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Hha Bow Sights

ON SALE!Bestseller No. 1
HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-3019 RH
  • Sight in at 20 & 60 yards and you're dialed in from 20 to...
  • Sight Housing: 1 5/8"
  • Fully protected fiber optics
  • Tool-free adjustments
Bestseller No. 2
HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra 5019 Sight Right Handed
  • The HHA optimizer Lite Ultra 5019 sight
  • Includes a revolutionary yardage dial that allows for rapid...
  • 100-Percent Machined aluminum
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 3
HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight - DS-5519 RH
  • Sight in at 20 & 60 yards and you're dialed in from 20 to...
  • Mathews Harmonic Damper for reduced noise & vibration
  • Mechanical Rheostat
  • CNC machined aluminum construction
Bestseller No. 4
HHA Optimizer Speed Dial w/Vortex Cross II Scope Archery...
  • Package length: 8.89 cm
  • Package width: 20.066 cm
  • Package height: 37.846 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 5
HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet 1 Pin Sight, Black.019-Inch, Right...
  • Great for teaching new archers how to adjust for various...
  • Designed for youth & first time archers
  • Compact & lightweight at just under 5 oz
  • CNC Machined aluminum construction

Buyer's Guide: Hha Bow Sights

What Are the Best Hha Bow Sights?

HHA Bow sights have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade, where they once were considered a luxury. They can now be found at the beginning of every model of semi-automatic, or fully automatic gun in existence. But are HHA sights the right choice for you? What is the price range of HHA sight pricing?

There are two major styles of sight: the straight forward, fixed mount HHA sight and the lock-block system, which offers lock adjustments and Dovetail angles. The straight forward sight just features a cross like alignment and a mounting block that houses the main reticle and an eye piece through the sight tube. As for the lock block system, it does what it says: blocks the adjusting knob while locking the sight into either a positive or negative adjustment. HHA also offers dual locking option, but the price range is increased.

The Hha double pin sight is one of the most popular in the industry. It offers two knobs to control elevation and wind. The crosshairs are easy to see when you look through the sight. You can adjust the elevation up or down and left or right by pulling out one knob. The lite comes with a pre-drilled mounting hole for standard size BB's and has six pins. The weight of the bow is twenty-three ounces.

The next style of Hha bow sights is the optimizer sight. They use a ball bearings system with helical motion for stability and smooth movement. The main difference between the optimizer sight and other sights is that they offer two knobs. This allows for more precise adjustments and is an upgrade from the single pin sight offered by the Bowflex.

The last part of the Hha line of sights is the New Design Sight. Like the optimizer, the New Design Sight offers a ball bearing system for stability. The sight housing also offers an upgrade from the one provided on the optimizer. The New Design Sight weighs fifty-two ounces.

For fast draw, accuracy, and a more accurate release, you'll want to consider the single pin bow sights. They feature a dial with an illuminated dial and a steel shaft. The illuminated dial makes it easy to see your aim, and the steel shaft is ideal for stability. They weigh fifty-one ounces for the steel frame and come with an eight inch barrel length. They also come with a safety cap for additional protection.

If accuracy is what you're looking for and you want a bow with a long range for hunting, then the single pin bow sight is the best choice for you. The sight features a fully illuminated dial for quick aim, and their eight inch barrels make them perfect for hunting. When selecting this bow mount, you will need to select between a two piece and a single unit. The two piece units have a front mounted and rear mounted fixed unit that work in tandem to allow you to place the front and rear sights at any angle you desire.

The last part of the Hha bow sight series is the archery shooting test guide. This accessory allows you to measure your archery performance based on a three-dimensional viewing screen and test different aspects of your shooting performance. The test is divided into two parts and each part is based on a different type of archery competition. You can test your skills for distance shooting, prone shooting, and shooting while waiting. Once you've proven your archery skills with this helpful device, you will be well on your way to mastering archery with a Hha bow.