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Iwb Kydex Holster

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Buyer's Guide: Iwb Kydex Holster

Iwb Kydex Holster - Review

A common question for gun owners is, "What is an Iwb Kydex Holster?" I have seen it said so many times on many web pages. And I have also seen it written on many gun blogs. So, what is an Iwb holsters, anyway?

An Iwb kydex holsters is usually carried within the waistband of a pants, skirt, blouse, or whatever, directly above your underwear and waistline. Or just your waistline and skin, whichever you like to go commando with. It makes an excellent concealment holster, too, because it hides the pistol from casual sight very well.

An IWB Holster is really nothing more than a belt clip that goes through the metal loops on your belt. The clip rides in a retention area that lines up with the magazine well on your gun. The retention area also helps to guide the gun down the belt and into a proper position to be used for quick drawing. If you carry a regular handgun, your gun should have a conventional clip, and if not, an Iwb can help you with that, too. Most holsters (with any type of belt clip) have a lip on both the inside and outside of the belt to minimize slipping and help keep the gun in a secure and comfortable position while worn.

If you have ever seen someone with an IWB holster, then you know how much it improves their style and appearance. It is not at all obvious that these types of holsters are designed for self defense. In fact, most are not. They are often for everyday self defense, like when women with purses or other items purse or draw the weapon around so that they can sit down or fold it away. These holsters work best when you don't want to expose the firearm but you still want to be able to hold it securely.

IWB Kydex holster models vary from company to company. Some have steel barbs for added retention, which allows for the gun to ride deeper into the belt loops than conventional models do. Other models use push buttons to lock or unlock the gun from either the front or the back, and some allow for re-holstering by pulling the holster out instead of pushing in. It is important that you choose one that allows you easy access to your firearm.

The traditional leather IWB model has been around for a long time and has proven itself very durable. I have carried many over the years, including many different brands of guns, and they have all worked flawlessly. One thing that is nice about the leather models is how easy they are to put on and take off. If you are going to be walking around with your gun in the open air, you want to make sure that you can quickly access it without having to fidget with the belt. I have found the traditional leather to be fairly easy to take on and off because the velcro straps are fairly secure on the belt.

I recently purchased an Iwb Kydex Holster to use on my Desert Eagle double barrel gun. The gun is fairly large in size so I was concerned that I might not be able to comfortably carry it with an IWB Kydex holster. However, I was surprised at how well the holster fit on the firearm. The gun was able to stay in place with the tuckable belt clip attached which was very impressive. I also would have to say that I'm very happy with the overall quality of the holster overall.

Overall, I really like the Iwb Kydex Holster for both its concealment and its quick attachment and removal. If you are a right-handed shooter and have been using a conventional holster, you may need to give these a try. They work great in both scenarios.