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Iwb Revolver Holster

IWB Revolver Holster by Houston - ECO Leather Concealed...
  • Strong Metal Clip for Maximum Retention | Safe, Easy and...
  • Triple Stitched for Strength and Durability
  • Fits: Any 38 J Frames (2.5" Barrel or Less) | S&W Revolvers...

Buyer's Guide: Iwb Revolver Holster

A Look at the Iwb Revolver Holster

The IWB Revolver Holster is a unique gun holster. It can be easily concealed in plain sight, and has enough room to accommodate two handguns, a rifle, or a Cross bow. It can also hold two firearms when either simultaneously. There are certain restrictions as to the size of the handgun that can be accommodated by the holster. This is in compliance with local and state gun laws.

One of the unique features of this IWB Revolver Holster is its placement on the bottom side of the frame of the firearm. This is in compliance with most local and state gun laws. A popular variation on this model is the "mod w" models which mounts the gun on the left side of the frame (right behind the magazine). This is an important feature that will help protect your shooting hand during strenuous actions.

IWB Revolver Holster is available in two major variations. The first one is the regular IWB Revolver Holster, which is a more common holster design. The second one is the "j-frame" model. The "j-frame" is a modification of the traditional IWB Revolver Holster which adds a curved surface on each side of the handgun. These models have been designed especially for concealed carry of revolvers and other small caliber firearms.

A typical Iwb Revolver Holster has a pocket designed specifically to house the gun. The pocket can be completely hidden or can be made visible, depending on your preferences. Some models of this holster are also available with a specially designed belt loop, which allows you to easily place your concealed carry weapon on the waistband of the holster without needing additional straps. You can also use the belt loop holster if you choose to place the gun in your front or back waist area, as the gun will now sit inside a properly contoured belt loop.

Some people prefer to buy an IWB Revolver Holster which is a low profile, universal fit holster for concealment. These types of holsters are typically available only in select colors. In general, these low profile holsters are either made of leather or vinyl. If you decide to purchase one of these low profile holsters, be sure that it is made from a heavy duty, durable material. Although these holsters look similar to traditional leather or vinyl holsters, they will not be comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

The standard IWB Revolver Holster model is the "B" model, which accommodates both standard, low profile revolvers and the "Maverick" models of revolvers. The "Maverick" models feature a larger grip than the "B" models, but both models feature an internal recoil buffer. Because of its larger size, an "Maverick" model can accommodate heavier handguns than a "B" model can. Most "Maverick" models also feature a leather or vinyl outer frame and a snap or a "click" closure on the front.

The "S" model is designed for low profile, self-contained carrying of the IWB Revolver Holster. This version will not accommodate a magazine and will not hold a gun in a way that would allow for a successful, positive firing. The "S" models are designed for use with IWB Snub revolvers and standard Remingtons. This type of IWB holster model allows the gun to be held in a way that prevents possible damage or accidental disassembly.

The Iwb Revolver Holster is a popular choice for many people who choose to carry a small handgun. It is a convenient and easy way to protect the gun from accidental discharge and provides a solution to the problems inherent to using conventional holsters. The Iwb model of this holster provides more flexibility than a typical holster while still maintaining a high level of safety.