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Holster Wedge


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All About Holster Wedges

The Holster Wedge is a revolutionary new holster design that can be used in any handgun. The Holster Wedge is designed to fit into any pocket, anywhere! The top of the wedge is designed to accommodate a lip pull clip. This allows the user to easily remove the gun case or other holster without taking it out of the Wedge. To fire a weapon without removing the holster is a huge benefit for hunters. This allows for rapid weapon changes, firing, or just simply carrying around your favorite handgun.

Holster Wedge, designed with an outside edge, allows the user to put the holster on the outside of their body. This is a huge benefit to hunters because it allows them to carry their handgun while remaining fully exposed at all times. The design of the Holster Wedge allows the user to have the weapon secured within the edges of the wedge. This allows for a more secure fit and an efficient transfer from your body to the weapon. The outside edge design of the Holster Wedge is made of a heavy duty industrial grade rubber which has been heat treated to meet the toughest wear and tear conditions. The exterior surface of the Holster Wedge is also textured with a black colored rubber compound for added gripping grip and retention.

To load a weapon into the Holster Wedge, the user needs only to place the gun case underneath the removable interior flap of the Holster Wedge. Once loaded, the bottom of the wedge is lined with a small slot for a belt clip. These small clips allow you quick access to your handgun without removing your gun from its holster. This is accomplished by the addition of a thin metal strip along the bottom of the holsters flap, known as the holster shell claw.

This shell claw allows the user to quickly pivot their hands to fire the weapon without having to remove the holster itself. This allows for much greater weapon mobility, as well as increased weapon safety. The shell flap itself is designed to flip up and down in order to accommodate a growing or shrinking belt clip. When the flap is not flipped up, it sits open, allowing easy access to the clip stored within.

This type of Holster Wedge is extremely convenient when traveling with a gun. They can be removed quickly and easily, while remaining securely fastened to the user. The wedge attaches to the belt using a strong buckle which is secured by a specially designed clip. This feature allows for quick changes or updates to belts, which can make them extremely convenient if you often change guns. The clips themselves are designed to be extremely durable, even in harsh environmental conditions.

This design is extremely easy to use, even for beginners. It utilizes a simple snap closure on one of the clasps to seal the gun. There is no need for a traditional belt pouch or any other type of storage device, since this design is designed to quickly and easily attach itself to your belt using a strong, but flexible clip. Once this is attached to the belt, it can be instantly removed, without taking the gun out of its holster.

These holsters utilize a top-of-the-line design which has been specifically designed to sit high on your hips. Because they sit so high, they offer the most comfortable viewing position while still maintaining a safe and upright position. As a result, the gun is securely encased within the top half of the unit, while offering an easy and stable grip. If you need an extremely comfortable viewing position, then this design will work well for you. However, if you are looking for a more upright viewing position, the gun may not sit high enough.

This style of Holster Wedge is made from high quality materials. The material used to construct the wedge is specifically designed to offer a strong hold onto a gun. Not only will this keep your gun securely in place, but it will also give it a comfortable grip so you do not accidentally pull the gun out. The high quality construction used to construct this product ensures that you will receive years of use out of it. In fact, many consumers who have purchased these holsters tell us that they still function perfectly up until they are packed away.