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Kolpin Gun Racks

ON SALE!Bestseller No. 1
Kolpin UTV Gun Rack - 20073,Black
  • Vertical in-cab gun rack mounts to UTV Floor
  • Constructed of heavy-duty over-molded rubber to securely...
  • Standard mount fits flat UTV floors. Gun Rack Mount adapter...
  • Adjustable height from 27-1/2" to 35-1/2"; fully adjustable,...
Bestseller No. 2
Kolpin UTV Overhead in-CAB Gun & Bow Rack (20079)
  • In-cab overhead rack secures and protects (2) guns or (1)...
  • Adjustable firearm grips can be positioned to optimize...
  • Rubber strap provides quick, adjustable and silent access to...
  • Scratch-resistant foam-lined grips with rubber straps...
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 3
Kolpin Gun Boot Iv Loop Bracket - 20032, Black
  • all-metal constructed loop bracket provides a secure and...
  • Loop Bracket can be adjusted to multiple angle positions...
  • Compact design of this bracket provides for universal...
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
Bestseller No. 4
Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier - 20078
  • Adjustable length 20-1/2 inch - 28-1/2 inch to fit many UTV...
  • Rubber coated ends protect the frame from scratching
  • Foam padding protects your firearms and provides secure fit
  • No tools required for assembly, easy on/easy off
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 5
Kolpin Rhino Grip - Single - 21500
  • Easily secure your light-weight gear to any vehicle, wall or...
  • Durable and flexible rubber grips designed to carry...
  • Mount to any tubular or square bar from 5/8"-1-1/4" in...

FAQs: Kolpin Gun Racks

What is a Kolpin?

Kolpin products are designed for you, the ATV/UTV rider, hunter, rancher, outdoorsman, and landowner. We can help you transport and protect your gear and take care of your land.

Who makes Kolpin 90cc ATV?

The Kolpin brand ATVs, which are Taiwan-made by Armstrong Industry Corporation, can be found at Gander Mountain shops across the country. Kolpin issued a recall last year on 1,000 units of the 90cc and 39 units of the 50cc.

Does Polaris own Kolpin?

Polaris Industries Inc. has announced the acquisition of Kolpin Outdoors, Inc.

Buyer's Guide: Kolpin Gun Racks

Buyers Guide: Kolpin Gun Racks

Kolpin has been a trusted brand since 1943. It is known for its innovation, quality, and reliability. Kolpin products have been trusted by all-terrain adventurers for more than 65 years because of their commitment to quality.

Are you a gun enthusiast who is looking to expand your collection with some Kolpin Gun Racks? If yes, then this article would provide you the necessary information required to make your decision.

Consider These Factors Before Buying Kolpin Gun Racks

The advantages of Kolpin Gun Racks are many. To begin with, they have a high-quality finish and aesthetic appeal. Secondly, this kind of rack allows for a flexible storage capacity. Finally, since it has been manufactured in various sizes and styles, one can find the perfect rack to suit their particular requirements and tastes.

Kolpin has both ATV and UTV gunracks. These gun racks are made with durable, flexible grips which provide protection and cushioning while allowing for a customized fit. Rotation of 360 degrees is possible with the thumb-screw-actuated grip stabilizer. Vertical Gun Rack attaches to the truck's cab or cargo bed. It can safely transport shotguns and rifles.

One may ask; what are the advantages of purchasing Kolpin gun racks? The answer to this question is flexibility and increased storage space for one's firearms. Because this manufacturer designs racks for both rifles and handguns, it comes as no surprise that these racks are also designed to accommodate two guns. With one of these racks, you have a secure place to display your two handguns which are in addition to keeping your other rifles safe. These racks come equipped with several messages tractor wheels with which the owner can rotate the guns to a convenient and advantageous position.

The reason that most people prefer to use this particular rack system is because of its versatility. Since it is designed to house two guns, it can be designed accordingly. There are gun racks designed to store long guns, medium-sized guns as well as handguns. Some models are made to house pistols as well. This is a great advantage for those people who often purchase a large number of firearms.

There is also a convenience factor associated with utilizing this kind of rack. It is very easy to expand the headroom available since it has several messages tractor wheels. This enables you to increase the size of the opening that will allow you to house more guns. You do not even need to purchase a larger unit since it is very flexible, as mentioned above. Some models have been known to expand up to six guns. However, if you wish to expand this capacity, it will require some additional investments. This is an excellent example of how a Kolpin gun rack proves to be beneficial.

Most models are designed to house two handguns. Some models, however, have been known to house a crossbow. It is best to inquire from a dealer before making a purchase. These racks are known to have a fixed mount of four gun rack cubes. This enables the consumer to mount their handguns on top of the cubes.

Consumers can also expand their units by purchasing expansion poles. These poles enable you to place your crossbows and/or pistols on top of the slots. The best thing about these units is that they are very compact. They also tend to be very lightweight. Consumers who purchase these tend to purchase two guns, one for each side of the back panel. This will enable them to have more space available in their vehicles.

Final Thoughts

Kolpin products are well-engineered and tailored to provide a new level of performance. Their products are a step above industry standards as they use 3D Computer Aided Drafting and design software.

These are some of the advantages that consumers like regarding Kolpin Gun Racks. These units tend to be extremely affordable. Consumers will not have to worry about overstocking ammunition, nor will they have to worry about the cost of transporting their equipment. These racks tend to come with a guarantee.