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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 25, 2021
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Our Top Picks for Large Gun Safes

Reviews of the Best Large Gun Safes from Our Research

Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault

The Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault is one of the best of its kind that you can find. It has several quality characteristics to make your life and work easy.

This safe comes with a pair of double-door design that also serves as its locking mechanism. You do not have to buy another lock for this vault even if you are traveling with your firearms.

The design also protects the locking mechanisms from mechanical damage.

The Rapid Safe Ready Vault is made with top-of-the-line steel construction. In fact, the door is designed to be 1″ inch thick and also features anti-pry tabs that protect your vault from being tampered with.

When it comes to gun safety, this vault is top-notch.


  • This gun safe comes in a compact size, this means that you don't have to worry about luggage space when taking it along for the trip or storing it at home.
  • The Rapid Safe Ready Vault comes with a door panel that gives you instant access to your firearms (hence the name 'Ready Vault').
  • It also has an interior lighting system which helps make things easier for you when it's dark.
  • Pry-resistance which protects it from tampering
  • The Rapid Safe Ready Vault also includes a dehumidifier for keeping out moisture as well as mold prevention.
  • The Rapid Safe Ready Vault has a magazine holder on the inside of it which is designed to hold your ammunition. It can hold up to six 30 rounds of magazines.
  • It also comes with already drilled holes that you can use to bolt it down for added security.
  • The combination of the double-door design and construction makes it one of the most secure safes you can find on the market.


  • This vault has a compact design; which makes storage and transportation easy.
  • It has pre-drilled holes for bolting.
  • This vault is very secure.
  • Fast access to your firearm


  • This vault is a bit on the expensive side.

WINCENT Large Gun Safe

The WINCENT Large Gun Safe is one of the most popular models that you can find in the market. It has all the necessary features that would make your collection safe and free from unwanted hands.

The weight of this product makes it a heavy-duty safe.

This safe is also made with quality steel to provide maximum security for your firearm as well as other valuables inside it. The WINCENT large gun safe is one of the most spacious safes you will find.

Its unique electronic lock system puts it a step above others.


  • The WINCENT large gun safe comes with a digital keypad and an electronic lock.
  • This safe is a large one; it can accommodate several different firearms and handguns.
  • It also comes equipped with already drilled holes that you can use to clamp down the vault (for added security). The drill hole is already fitted with locking bolts so you don't have to worry about it.
  • The WINCENT safe also comes with a dual lock system that protects the vault from being opened by unauthorized persons while in transit.
  • The NORAD Security System that is installed on this large gun safe makes it one of the most secure vaults you can find at the moment.
  • The door opens up in a way that allows you to access your valuables inside the vault without even turning it upside down.
  • This vault has a memory foam padded interior that prevents scratches and damages to the firearms while in storage.


  • This vault is spacious.
  • The dual lock and electronic lock system installed on this vault make it more secure.
  • The NORAD Security System installed on this vault makes it one of the safest you can find.


  • It's a bit expensive for some people.
  • The inside padding might not be enough for some people that prefer padded storage systems.
    no interior lighting.

RPNB Rifle Safe

RPNB Rifle Safe,Electronic Gun Security Cabinet,Quick Access 5-Gun Large Metal Rifle Gun Security Cabinet with Separate Pistol/Ammo Area
  • Larger and Deeper Rifle Safe : The gun safe is Larger and deeper than similar ones, fits practically anywhere for up to 5 rifles up to 49” long with or without scopes. It also has a separate Ammo Cabinet inside to store bullets, handgun, money and other valuables in your home or office. Interior Dimensions: 49.21"(H)×13.62"(W)×9.06"(D)
  • Anti-Theft Protection & Tamper Proof : Featured on safes includes 5 live-door bolts and seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body for the ultimate prevention against break-ins
  • Tough and Rugged : Expertly crafted using sturdy 16-GAUGE carbon steel construction, the RPNB handgun safe will provide long-lasting strength and use for years to come. It also features a prevents corrosion, black rocky finish for a durable, professional appearance, making it easy to incorporate into any interior space
  • Higher Level of Security : Reliable lock mechanism lock away with the electronic keypad by creating your own 3-8 digits code or lock it with the backup keys. For your security, the yellow light will light up with beeps if 3 incorrect entries are made, and the safe will time out and sleep for 20 seconds
  • If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us, we'll be glad to help you

The RPNB rifle safe is a large yet portable vault that can be used to store your firearms. It's designed to be fireproof and water-resistant so you don't have to worry about its durability.

It also takes pride in its ability to protect the contents inside it from unauthorized persons due to its strong lock mechanism. So if you're looking for a safe vault to protect your precious firearms, then this is one of the most affordable large gun safes that could be suitable for you.


  • This rifle safe comes with a strong metal exterior that provides maximum safety assurance for the storage of firearms.
  • The RPNB rifle safe also has an additional lock system that can be used for an additional guarantee.
  • It also comes with a pry-resistant door that is also fire resistant; which makes the vault shockproof and fireproof.
  • The inside of this rifle safe has a foam lining to protect your firearms while in storage.
  • This rifle safe is portable and you can use it in several different ways to secure it.


  • This vault is very durable.
  • It's pretty large and spacious for storing your firearms.
  • The inside lining provides complete safety to its contents.
  • This vault is affordable.
  • It has a compact design that makes it easier to store and transport your guns safely.
  • This vault comes with an additional locking system for more security.


  • The vault is fireproof but not totally fire resistant.
  • This vault is not waterproof as advertised.

Snapsafe in-Wall Long Gun Safe

SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe - Secure Heavy Duty Flush Mount Gun Safe with Digital Keypad - Use as a Gun Cabinet, Rifle Safe, or Home Safe for Valuables - Installs in Minutes, 44 x 16.25 x 4 Inches
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - sturdy gun cabinet made of 16-gauge steel body and a .15” steel door. Hide this in wall gun safe behind a picture or in a closet to protect your valuables from theft or break-ins. Includes 3 removable shelves for extra storage
  • HIDDEN, WALL GUN SAFES & CABINETS SPECS - home safe box EXTERIOR measures: 44 inches tall x 16.25 inches wide x 4 inches deep. The INTERIOR measures: 40.7 inches tall x 14.13 inches wide x 3.78 inches deep. WEIGHT of safe in wall is 55 lbs
  • ELECTRONIC AND KEYED ENTRY - prevent firearm accidents, theft and misuse with this durable gun safes for rifles and shotguns with a high security electronic keypad lock with key backup to keep you from getting locked out of your safe by accident
  • KEEP VALUABLES IN, PEOPLE OUT, AND YOU SAFE - create peace of mind with a Snapsafe long gun wall safe. Your very own hidden home safe with unsurpassed quality to secure guns, rifles, ammo, jewelry, cash, documents, collectibles and more
  • SECURITY WHERE YOU WANT IT - easy to hide and easy to access, anywhere you want it with the SnapSafe In Wall Safe! Install these secured wall safes between the studs within minutes with 6 lag bolts. INCLUDES: an owner’s manual, mounting kit, and 2 keys. Batteries not included

The Snapsafe long gun safe is a wall-mounted vault that can be used to store your long gun and other valuables. It is waterproof, fireproof, and has an airflow for added protection of your valuables inside it.

It also comes with several holes on the back which you can use to hold down the wall safe for added security. This is one of the best safes for storing long guns and rifles.


  • It is advisable to bolt down the safe because it doesn't provide any anchoring system that can keep it attached to a wall.
  • This safe has an easy installation process and is very versatile in terms of placement.
  • The inside is padded for added safety of your firearms.
  • It's made from fire-resistant materials and has an 8" thick door that will protect it from being tampered with.
  • The Snapsafe safe also comes with two high-quality locking bolts that can't be cut off easily.


  • This is a good-sized wall-mounted vault.
  • It's pretty durable.
  • The inside padding protects your valuables inside the vault.
  • It's pretty secure and has a sturdy locking system around the door.
  • The security functions on this vault are easy to understand as compared to other gun safes.


  • Primarily designed for just long guns, it can't fit handguns inside of it.
  • It needs to be bolted down or else it can easily be dismounted or taken off the wall.
  • It's a bit expensive for some people.
  • The inside padding might not be enough for some people that prefer padded storage systems.

IOKUKI Rifle Safe Gun Safe

Rifle Safe Gun Safe,Electronic Rifle Safe for Home,Quick Access 5-Gun Safe for Large Firearm and Shotguns,Security Gun Cabinets with Pistol Handgun Lock Box
  • 【Security Design】With all steel body and reliable digital lock system, this rifle/shotgun gun cabinet can hold 5 rifles with/without scope for quick access, and ensures secure. firearmstorage away from kids and effectively deters unauthorized access.
  • 【Heavy-duty Frame】: Made of premium steel construction and tamper-resistant inner edges, included 2 steel deadbolts to make you securely bolt it to the wall or floor.
  • 【Reliable Lock】The reliable lock system provides higher security for your valuables, virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. The electronic keypad enables you to create your own security code for fast access.
  • 【Easy Installation】 Pre-punched mounting holes in the back and at the bottom of the gun security cabinet allow for easy attachment to the floor or wall (or both) with attached bolts. So you could freely attach it at anywhere you want, for example can be hidden in a closet or behind a door for concealment purposes, and it is also a in wall rifle safe/gun safe.
  • 【Size and Package】The size is 13.8"W x 11.8"D x 57.1"H. Package includes 4 x AA batteries, 2 spare keys for gun safe,2 keys for inside safebox and 2 bolts for floor&wall mount.

The rifle safe is small to a medium-sized gun vault that can also be used for storing other things. It's designed with pre-drilled holes in the back and has an anchor system that you could use to keep the safe securely attached to any surface it's mounted on.

It's waterproof, fire-resistant, and also comes with an adjustable shelf system that can be used to secure virtually any kind of firearm.


  • The IOKUKI rifle safe features a thick exterior which makes it almost indestructible.
  • It comes with a pry-resistant door that gives you additional safety from unauthorized access to your firearms.
  • The inside of the rifle safe is padded to protect your valuables while in storage.
  • The inside shelf system can be adjusted to fit most long and short firearms and shotguns.
  • The design allows a person easy access to its contents.


  • This safe is pretty spacious for its size
  • It's lightweight and portable.
  • It comes with handles on the top that make it easier to transport around.
  • It has an adjustable interior shelf system that can accommodate larger firearms.
  • It's made from fire-resistant materials and has a waterproof system that can protect its contents while in storage.
  • The case is very durable, making it more sturdy when mounted on a wall or any other surface.
  • Good for storing long guns


  • It doesn't have any additional security features that could add an extra layer of protection to your valuables.
  • The door isn't pry-resistant as advertised.
  • It doesn't have any locking bolts or a deadbolt lock system.

Buyer's Guide for Large Gun Safes

There are so many different safes available, so finding the right one for your collection might be difficult. Large gun safes provide a better defense against theft since your firearm is better protected.

Here we have all the information you need when looking for big safes that suit your need.

Shopping for large gun safes can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look out for. If you're looking for a large gun safe, you should pay attention to the factors we have listed below:


You should think about how easily accessible you will be able to get your firearms inside it. It would be a terrible waste to buy a gun safe that makes it difficult for you to access your firearms quickly in emergencies.

Having a safe that grants you easy access to your firearms is one of the most important factors to consider.

Ease of Use and Installation

This is the most important factor to consider if you intend to install the gun safe by yourself. Although some large gun safes require professional help to install, you should consider the cost of this as well.

Some safes come with mounting hardware and instructions on how to use them, making it easier for you to mount.

Lock Mechanism

Different safes all come with various types of lock mechanisms, which you should research before buying. Some Large gun safes make use of biometric scanners, while others are more old school and have a regular lock and key to open it.

Some others also use an electronic keypad to lock.


Your budget is the main determinant of what product you can buy. There are affordable quality products and also high-end luxury products, depending on what your budget is.

Fire Protection

It is safer to get a firearm safe that is fireproof and/or fire-resistant in case of accidents. Fire accidents are usually unprecedented, hence it does well to be prepared for them.

Weight and Size

The dimensions of your safe are important as it is easier to move lightweight products. You should also take the available space you have into consideration before buying a safe because some of them are quite large and can contain a larger gun.

The exterior dimensions are also as important as the interior.


If you have a large collection of large guns and firearms, you might want to consider how much space and storage capacity the inside of a safe has before buying. Your safe should comfortably contain long guns as well as other smaller guns. The more space your safe has, the more guns it can contain.


Having a tamper-proof and anti-theft gun safe will ensure that you can sleep with both eyes closed. If you have kids or guests, you do not want them having unsupervised access to your gun safe. Your safe should hide your guns perfectly from plain sight.

Exterior Material

When buying a large gun safe, always keep in mind that steel is the most durable material used in making safes for guns. Some of these safes have an aluminum finish, which is more lightweight but less durable.

Frequently Asked Questions for Large Gun Safes

Are all Large gun safes the same?

No, not at all. They vary when it comes to design, interior space, and material used.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a large gun safe?

There are so many factors to consider and you can check them out in our buyers' section above

Is it necessary to buy biometric safes?

Not all use biometric technology. However, it is good to have one that uses this feature because they are more convenient and easier to use than traditional locking mechanisms.

What does the warranty cover when purchasing a gun safe?

Most warranties don't cover fire or burglary protection, which means you should get a product that has these features. It is always best to choose a product that either has fire protection features or has a warranty that covers fire protection.

What kind of accessories does a large gun safe need?

You should consider getting a carpeted floor if you have kids or pets so that it protects the inside from scratches and dents. If you intend to move your safe very often, you may want to consider one that is lightweight because they are easier to transport.

What safety features should I pay attention to when choosing a large gun safe?

Always check for the thickness of the steel, the fire protection, and the anti-tampering features of a safe before spending your hard-earned money on an inferior product.

How can you tell the quality of a large gun safe?

The thickness and material of the steel used in making the body should give you an indication of how durable it is.

What is a fireproof gun safe?

Most Large gun safes are fire-resistant, but some are fireproof. Gun safes with fire protection are mostly fire resistant and have a high fire rating.

Will a large gun safe provide sufficient protection from fire and water?

Most large gun safes have materials that will protect them from water and some also make use of internal waterproofing to further protect their precious contents from water damage.

Is it possible to customize a gun safe?

It depends on what you mean by customizing, but most manufacturers do offer this service to meet client needs.

How do I measure my large gun safe?

The measurements for a large gun safe are length, width, and depth. You should not only consider the outside dimensions but also check what is the interior space available for storage; if you intend to store long rifles then make sure your safe is deep enough.

What are the pros and cons of buying large gun safes?

A large gun safe will offer protection against fire and burglary, but they are more expensive than ordinary gun safes.

How can you maintain a gun safe?

To ensure that your firearms safe is in good working condition, always check the bolts and hinges for any damage. Make sure the doors are closing properly without being forced. To clean your firearms safe, wipe them down with soap and water or use an approved cleaner if necessary.

How do I know if a large gun safe is the right size for my needs?

Measure your guns before purchasing a safe so you get a realistic idea of how much space you will need.

How do I measure the interior of a large gun safe?

There are internal measurement markings inside the door panel that you can use to determine how much space is available.

What size should my large gun safe have?

The size of your large gun safe will depend on what you intend to store inside it, but unless you intend to store large weapons like machine guns or rifles, you probably won't need more than 1 cubic foot per gun.

What size is a large gun safe?

This will depend on the manufacturer of the safe and their specifications for each model, but typical sizes range from 25 inches up to 72 inches in length.

How durable are large gun safes?

Check the materials used in making the safe's body to get an idea of its durability. Most of them are built with solid steel and some even make use of several layers for added protection against fire and burglary.

Final Thoughts

Wherever you are in your journey to find the right large gun safe, we hope that we have provided some valuable information.

You should have a better idea of the best gun safes for your needs and lifestyle now, and the important things to look out for like combination locks.

If you still don’t know which one is for you, our top picks will help point you in the right direction!