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Kahr Holsters

Galco Stow-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster for KAHR K40, K9...
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Choosing the Best Kahr Holsters for Your Pistol

If you are searching for a holster, Kahr Holsters may be one of the best you can find. A Kahr Holster is a great choice for both the concealed carry of a pistol and the open carry of a rifle. It can be used in many different situations and by many different people. There is no reason to settle for the generic paddle style or the everyday nylon cantilever.

Kahr holsters are designed to not just hold a handgun but to work with other devices like a vest or a belt. The way a kahr holster works is that it draws your gun out of your pants or shirt but it also conceals it behind a special tab or flap that is designed to not allow easy access to your gun. This can be extremely important when wearing a coat or jacket since open holders can easily get caught on things.

A great example of this type of holster would be the Kahr Discreet Carry Series. These kydex holsters have a small flap that is either secured with a snap or Velcro. It is designed to easily and quickly change from open to closed. There is an option to fit any belt with these kydex holsters. This allows for both open and close carrying.

Another example of a great concealed carrier would be the Kahrardless Concealed Carry Iwb. This is a belt holster that is designed specifically to work with an IWB (in the front waistband area) iwb camera, Mp3 player or any other small compact device. It can easily and quickly change from open to closed while still remaining hidden. This is an excellent choice for many situations including a hike or a long range trip. If you choose to purchase this style of holster it would be wise to measure your waist and decide if you can easily place this holster under your clothing. Otherwise you might want to look into the open top version.

The next type of concealed carrier would be the Kahr Adjustable Retention holster. This is a very popular model because it offers both a slim profile concealed carrying as well as a rigid profile rigid carrying. This model works with an optional iwb accessory called the Soft Box. This attachment fits inside the soft box and then can be used as a belt holster. This is another excellent choice for a wide variety of situations.

If you are considering one of these models, it would be wise to also consider an iwb holster upgrade. You can add an iwb grip to your current belt holster and replace the traditional belt loops with them. This upgrade gives the user more versatility when carrying their pistol. The most popular of these upgrades is the laser engravable grip which can be ordered through your dealer.

A final option available for the Kahr pistol holsters would be the full circlet kahr. This is designed for fast and steady drawing of the gun. It is designed in the same manner as traditional full circlet concealment iwb holsters. It features both an open top and a rigid top with an attached cantilever. This makes it nearly impossible to lose your gun.

Choosing the best holster for your handgun should be a decision that you will be able to live with. After all, your gun is an important part of your identity. You need to protect it from not only the elements, but from the ones you care about. For the best Kahr holsters, you may want to check out the adjustable retention versions which offer a slim profile, easy setup, and an easy draw. Once you have found the right one, you'll be ready to put your personal style to work by carrying around your favorite concealed weapon.