The Best IWB Holsters

IWB holsters are some of the most common concealed carry holsters, and they have been around for a while. As the name implies they are worn inside the waistband between an under cloth and a pant.

Since they are very common, you can find a lot of them in the market today. But in this article, we review the top 5 IWB holsters and what makes them stand out.

Our Top Picks for IWB Holsters

Glock 19 Holster IWB Kydex HolsterIWB concealed carry holster.Trigger release button
Galco Stow-n-Go Inside The Pants HolsterEasy to install.Lightweight holster.
CYA Supply Co IWB HolsterSweat guard   leather holster.
Belly Band Holster for Concealed CarryIWB concealed carry holster.Everyday concealed carry holster.
CrossBred SuperTuck HolsterGlock leather holster.Lightweight.

How to Know if an IWB Holster is Right for You

Wearing the right holster can make concealed carry extremely comfortable, and there are many inside the waistband holsters designed with your comfort in mind.

Four key areas inside the waistband holsters that you should look at when determining which one is right for you are:


Concealment for an inside the waistband holster is a big consideration. For most, just a design solves many problems presented by different styles of carrying. It helps to keep the weapon type to your body which helps in comfort and concealment. Designs also help in retention, because the guns should not stick out as far as some other types of carrying.

An IWB holster option is really good for warmer climates or even warmer times of year in summer when you just want to wear shorts and a t-shirt. You are good to go with IWB as long as you are not in skin-tight clothes.


Comfort is huge on IWB options because some of them are going to feel different for different types of body makeup. Regardless of your method, comfort is important. If you are not comfortable wearing a holster, you are probably not going to carry your gun. Holsters are made from all different types of materials, and that also leads towards your comfort.

Some are more comfortable when worn in different climates than others, like having leather against your skin versus neoprene, which will cause some people to sweat more.

Another example is a suede type of material versus unfinished backing etc. They are all going to feel different for everybody and you have to figure out what is good for you.

With IWB holsters, you are going to have to wear bigger pants than you usually wear, unless you wear baggy pants already. This is because you will have something that is about two inches thick on your waistband. So if you wear 34 size pants without an IWB, you will need 36 inches’ pants.

More so, you should make sure the pants are comfortable and they do not have your belt line digging into your body because that is going to make it uncomfortable and shy away from wearing it.

Depending on where you want to wear the holster, whether it is the appendix, behind the hip, or in front of the hip your body style, will have a big say on the comfort level that you experience.


The type of holster you choose will also affect the training you have because of your draw. Holsters like a 2d holster or a thigh rig are set up for a straight draw. So if you don't practice and train with your holster it could affect your draw strokes.

Some other techniques that people use when drawing from IWB holsters are to remove the cover garment either with one hand, the support hand, or both hands, before indexing the firearm.

Whatever way you choose to draw; you need to train. If you don't train properly you might not get your gun out in time if you need it for self-defense.


Whether it be leather, neoprene, or some other type of man-made material, the clips are huge to consider when purchasing an IWB holster. Some of them are kayaks, injection-molded, or steel spring steel. You have to pick and choose what works for you. Some people swear by plastic clips, while others will never wear them because plastic will weaken, fracture, and break. Some prefer steel since they will hold out a lot longer.

One thing you want to look at when you purchase a holster is the type of material that is up against your firearm. This has a lot to do with firearm wear and tear. Some of the most common materials are leather backing Kydex and cowhide lining. Kydex holsters that the edges are not smoothened out properly can start to Mar your weapon over time.

Leather takes a couple of weeks to adjust to the body so that it is as soft as and comfortable as it can be. Whereas Kydex holsters have no break-in time because they do not break in. Neoprene also does not have any break-in time either, they will be as comfortable as they can be right out of the box.

However, the bottom line is personal preference when purchasing a holster. You have to find out what works for you. The market today is full of fantastic options made by extraordinary companies.

Glock 19 Holster IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit

Glock 19 Holster IWB Kydex Holster for Glock 19 19X Glock 23 Glock 25 Glock 32 Glock 45 (Gen 3 4 5) - Inside Waistband Carry Concealed Holster Glock 19 IWB Pistol Case (Black, Left Hand)
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE: Please feel free to use our portable concealed holster to protect for Glock 19 Holster. This is our high-quality KYDEX IWB Holster tailored for Glock 19 19X 23 25 32 45 (Gen 1- 5) Holster. It is not only highly precise, but also rugged and durable, and can be hidden and portable, so you can protect yourself anytime, anywhere.
  • US .08” KYDEX HANDCRAFT: It is lightweight, sturdy, durable, sweat-proof, waterproof and washable, providing comfort and confidence in any situation. Glock 19 Holster covers the entire body, effectively preventing sweat and avoiding clips Clothes can be safely and safely used.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CANT: Use the universally and easily available phillips screwdriver to customize the CANT of a 1.5-inch standard belt clip for faster gun removal and best hide under the garment. Nylon + fiberglass belt clips are secure and can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees to suit your habits.
  • ADJUSTABLE RETENTION PRESSURE: Use a universally available phillips screwdriver adjust the screw to achieve the tightness adjustment, to achieve the best extraction strength, and strive for the fastest self-storage time. It can also be hung outside the belt for use as an OWB. Please choose another hand.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We confidently offer a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind when choosing PoLe.Craft IWB KYDEX Holster. If our Glock 19 Holster do not work as promised, please return a replacement or a full refund.

This is an ideal holster for your Glock pistol. it is super durable and will not steer you wrong in an everyday carry situation. It is a Glock compatible holster you can depend on for maximum concealability and getting the best out of groin carrying.

It has a full sweat guard and multiple carry positions. It carries a lifetime warranty and comes with a 1.5-inch nylon belt clip. It has adjustable positive click retention and a covered trigger and magazine release button. It features a zero to 15 degrees adjustable carrying angle and is made of .08 inch two-millimeter Kydex thermoplastic material.

It has a covered magazine release button to prevent accidental release of the magazine. And it has reliefs on the side release for quick draw and re-holster. It fits all generations of Glock 19, 23, and 32.

However, the rounded clip does not grip the belt aggressively and is less secure. Also, the holster may dig into the hip stomach in larger body types.

IWB Holsters


  • Fits a wide range of Glock models perfectly.
  • Tough and durable holster.
  • Discreet concealability.
  • Sweat guard protection.
  • Triger release button
  • Kydex and waterproof.
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Swift draws.
  • Easy re-holstering.


  • Only a great choice for Glock models.
  • Clips don’t grip belts.
  • Kydex can conduct heat in high temperatures

Galco Stow-n-Go Inside The Pants Holster

Galco Stow-N-Go Inside The Pants Holster for Glock 26 Glock 27 Glock 33
  • Fits: Glock 26, 27, and 33
  • Material: Natural Premium Center Cut Steerhide
  • Fits Belts up to 1 3/4"
  • Open Top for Fast Draw
  • Made in USA

The holster pin is made from steel and the replacement rear plate is made from machined aluminum. It clips to your waistband and does not limit your wardrobe. The clip is so slim that most people would not even notice.

It is almost weightless, simple, and easy to install. It is comfortable and concealable and can be used in conjunction with holsters which eliminates the issues which arise with the holster.

It has a simple, innovative and minimalist design, and it does not take up space. It fits snugly and is easy to use and conceal the weapon.

However, it does not protect from a hot barrel after firing and it is somewhat unsafe as the trigger guard is always open.

IWB Holsters image 2


  • Compatible holster with various dress styles.
  • Easy to handle and install, even for beginners.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Does not take up a lot of space.
  • Conceals guns discreetly without leaving a print.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Lightweight holster.


  • Safety issues due to open trigger guard.
  • Aluminum and Stainless can conduct heat in extreme weather conditions.
  • Does not protect the gun barrel after shooting.
  • Basic design.

CYA Supply Co IWB Holster

CYA Supply Co. Fits Glock 19/19X/44/45 Gen3-5 Glock 23/32 Gen3-4 Inside Waistband Holster Concealed Carry IWB Veteran Owned Company
  • Fits Only: Glock 19 / Glock 19X / Glock 44 / Glock 45 Gen 3-5 / Glock 23 / Glock 32 Gen 3-4 - No Light/Laser Attachments (Right Hand Draw Only)
  • IWB Holster - Inside The Waistband - Easily Adjustable Retention Pressure & Carry Angle (Cant) 0-15 Degrees
  • Precision molds from CAD milled in house on our CNC. Made of .08" Thickness Boltaron Material - Belt Clip 1.5" wide - All Stainless Steel Black Powder Coat Hardware
  • Posi-Click' Audible Retention Lock System - Sweat Guard covers full length of slide
  • Made in USA - WE STAND BY OUR QUALITY: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, No questions asked return policy and Lifetime Warranty.

This holster is super durable and thus super comfortable to wear. It is pretty hardcore and does a good job securing your pistol in place. The holster also has a sweat guard that keeps the holster nice and clean and does not allow any skin irritation even on the warmest of days.

It has durable bolter on material, an adjustable cant and retention. Its slim design offers high concealment and the sweat guard covers the full length of the slide.

It is ideally made for s&w shield models, made of 0.8-inch-thick boltaron material and made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

However, it has right hand draw only, and does not work with attachments. Also, it only fits smith and wesson m&p shield nine millimeter slash 40 s&w.

IWB Holsters image 3


  • Adjustable cant.and retention.
  • Kydex and water resistant holster.
  • Conceals guns discreetly without leaving a print.
  • Made from highly durable leather materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty.
  • Attachment panels
  • Extremely comfortable to wear without skin reaction.


  • Does not work with attachments.
  • Only ideal for Smith and Wesson pistols.
  • Designed for only right-handed folks.

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, Concealment Edition Waistband Gun Holsters for Men and Women, Fits Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, P365, Taurus, S&W M&P Shield 9MM and Similar Pistol & Revolvers
  • ✔ UNIVERSAL DESIGN FITS ALL PISTOLS: Tactical-grade elastic holster accommodates nearly every small subcompact, compact, mid-size and even full size pistols and revolvers on the market. .380, 9mm, 40 Cal, 45 ACP, 38 special, 357, 10mm, etc.
  • ✔ NEW STRONG AND SMOOTH VELCRO: According to customer reviews of others' belly band holster velcro sticks clothes and scratches skin, or doesn't hold on after several months use. Because of this, We upgrade a new strong velcro with comfortable and smooth touching.
  • ✔ UPGRADTED STURDY SNAP BUTTON AND BUCKLE LEATHER: The buckle of others' belly band holster easily falls off after a period of time, to enhance its durability, We improved them and used top quality genuine leather and sturdy snap button.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE CARRY, SAFE, QUICK & EASY GUN RELEASE: Our concealed bellyband holster is PERFECT for women and men runners, joggers, and everyday carry. Unlike clips or Velcro, our 2nd generation “Easy Snap” retention system gives you peace of mind knowing your firearm is safe, secure, and ready for quick and quiet release.
  • ✔ RIGHT OR LEFT HAND DRAW: ELVO Waistband Holster is available in right and left hand draw. Compatible with Glock 19, 23, 38, 25, 32, 26, 27, 29, 30, 39, 28, 33, 42, 43, 36, Smith and Wesson, Bodyguard, M&P Shield, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Kahr, Beretta, Springfield, Taurus PT111, Kimber, Rock Island, Bersa, Kel Tec, Walther, and more.

It provides excellent comfort while working with so many pistols that range from sub-compact to full-sized pistols. Made from high quality materials, this bad boy keeps tough and doesn't rip or fray when stretched, and it allows for quick drawing and re-holstering without snagging.

It offers great concealment, has a comfortable neoprene fabric and an extra mag pouch that can fit two magazines.  It is the best IWB concealed carry holster for EDC, and its neoprene belly bag provides comfort. It can be worn at multiple positions and includes an extra pouch for accessories.

However, it is not a great choice for large guns, one size doesn't fit all, and it is only available for right-handed folks.

IWB Holsters image 4


  • Swift drawing and re-holstering.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear without skin reaction.
  • Great EDC concealed carry holster.
  • Made from neoprene material.
  • Extra compartment pouch for additional accessories and
  • weapons that might come in handy.
  • Can be worn in multiple ways
  • Good tactical holster.


  • Only available for right-handed people.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • Not suitable for large guns.

CrossBred SuperTuck Holster

The SueprTuck is a groundbreaking holster by CrossbBreed. It is an IWB holster that is comfortable to wear. The company designed this holster to fit a wide range of gun models. The holster allows gun carriage in various options.

One of the most interesting features of this holster is its quality leather backing that comes with a pocket and is designed with Kydex materials. You can wear a CrossBred SuperTuck Holster with your shirt tucked in or not, depending on personal preference.

The holster is designed for right-handed people with a quick drawing of 3:30 to 5 o’clock and a left-hand drawing of 7 to 8:30.

Adjustable cant is made possible with this holster's SnapLok powder-coated steel belt clips. They are modular and also help with the adjustment of ride height.

With this holster, you have two leather options, clip choices and combat cut choices to choose from. These options will provide every individual with their preference and allow them to customize the holster according to their taste, as much as possible.

IWB Holsters image 5


  • It is a perfect Right-hand draw holster.
  • High-quality leather for design.
  • Perfect for a wide range of firearms.
  • Adjustable cant and ride height.
  • Lightweight.


  • They will require bigger clothes to conceal carry.
  • Reholstering might be difficult.


IWB holsters can be used by both civilians and people that find themselves in tactical situations like law enforcement officers and security personnel.