used. Higher quality products are typically made with sturdier materials that can handle many uses without breaking them down. Cheaper plastic targets usually cannot stand up to heavy or frequent use very well.

Where can I purchase gun range targets?

Gun range targets are not typically sold in stores. You can also shop for them at larger retailers, but they are mostly sold online or at shooting ranges. If you cannot find the type of target that you need, it is best to look online or ask a retailer if they would be willing to order one for you.

Final Thoughts

Gun range targets are among the most popular products that are used in shooting ranges. However, these products are designed specifically for commercial use, so they can be reused multiple times without breaking down or wearing out at all.

Therefore, it is important to look carefully at the specifics of each product before you buy it, so you know exactly what you will receive when it arrives.