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Kydex Concealed Holsters

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Buyer's Guide: Kydex Concealed Holsters

5 Popular Types of Kydex Concealed Holsters

Kydex Concealed Holsters are one of the most popular forms of gun holsters on the market today. Kydex is a material that has been used for years in creating all kinds of high quality gun holsters and protective accessories. The company itself started manufacturing the original leather kind back in the 1930's, and the demand for more advanced materials to protect our guns increased dramatically. In order to meet this growing demand Kydex quickly began producing concealed carrying cases and other types of accessories to help protect your gun. In the modern age we need various types of accessories to help us carry our guns with out intruding on someone else's personal space.

There are several different types of Kydex Concealed Holsters to choose from depending upon what you are trying to conceal. The six designs available in this product category are traditional paddle holsters, magazine release device attached to a belt, paddle handheld device, cantilever style belt attachment, and pistol belt mounted accessory. With this information it should be easier to see which type is right for you depending upon your needs. Let's take a closer look at each of these six options.

Traditional Paddle Holsters: Most people who purchase a new firearm want to be able to easily carry it for many years to come, so they select a traditional paddle holster that features a comfortable design and comfortable belt straps. Some of these models have an option for a thumb break, which allows the user to pull back on the paddle and remove the handgun without touching the trigger. If you are just buying a single handgun and not adding additional guns to your collection this may be all you need. Kydex Concealed Holsters typically feature other belt options such as a buckle, or cradles to accommodate other larger handguns as well.

Magazine Release Device: When selecting a new firearm one of the most important things is selecting one that will work with an existing magazine. Many models available on the market use magazines with detachable clips, however, if you don't have one of these you will need to purchase an individual magazine that can be attached to your belt. Kydex gun holsters that feature the magazine release are very convenient. These types of holsters usually feature a rubberized cuff that slips over the gun and over the magazine, then snaps closure on both sides. Most models allow for a two-way movement of the paddle, allowing you to flip it open and close.

Cantilever Style Belt Slide: Also popular among newer shooters is the open top paddle holster. This type of holster is used with open bottom Uncle Mikes kydex conceal holsters. This type of belt slide features a spring clip that is released by a thumb break that rides on a belt through the material covering the gun's finish.

Open Top Cantilever Holsters: Made especially for older firearms, this style is also popular among younger shooters. Older models have a traditional clip that is released by a typical cord. However, all models available for a wide range of handguns feature an open top paddle holster. These are not only great for concealment, but can also be worn with traditional belt clips to save additional weight. Many models available for a wide range of handguns feature a cantilever, which allows for a high stress level when carrying.

Traditional Leather Holsters: With all of the different materials available for a wide range of handgun owners, it is no surprise that so many options are available for a wide range of concealed carry needs. One option available for a large range of handgun owners is a traditional leather holster. Although most traditional leather holsters require dry cleaning and oiling every couple of years, the tight fit required to conceal a handgun can make a traditional leather holster a low maintenance solution that is highly effective in limiting the likelihood of gun slip and fall. However, leather holsters may not always be practical for every type of handgun.

Weak Side Pocket: Often referred to as a weak side or flap, these holsters offer the user the opportunity to carry a handgun in a slightly more secure position. While a strong side holster will keep the handgun close to the user, it will leave the user exposed at the top of the belt. Kydex however, offers the user a strong side that wraps around the outside of the belt. In addition to providing a strong, stable hold, a strong side pocket can allow the user to place the gun in a more concealable position, whether they want to conceal the weapon while wearing a shirt, tie a belt, or even work with a waistcoat over the holster. While most guns can be placed into a pocket, some models may require that the user remove the magazine from the gun to access the gun's features.