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Kalinka Optics

Kalinka Optics PK-A Military Fast Acquisition Red Dot Rifle...
  • It is great for picking up fast moving targets.
  • Designed to stand up to the toughest battlefield conditions,...
  • It has a super-wide 40 degree field of view that lets you...
  • It has a special 5 setting, discreet built-in variable...

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Choosing Between the Two Sides of Kalinka Optics

Kalinka Optics is a relatively new MLM company that is very popular in the United States. They are owned by Rich Landau, who has been involved with Network Marketing for close to 30 years. This is quite a long period for someone who is already established in the business! This is why I feel very comfortable about recommending Kalinka Optics to anyone interested in Network Marketing.

Kalinka Optics has a unique twist on the Network Marketing concept, using optics in their sales presentations. How is this Company different from other MLM Companies? Kalinka Optics offers a professional and technologically advanced MLM Technology. They've gone above the average MLM Model; they've developed a full MLM Software Technology that caters to various MLM companies' diverse needs.

What kind of technology does Kalinka use? They've got a proprietary lens mount system which is composed of four main components. The first of which is the Russian ak rod which is a Russian telescope. This lens mount system can be adjusted and tilted by hand, allowing the distributor to point their products at their customers without using the computer or other technological devices that are often needed.

The next component is the scope which is called the Russian red dot sight. It has a unique combination of objective, tube, and magnifier/scopes. This allows for a very high level of precision while still keeping an extremely compact design. The scope tube is just a little larger than the scope itself. The Magnifiers/Scopes themselves are both fully illuminated and have high magnification.

The final component is the post scopes. These scopes were designed to work with Kalinka's RHS series of optics. RHS stands for ring shape scope, and the scopes were created in this shape to maximize the level of light transmission from the optic to the target.

In addition to the RHS series of optics, Kalinka also offers a new product called the ak47 magnifier optic. This scope utilizes the same technology as the ak47 but is mounted on a different type of housing. This is distinct because it comes in an RHS case that houses two ak47's instead of just one. This way, you can change the scope type if you require it and use the two different sizes of scopes simultaneously without any significant risk or damage.

A final product that Kalinka Optics has is the svd scope. The DVD is a smaller version of the ak47 magnifier optic and was designed to fit the AK family of scopes. The svd is just 6 inches long, so it is not bad to use one for low-level hunting or close-range shots. However, if you are going for an extended scope, it may be better to buy the full-sized svd instead of trying to squeeze it in the ak47.

The reason these optics are so popular is because of their unique look. They are streamlined like the ak 47 but have a bit of a different feel due to the svd housing. Being a Kalinka product, they come in several different colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. If you enjoy having a lot of other options when it comes to your rifle scope, then this is a option you will want to consider.

Kalinka Optics also has two other options besides the and scope. They have the koprul and radenkoprul models. The koprul is a slightly more expensive model than the Radenkoprul, but it offers a higher level of quality. These scopes are compatible with the AK side mount and the M1 scopes. These scopes are compatible with all of Kalinka's other optics, as well.

The last option is the very optic. This optic was created to use technology that uses the wave of light rather than a lens. This is an excellent choice for hunters that prefer to have a little more distance between the rifle and the prey but still require a high level of clarity.

As you can see, there are a lot of options from which you can choose. If you are looking to purchase a scope, then you should consider Kalinka Optics. Not only do they have scopes that will fit any pocketbook, but they also provide great customer service and installation. This is important when you are purchasing an enormous scope like the one supplied by Kalinka Optics. When it comes to hunting equipment, you get what you pay for. If you want to save money, you should consider this before purchasing any equipment.