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Hellcat Holster

CYA Supply Co. Base Inside Waistband Holster (Carbon Fiber)...
  • Fits Springfield Hellcat 3" Micro-Compact (Optic Not...
  • IWB Holster - Inside The Waistband - Easily Adjustable...
  • Precision molds from CAD milled in house on our CNC. Made of...
  • Posi-Click' Audible Retention Lock System - Sweat Guard...

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Hellcat Holsters - Installation Guide

When looking for a great way to carry your handgun discreetly, a new idea is gaining popularity - the Hellcat Holsters. For over 20 years in the military, the Hellcat has gained notoriety as one of the most effective tools for concealed carry. The ease of use and its corrosion-resistant metal construction has made it the ultimate choice in competition with other designs of pistol holsters. Today you can get a Hellcat for under a hundred dollars and have it in the holster you need fast.

One look at a Hellcat Holster, and the features immediately stand out. It has an easy-to-use slide-out flap that opens to reveal a side-mounted grip or a front strap. For added versatility, add an IWB (inside the waistband) holster that converts the traditional side-mounted holster to an IWB style side mount. This allows you quick access to your handgun, whether sitting down, standing up, or lying down. The addition of a leather belt holster completes the external changes that take place with the Hellcat.

There are several different types of Hellcat holsters available to the discerning gun owner. In general, two main types are distinguished by the features of their underlying structure. The first is the traditional (style) Hellcat OSP holster, which some refer to as authentic because it is 100% made from OSP reinforced nylon material and will not be compatible with any other type of handgun or other concealed carry device. The second type is the IWB style or "invisible belt" holster that looks just like any other leather belt you can find. As the name implies, an IWB holster is completely concealable while still providing a highly functional attachment to your gun.

Most people prefer the IWB style because it looks more "normal" while using the Hellcat Holsters with its characteristic raised pocket for storage. For this reason, they tend to choose IWB holsters for use with a regular Springfield-style firearm. This way, you don't have to sacrifice looks to get an available attachment for your gun. But, on the other hand, if you're someone who has a lot of pride in the appearance of your firearm(s), you may very well desire the more traditional Springfield hellcat holsters.

Both of these basic styles have their advantages and disadvantages. The IWB type is less expensive than a high-quality Hellcat holster. However, it's more than worth the slightly higher cost if it means you will never have to settle for a less than ideal attachment to your gun. If this concerns you at all, then the IWB type is the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you feel that your handgun is not practical to be carried in an IWB holster, or if you can't justify spending the money on a superior model, you're free to choose from one of the many different variations of Springfield holsters available. CCW (Concealed Carry) versions are designed specifically to be used on a regular firearm. The concealed carriers usually consist of a thin leather layer along the belt-line, with a single leather piece (or two, or more). These types of hellcat holsters can be highly comfortable to carry, as they allow the hunter to "grip" the gun better since there is less of a chance that the gun will slip out of your hands during a crucial moment.

On the other hand, if you're looking to use your Springfield holsters as a CCW, you can do so by converting your regular belt clip into an IWB holster attachment. To do this, you should purchase a flat strip of planking and then cut two slits along the top of the flat strip. Then, poke three or four holes along the top of the flat strip to accommodate the front end of a standard belt clip. Afterward, secure the belt clip to the front of your belt by inserting the rear through the holes.

Once you have completed this conversion, you should be able to quickly and easily put your Iwb holster on and take it to the field. There are, however, a few minor caveats to keeping your belt clip well protected. Since the holster is now a belt-mounted belt holster, it is vulnerable to interference from other belt clips that might be sitting on the belt itself. If your clip for the Hellcat is exposed at any point, be sure to place it inside of the hole in the belt where it is most vulnerable. For best results, however, keep your hellcat IWB holster belt completely closed, even when carrying it. If you have to change out your belt clips, make sure that you change them out in the same order each time so that you don't accidentally jam one more into the same hole than before.