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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 18, 2021
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Our Top Picks for Purse Holsters

Reviews of the Best Purse Holsters from Our Research

Browning Women's Trudy

Browning Women's Trudy, Honey, 12" L X 11.25" H X 6.5" W
  • Browning | since 1878, Browning has continued to represent...
  • Premium materials | constructed from a durable pu leather...
  • Lockable zipper with hidden key ring, Keys can be...
  • Quick access pocket with holster | versatile right and left...

The Browning purse is made of PU leather and comes in ten different color and style options. The bag itself has ample space for all of the usual items that a woman would need to carry for convenience. The zip lock compartment that houses the gun is on the outside of the inner facing side of the bag.

An extra purse holster is included that is mainly made of PU leather but has a nylon band to retain most gun sizes. The handgun compartment is lockable with two connecting zips and a hidden keyring is also provided. Considering the size and style of the bag, the price is very reasonable.

All of the added safety features will give you a choice between fast access and high retention. Depending on your preference, you could use the gun compartment without the added holster.
There may be some quality control issues with this choice though, as most users are very happy with it but some complain about the strap stitching coming apart after about four to five months of use.


  • Many color and style options
  • Can accommodate almost all gun sizes
  • Practical compartments for all other day-to-day carry items


There may be some quality control issues

Bulldog Cases Carry Tote Style Purse with Holster

The Bulldog purse and holster are made of leather and synthetic material. The navy stripe outer covering is easy to wash, as any spills can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

At the time of writing this round-up, we were unable to establish if there are any other color or style options, apart from the navy stripe. It would appear that this is the only color option.

The inside of the bag has a large zip-locked main compartment with two other smaller zip compartments on either side. The gun compartment is situated on the outer side that faces your body when carrying. The gun holster that comes with the purse is designed to fit most pistols and revolvers.

As such, the holster may be a bit big for the tiny revolvers and micro auto-pistols. You would obviously have the option of using another holster if you wanted to.

The inside of the gun compartment has velcro, as does the holster, in order to hold the holster firmly in place when you draw your gun.

This is one of the larger styles of bags and one issue which a number of women have raised is that the straps could be a bit longer. When wearing the bag over your shoulder, it sits pretty high up under your arms.

The gun compartment is also lockable with a zip key to prevent unwanted access. All in all, we think this is a stylish practical bag at a good price.


  • Extra holster with Velcro
  • Zip-lock gun compartment
  • Can accommodate most gun sizes


  • The straps could be a bit short for some womens’ preferences
  • The holster may be a bit loose for micro pistols

Leather Concealed Carry Cross Body Gun Purse Left or Right Hand W/Holster

This medium-sized purse and holster choice is made by Roma leathers and comes in two different colors, black and brown. The purse is made of top grain cowhide leather and the gun holster is made of nylon.

The inside of the bag has three compartments, one central, with a zipper and two open side compartments. The outer compartment with the buckle is actually fastened with a magnetic clip.

A nice design feature with this purse is the slash-proof straps that prevent someone from being able to cut the straps and run off with your gun and bag.

The gun compartment is spacious but, with the holster, it may be a bit tight for larger guns. This purse would be better suited to smaller guns.

The gun compartment is also fully lockable with two zips on either side.


  • Good quality leather
  • Medium-sized for women wanting a smaller bag


  • The gun compartment may be a bit tight for full-sized guns

Bulldog Cases Satchel Style Concealed Carry Purse with Holster

Bulldog Cases Satchel Style Concealed Carry Purse with...
  • Unit Count : 1.0
  • Made in Switzerland
  • No batteries required
  • Product Type: Handbag

Yes, we went there. What round-up would be complete without a pink purse? This is another purse and holster option from Bulldog that is available in three other colors.

The purse is made of PU leather and just like the other bulldog bag in our top picks, the holster is made of nylon and has Velcro for a secure fit in the gun compartment.

The dimensions of the gun compartment are 11.5-inches long, 6.75-inches high, and 3-inches wide. This would easily accommodate just about all guns, even thicker ones. A nice design touch is the small rubber feet underneath the purse to prevent wear and tear.

The inside of the purse is divided with a large central compartment with two zip compartments on either side. One issue that a potential buyer should be aware of is that the purse straps are very thin.

When you are carrying a gun plus all other normal items all day, the thin straps could cause some discomfort.


  • Accommodates most gun sizes
  • Velcro holster for secure fitting and draw


  • The straps could be a bit thin for some women

Worldlyda Women Canvas Purse

Worldlyda Women Canvas Hobo Purse Multi Pocket Tote Shopper...
  • Durable Materials & Large Dimensions :Eco-friendly...
  • Multi Pockets: 2 big magnetic-closure pockets; 1 big...
  • Occasions: Fashion, casual, vintage hobo tote daily...

The WorldLyda is a washable canvas bag that comes in as many as sixteen different colors. It is spacious enough to store an IPad and just about anything else that you would practically need to carry.

The inside of the purse has a large zipper locked compartment and two other large magnetic clip-sealed compartments together with other slit compartments. It has two outer side compartments and a hidden compartment at the back for a small gun or other valuable items.

Even though this is the cheapest purse in our top picks, the purse is of great quality and is very comfortable to wear. The only downside to the purse is that its hidden compartment is not lockable.

Otherwise, this is a good choice for a woman that also needs to carry a lot of “stuff” aside from a small firearm.


  • Excellent price considering the quality
  • Extremely spacious with many compartments


  • The hidden compartment is not lockable

Buyer's Guide for Purse Holsters

Yes, ladies, we are reviewing purse holsters for you. Do not fear though, we have tackled this task with our usual dedication. Our top selection list of purse holsters has been chosen to ensure a balance between practicality, style, and safety.

We have chosen five purse holsters that are ambidextrous, offer a wide range of colors and styles as well as materials. There are big and small options but all purse holsters had to be designed to ensure that other everyday items that a woman may need to carry can also be accommodated.

Ultimately, you cannot sacrifice convenience just for a gun.

Most of our choices are very affordable with the exception of a genuine leather purse which will naturally cost roughly the same as any other good quality leather handbag.

Why would you use a purse holster?

Well, it has its advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, if you have a gun in your purse it means that you don’t even need to worry about your choice of clothing. Thinking about holster printing or clothing that properly conceals your gun is not a concern.

In addition, a would-be criminal would never assume that a woman wearing a nice summer dress would be packing heat. The element of total surprise is extremely valuable in those types of circumstances. One downside is that drawing your gun will never be as quick as a standard IWB or OWB holster.

This just means that any prepared gun owner will need to put in a bit of practice to ensure that your access can be as quick as possible.


Four out of the five purse holsters that we have selected have lockable zippers for the gun compartments of the purses. Obviously, locking the hidden gun compartment will have a dramatic impact on your draw speed.

The locks on these purses are more for the safety of your children. It will prevent a kid from accessing your gun and it will be harder for an assailant.

However, a zipper-lock is not that robust and if someone really wanted to rip open your gun compartment, they could. Any opportunistic thief would probably be unaware that you had a gun in your purse and will later realize that they hit the jackpot.

It’s important to remember that if you choose to go the purse holster route, then you should have control over your purse at all times. Whether you are sitting in a restaurant or going to a park, you need to remain mindful of where your purse is at all times.


Carrying a gun in your purse constitutes concealed carry. The law surrounding concealed carry will vary by state and sometimes by city. To be certain of your state’s laws, click on this link to our state law page that has a state-by-state breakdown of open and concealed carry laws.

Some states will even consider pepper spray or bottles above a certain volume, as “weapons”. Make sure that you are familiar with your state laws and have the necessary permits before going to the expense of purchasing a purse holster.

Although, most of our choices are decent purses anyway, even if you were not using them for the express purpose of concealing a gun.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our round-up for purse holsters. Between these five styles and brands, you should have plenty of options that enable you to wear a purse holster without looking like the fashion police will open up an investigation docket.