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Kahles Scopes


Buyer's Guide: Kahles Scopes

Kahles Scopes

Kahles Scopes offers a huge selection of scopes to fit your needs. From pistol scopes to rifle scopes, there are many models to choose from in this quality scope company. The brand also offers high quality binoculars and goggles as well. If you have questions about any of their products or ordering online, there is always a live customer service call or email option. They are located throughout the United States and can be reached by email or phone.

The Kahles lineup of rifle scopes each has its own unique qualities and features that cater to its different target shooting needs. With an overall price of $1500 to $2500, according to the scope model, Kahles scopes aren't necessarily on the low end of the price range. That said, there are plenty of features to be found with these scopes that make it stand out amongst the competition of other optics manufacturers.

One of the most popular models that is offered by Kahles is the CrossPoint scopes. These are designed to work well with Remingtons and Trijicon Minox scopes. The crosshairs allow for fine adjustments over the optic and are relatively easy to use for long range shots. Because of their relatively low cost, the CrossPoint line of optics makes it accessible to just about everyone.

Another brand of rifle scopes that is available from Kahles is the Hunter Scopes. These are manufactured by Kahles in the United States and feature a lightweight construction. Some models feature a laser zeroing system and high magnification for greater distances. The materials used to construct them are also of a light weight so they are quite compact and easily stored. This is great news for people who want to carry their rifle scopes on their belt but do not want to have to take it along on a long hike or hunting trip.

One of the most popular types of scopes currently being produced by Kahles is the Red Dot Sight. There are many different uses for the Red Dot Sight, and every one of them has their own place in the world of target shooters. For short distance shots, the red dot is the perfect solution. For long range shots that need to see far away, a high magnification scope with a larger red dot will be needed. Either way, these sights can help you see your target more clearly.

Another type of scope produced by Kahles is the SFP scope. The SFP is short for super fine focus lens. The term "SFP" is a bit of a misnomer, however, since the lens is actually smaller than the optical glass used in normal rifle scopes. The SFP has a very high degree of magnification, and is capable of extremely high precision. It is not capable of low magnification like a normal scope, however. In fact, many times these types of scopes can only be used in extremely powerful weapons like the M-16.

For hunters looking for fast targets that can be quickly located, the crossbolt rifle scopes by Kahles are a great option. The crossbolt design of these scopes makes it easier to place the scope on your gun, and is much less likely to make contact with your face, unlike normal non-crossbolts. This is especially important when you are hunting semi-shoot style, where accuracy is more important than power. This is also great for hunters with a cross bow, because the SFP is less likely to flip up in a fight.

One last aspect of this optics manufacturer's product line that might interest you is their accessory line. There are quite a few different accessories that can be added to just about any of their scopes, and their most popular choices include red dot sights, mounts and cams. A red dot sight is used for general purposes, often focusing on one small target at a time. These sights are great for hunters that may be more interested in shooting from a far distance than close up. Mounts can be used to elevate your weapon to a different level for a more accurate shot, and they can also be used to hold the red dot in place while you are taking a shot. Cams are similar to those used by camo hunters, who use a small cam mounted on their weapon to record movement, so you have constant footage of your game from all angles.