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Heinie Sights


Buyer's Guide: Heinie Sights

Heinie Sights

If you own an HK Defense products product, one accessory you most likely have not seen or heard about is the Heckler & Koch Model 40 Sights. It is an amazing product that has made many gun owners happy. Heckler & Koch has been around for over a century and they know how to make guns. The company is known for making quality military surplus firearms that are high in quality and affordable. Here is some information on this gun and why it is such a popular item.

Heinie Sights uses low light laser technology to produce a high resolution, clear image on the rail. It fits all the popular HK VP, SK, VP, 45C & VP9's. It offers a raised angle sight for use with rubber and vented suppressors. These sights are red-dot night sights that use the elevated front sight design. It is equipped with a fiberglass reinforced nylon telescope and fiberglass reinforced ocular lens.

There are two types of sights for the VSTI-III, the V-T-III that is bright white dot, and the V-T-IV that has a tritium lamp in the front sight. The sights come with two ribbed rubber covers to secure them in place. The sights come with a fiberglass reinforced nylon ocular lens and a stainless steel spring. The fiberglass reinforced nylon ocular lens is equipped with a patented multi-layer insulation to prevent heat damage during the harshest conditions. The stainless steel spring can be replaced by a lithium polymer based battery. The Ruggedized Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Buttstock is an affordable replacement for the factory standard Ruger pistol buttstocks.

The sights come with three sights, the primary being a bright red rear sight that is used as a night vision sight. The secondary front sight is a red, thermally broken, fiberglass reinforced tube that can be attached to the barrel. The third sight is a red, thermally broken, fiberglass tip-up dot sight that can be attached to the barrel as well. This sights produces a red dot for nighttime shooting and a white circle for reference purposes.

The sights are compatible with all Ruger firearms manufactured since the inception of the company, including but not limited to, models eight, nine, and 10. The sights can also be used on the aftermarket models of Ruger firearms manufactured by other companies. The sights are sold as separate components. There are three parts to the night sights; the fiberglass reinforced tube, the thermally broken sight tube, and the rubber cover to secure the assembly together.

There is no question about the abilities of Ruger handguns when it comes to hunting dark targets in the open: they are perfectly adequate for hunting under low light conditions. Ruger has been successful with this low light technology because of the tritium lamps that are installed on their handguns. The tritium lamps produce red light that can be seen from several yards away. This is important to Ruger because studies have shown that hunting while using sights at distances up to fifteen yards could be more effective than using lasers. However, laser sights are not appropriate for hunting under low light situations. Ruger has addressed this concern by adding the tritium lamp on its handguns.

For hunting with low light, the Ruger Industries tritium sights provide the best hunting opportunities. The sights can be adjusted for elevation and for focus so that the hunter can use the sights in any condition. The sights also allow the hunter to use the reticule in order to help him determine the position of an animal. The sights have been extensively tested by the company, and have been refined over the years, resulting in Ruger's unique and innovative low light technologies.

A red laser aiming system is also incorporated in the sights. The red laser is similar to the tritium lamps but it is more powerful, has a longer range, and can be adjusted even more for focus. This makes it perfect for night hunting. Even better is the fact that these sights work with Ruger's legendary Ruger Repeating Arms. This ensures that when used in conjunction with these repeating arms, the Ruger sights can help a hunter hit his target at a distance of over twelve yards. This is also ideal for larger game that may be more challenging to hunt at night.