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Leather Shoulder Holster Revolver

Barsony New Horizontal Tan Leather Shoulder Holster for 4-5"...
  • Barsony New Horizontal Tan Leather Shoulder Holster is...
  • This traditional, horizontal shoulder holster has a wide...
  • The holster has an adjustable snap retention strap. The...

Buyer's Guide: Leather Shoulder Holster Revolver

Leather Shoulder Holster For Your Ruger Stormweaver

Leather Shoulder Holster Revolver is one of the most famous type of leather holsters. It's designed for both women and men who like to be brave in carrying their weapon on their person. In fact, it has become the favorite of most Hollywood stars and personalities. This gun is one of the most important parts of one's identity. One should never leave home without it.

This is a great-looking leather holster that can easily attract many buyers since it comes in various styles, designs, and shapes. Most of these models are made from the high quality leather. The latest model introduced by Smith and Wesson is a model known as vintage holster leather. This is the latest type of Smith and Wesson frame decree Revolver available in the market today.

This particular model is one of the best options when it comes to safety. It can be used for protection against lawmen while traveling to and from work or even during a personal stop. The only thing that a buyer needs to do is to attach this holster onto the belt of their choice. Then they can be confident that this model can ensure their safety at all times.

This leather model from Smith and Wesson is a new barsony saddle tan horizontal leather gun holster. It features a comfortable and sturdy design that can assure the buyers of their safety whenever they are on the go. This holster can easily attach onto the belt of the user or it can be kept in a pocket if wanted.

This is the latest model introduced by Smith and Wesson for their cylinder Revolver. This is the safest model due to its unique and advanced pistol grip design. This model features a comfortable and sturdy grip which can prevent them from slipping down while being used. This leather holster is designed with two new bars of leather that runs along the entire length of the frame of the Revolver.

Another added feature of the revolvers in Smith & Wesson is the new brown leather holster that features the metal frame that is not visible when the gun is in the holster. The only visible portion of the frame is the trigger guard. This new brown leather holster does not have the traditional side straps that some other models from Smith and Wesson may have. A nylon strap is used instead to make it more secure on the waist.

The Ruger Revolver also has its own new leather holster that is designed to be used in a bi-directional style. It has the ability to open in two directions, but it has a tab that closes in the middle when the gun is not used in an open position. When the leather is compressed between the two straps of the Ruger Revolver, it makes for an extremely strong force against which the gun can be holstered. The leather wrapping around the outside of the Ruger's cylinder is covered in black leather to provide extra gripping surface.

Smith & Wesson makes three models of the revolvers - the Black Lightweight, Old Gringo and the Magnum RN. For those who would like a lighter model, they make the Ruger Air Force II which is a smaller model than the other models. Even though the Ruger Air Force II is a smaller model, it still has all the same features of the other models including the adjustable toe break, slide release pin and the leather Shoulder Holster. These accessories make the Ruger Revolver one of the best self defense weapons available today!