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Philem Withlead
Published Sep 11, 2021
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Our Top Picks For The Best IPSC Targets

Reviews Of The Best IPSC Targets From Our Research

High Caliber AR500 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" Thick IPSC & Silhouette Targets for Shooting, B/C Zone, D Zone, Slaymakers, Cowboy- Made in The USA

High Caliber AR500 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" Thick IPSC & Silhouette...
  • High Caiber Targets - Geometric Targets
  • Our All targets are made by High-quality Steel forged and...
  • High Caliber Pre-coated targets with a black finish to...
  • Perfectly Pairs with High Caliber hooks and brackets for...
  • Targets have 5/8" holes and ready to be hung

This is a full-sized IPSC target, ready to take a beating from anything you might shoot at it. It will not tear or puncture easily and is built to last for thousands of shots. The steel it is made out of is high-quality AR500 steel- one of the highest grades available, which can be purchased as rifle targets.

Since the steel has a high Brinell hardness value (500-55 BHN), it will not become dented from small-caliber rifle fire. You can expect to take thousands of rounds at this target without worrying about pitting the steel or compromising its structural integrity.


  • High-quality AR500 steel
  • Dimension of 6" x 10"
  • Pre-coated with black paint
  • Brackets and hooks for standing
  • Homes for hanging


  • It can withstand most rifle calibers with ease.
  • It is a versatile target for rifle or handgun shooters.
  • It is a good investment for any shooter.
  • It can be hung in many ways, including with string or wire.
  • It is not very expensive for such a high-quality product.


  • Some shooters complain that the holes in IPSC Targets are small, and it can be difficult to get them through the target on your first try.

High Caliber AR500 Steel Shooting Targets - Gong, Shilouettes, IPSC, Hooks, Brackets, and More 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" Thicknesses Available - Made in The USA

High Caliber AR500 Steel Shooting Targets - Gong,...
  • High Caiber Targets
  • High-quality Steel forged and crafted in the United States.
  • Pre-coated targets with a black finish to prevent rust and...
  • Pairs with High Caliber hooks and brackets for your ideal...
  • Supports incredible mobility with our simple target setup.

This is another High Caliber IPSC target made to last with AR500 steel that is both abrasion resistant and high-density. It has a 5/8" hole for hanging wire or string, making it easy to set up in any place you want to shoot at. In addition, it is small enough to easily fit in a range bag, making it very portable.


  • Mobile IPSC target
  • Easy to set up
  • It comes with hooks and brackets.
  • Precoated targets help with durability
  • Dimension of 7" X 12 "


  • It is very competitively priced for such a high-quality product.
  • The target can withstand most rifle calibers, even at close range.
  • It is versatile for different calibers and handguns.
  • It has a nice, clean appearance.
  • Shooting at the target makes it easy to hear hits on steel since its steel composition makes it ring more than most targets do.


  • It does not come with mounting brackets or wire, so it is more expensive to set up without stringing wire between trees.

Official IPSC USPSA Cardboard Shooting Targets, Competition Torso Target, Paper Silhouette Shooting Target, Shooting Range, Rifles, Handguns, & Shotguns

Official USPSA/IPSC Cardboard Shooting Targets, Competition...
  • Cardboard Target Size: 18.12" W x 29.93" L. Paper Target...
  • Official USPSA/IPSC Target
  • Cardboard and Paper Targets
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in the USA

This cardboard silhouette target is perfect for practicing at home when you don't want to use up your rifle targets with practice shots. It comes in a set of five head and chest silhouettes with numbered circles on them so you can track how well you are hitting the target with each shot.

The cardboard will not last as long as steel, but it is a good way to keep practicing at home or while you are on the go. You can tape it onto something with packaging tape, so you don't have to shoot through it while still having the benefit of seeing where your shots are going.


  • Dimension of 22.5 x 35
  • The target size of 18.12 x 29.93
  • Endorsed by IPSC and USPSA
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • IPSC cardboard target
  • Made in the USA


  • It is nice to work with paper targets since they are easy to see through.
  • The numbered circles make it easy to track your shots
  • Within the regular size 18 x 30 range
  • It can be placed on most surfaces without moving, unlike steel that needs more sturdy like a stand or string.
  • You don't have to worry about ricochets with cardboard targets, even though you should always be cautious at the range.


  • It is more expensive than steel even though it doesn't last as long.

Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer IPSC Practice Target (Per 5), 23 x 35-Inch

Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer IPSC Practice Target (Per 5), 23...
  • The most trusted source for your Shooting supplies
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Made using the highest quality materials and components
  • Eze-Scorer
  • Perfect for all firearms and calibers
  • Great for competitive training
  • Quantity: 5 Targets

This is a great cardstock target to practice with at home. This comes in five sets, so you can take it out to the range with you or keep some spares on hand. In addition, it has several scoring rings on each one so you can track your shots well, making this ideal for people who like shooting paper targets more than steel ones.


  • Reputable brand
  • Target comes in a quantity of 5.
  • Durable and top-quality target
  • Ideal for firearms irrespective of calibers
  • Great tactical IPSC target


  • It is a nice target for beginners, coming in a set of five.
  • The rings are numbered for easy tracking.
  • You get five targets instead of one so you can collect your data more efficiently and switch out if needed.


  • The paper does not last as long as steel, even though it is cheaper than steel.

Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base for Paper Shooting Targets Cardboard Silhouette - USPSA/IPSC - IDPA Practice Range

Take your paper target experience to the next level with this adjustable stand. You can use it with or without height adjustment for a perfect shot each time. It also has adjustable tilt angles for versatility and portability. The base is made of solid steel so that it will last through many trips to the range. If you plan to use paper targets more than steel, this is a great addition to your supplies.


  • Dimension of 0.75" x 1.5"
  • 3 inches pockets for stability
  • Steel welded and coated for durability
  • Quality customer representative
  • Ideal for tactical training


  • It provides more stability than other stands on the market.
  • You can choose your own height and tilt angle for a perfect shot each time you use it.
  • This stand is good for all skill levels because of how versatile it is.


  • It does not include any paper targets, so you would have to purchase those separately.

Buyer's Guide for IPSC Targets

IPSC are targets used in the sport of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) shooting. These targets are designed to be more like real than traditional paper/cardboard targets, such as those found at an outdoor range or bullseye pistol practice at an indoor range.

IPSC Targets are constructed of very durable material and with lifelike pictures on them. They are available for all divisions of IPSC shooting, including the popular Limited division, where competitors use handguns with limited firepower.

These are a few factors to consider when buying paper targets:

Skill Level of the Shooter

The expertise of the shooter is important because not everyone will like the same level of paper target. For example, beginners may prefer paper targets, while more advanced may think they are too easy to see through.

Also, some paper targets include boxes while others do not, which is important to consider when looking at the shooter's skill level.

Material and Durability of Target

Different people like different things when it comes to paper targets. Some like cardboard, while others prefer paper because it tends to be cheaper and more available at some ranges where they shoot.

However, the durability of one over the other is important because if you are frequently shooting, something that can withstand impact more often is ideal.

Stability of Target

An IPSC is a typical metal target that shows where your shots are hitting. Many people prefer this because they can immediately see their progress when they have the right to zero on the gun for their caliber and skill level. On the other hand, paper targets are known to move around in the wind making it harder to get an accurate shot without taking extra time.

Price of Target

Price is an important factor in paper targets because everyone has their own budget for buying supplies. Some people would rather spend more money on steel targets, but cardstock is a good option if you are looking for something that costs less.


Paper targets come in different sizes, so it is important to consider the size you are looking for because if you are buying one that is not large enough, your shots may not show up properly.


Now that there are metal targets available, there are still advantages to paper targets. For instance, they are lightweight, which is important to consider if you are practicing in the rain or windy conditions because metal stands will not fare well in these situations.

In addition, paper targets are also lighter, so it is easy for everyone to transport them from place to place without being too heavy.

Target Area

Having a target that shows where your shots are hitting can be a good thing for some people, but others would rather have the option to add their own targets.

Therefore, it is important to consider a target that shows where the hits are going or a paper target you can draw your own on when thinking about what stand or paper target is ideal for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions for IPSC Targets

What are IPSC Targets?

IPSC stands for International Practical Shooting Confederation. This group specializes in competitive shooting using guns and paper targets that show where your shots are going. These metal stand targets work well with the paper targets because you can easily see where your shots are hitting without looking through the target.

What type of layout is IPSC paper?

IPSC paper targets have four scoring areas in the middle. First, there is a central area with a ring surrounding it, then there are two boxes that are slightly closer to you when you are shooting, which show points for touching them, and finally, there is a ring at the very outside of where you can shoot from.

Who uses IPSC paper targets?

IPSC paper targets are used by people who like to compete and win prizes for their shooting skills. It also offers an opportunity to practice your target shooting with a different type of equipment than other types of shooters.

What should I do if my IPSC metal stand target falls over during shooting?

If the IPSC metal stand target falls over during shooting, it is important to have a stand that can withstand heavy impact without falling. Therefore, you should also check on your target frequently while you are practicing to make sure the weight of the metal is not too much for your stand.

What types of gun targets are available?

There are several options for metal targets when it comes to guns. There are IPSC metal stand targets that can withstand heavy shots, and there are other types of metal targets that show where your hits are going without having to look through the paper target.

What is the best option for long-range shooting?

IPSC paper targets are not meant for long-range because they will not take the strong impact of long-range shots. A better option for this type of shooting is metal targets with no paper backing, so you do not have to worry about hitting the paper and removing it from your target area.

What are the advantages of IPSC Targets?

Showing where your shots are going can be beneficial when shooting because you will know what you are doing right and improve.

What kind of gun targets does IPSC use?

IPSC uses metal stand targets that show where your shots are going through the paper backings. In addition, the metal stand makes it easier to set up quickly in different locations without worrying about stability problems.

How should I care for my IPSC target?

It is important to keep your IPSC paper and metal targets clean. Dirt and debris can build upon them, impacting how well they work and how long they last. Keeping these targets clean will allow you to practice longer without using new ones or worrying about issues like rusting or falling.

Where can I purchase IPSC targets?

IPSC targets are available at most sporting goods stores, or you can purchase them online. Purchasing new targets every few years is recommended because they will start to wear out after being dragged around and shot at.

What are the disadvantages of IPSC Targets?

Some people prefer to have paper targets with no score lines, so they do not know exactly where their shots are hitting. Other types of targets can be set up to shoot around corners, which allows you to practice shooting in different environments.

What is the best material for IPSC gun targets?

IPSC paper or IPSC metal stand targets are the best options because they are durable and can take many shots before replacing them. In addition, these types of targets do not have to be set up in an open area, which makes them great for practicing shooting around corners or indoors.

Are IPSC Targets Avaialble?

Yes, you can purchase them at your local sporting goods store or find them online. They are usually inexpensive and good for practicing shooting.

What are IPSC Targets made of?

IPSC targets are made to be durable and last a long time but lightweight enough that they will not be too heavy for a metal stand.

Final Thoughts

IPSC targets are great for long-range shooting, and I would recommend purchasing them if you like to know where your shots are hitting. It is also important to clean these types of targets regularly because they can accumulate dirt easily. The IPSC metal stands are great for setting up quickly in different locations.