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Hk Usp 45 Holster

Gould & Goodrich B803-U45 Gold Line Three Slot Pancake...
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 25.654 L X 14.732 W X 7.874 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: United States

Buyer's Guide: Hk Usp 45 Holster

H&K USP-45 Tactical holster

The Hk Usp 45 Holster is a new generation small gun safe that attaches to a belt using innovative technologies that enable multiple users to simultaneously carry a small handgun and keep it secure. The Usp model uses patented technology that ensures only one person needs access to the gun at any given time, eliminating the potential for theft of the gun in public. With its sleek design, the Usp's ease of use makes it perfect for use by law enforcement professionals and everyday people. The unique combination of portability and security makes the Hk Usp 45 Holster an ideal accessory for everyday use in any circumstance.

The USP-grade nylon reinforced plastic frame that holds the Usp model is lightweight and highly durable. It provides firm grip support and is free of the shifting that can occur when the slide is held downward. Unlike older holsters, the Usp model does not lock in place when the slide is raised. A patented tension control allows a relaxed feel during wear, while providing reliable support should the gun accidentally fall to the floor. For added safety, the Usp features an emergency release pin that locks into place if the slide should accidentally fall. All Usp models come with a special orange certification label that serves as an identification card to identify the gun.

In addition to its lightweight design, the Hk Usp 45 holster has a fully adjustable retention force, which allows the user to choose between different levels of retention. One level increases the clearance of the pistol against the waistband, while a second level provides a more pronounced cant along the leg of the carrier. The third level offers a more balanced stance, closer to the body. Six different places on the carrier can be reached through the use of interchangeable attachment points, ranging from the front, top, bottom, and rear of the carrier. This carrier is the perfect accessory for everyday use, and can be used with any type of pistol.

In cooperation with israeli law enforcement, the Hk Usp 45 holster was designed to meet the unique needs of Israeli special operators. As a matter of fact, Israeli law states that all pistols must be equipped with an identification card that contains the pistol's model, serial number, and configuration. The card is printed on security paper, and is usually kept in the pistol's holster when not in use. However, in certain countries, including the United States, it may be carried around in a separate location.

An Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesperson confirmed to Defense Wire that there are currently no plans to change this policy. The current protocol is that the operator must remove the identification card prior to discharging the pistol. The Heckler Koch USP 45 holsters are compatible with the MHS & MORPG brands of holsters. They are also compatible with the original Heckler koch model. H Kampmann & Kottke has partnered with Heckler to bring you the most advanced model in their successful series of holsters.

The Israeli military developed the H Kampmann & Kottke USP-45 pistol holster, an update of the company's previous award winning holsters. The new model features the most advanced comfort and ankle tight design possible for a full-size pistol. Most models feature an easy draw design with an adjustable cant and an easy release mechanism. It is designed to accommodate most models of Israeli police and military issued duty weapons.

H Kampmann is the parent company of Heckler, which designs and manufactures high quality holsters for both military and civilian use. Heckler is a internationally recognized manufacturer of small arms, including handgun, shotguns and rifles. H Kampmann is a division of Heckler, Kottke, and Mauchler, the largest manufacturer of military guns in the world. This manufacturer is the largest producer of U.S. made pistol holsters in the entire world.

The H&K USP-45 holster is made of high quality leather and polymer. This heavy duty unit is one of the most comfortable and secure holsters on the market. For ease of use, the ergonomic full-size tactical USP 45 holster is provided with a cantilever lock and spring tensioned snap closed buckles. The easy to use snap open mechanism provides fast and easy access to the pistol with the aid of the magnetic key chain. There is also a double reversible coil clip that allows for an easy on and off switch, and a D ring for attachment of belt loops and PDA pockets.