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Leather Tactical Gloves

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5 Reasons To Invest In Leather Tactical Gloves

We wanted to share a little about the history of Leather Tactical Gloves. These gloves have been around for years. Originally they were created in Belgium. They were used by British police. Over time different versions of these gloves were created and are available for sale. The popularity of these gloves has led to an entirely new style of glove being created.

Police Tactical Gloves, With New Buttons This is an updated carousel of thumbnails and one big image. Select any of the thumbnail buttons to switch to the new main image. Be the first to post a review for this great product! We like leather tactical gloves with padded knuckles and with D-Lux padded knuckles and we also think that the Velcro padded knuckle pad adds a real nice touch to them.

Just like all good things, there is a dark side to tactical gear and with these leather tactical gloves there is a dark side. We have seen some pretty nasty scenarios where a deployed officer or soldier with a loaded weapon has placed it in his or her mouth and perhaps tried to open the zipper with his teeth. That's not too funny I know. We've also seen gloves that have come undone from the hands and fallen off the handles or from the shoulder straps. Yes, there are some issues that need to be addressed.

If you are planning on buying a pair of these gloves, there are several things you should know. One, these gloves are made from one piece of leather which means you cannot chew them. This really isn't a problem if you plan on eating them, but if you are going to carry them in your pocket, you will want to make sure they are completely covered. The best way to do this is purchase a pair of Magpul Patrol Gloves with the integrated lip pocket. It will cover the zipper up and out and will allow you to protect your purchased item at the same time.

Another important feature of these gloves is they are called "loop closure" rather than traditional snaps, zippers or buttons. A quick little review, buttons, zippers and snaps all open up in your hand. While this may sound like a great feature, we all know how quickly those things can get worn out. With the "loop closure" on the gloves, you won't ever have to worry about them coming apart.

There is one other very important feature found on the best tactical gloves and it is the palm padding. This very unique feature helps to take the heat away from the hands. Our hands are constantly burning during active shooting and hand burns can lead to permanent scarring. The great thing about the palm padding is that it is fully adjustable, which allows it to be custom fit to your size and hand.

The final feature to check out for yourself and consider as a must have is comfort. One place where comfort truly matters is when shooting. The best tactical gloves will be able to provide the ultimate comfort while shooting, and if you're a lefty, they'll be great for target practice. In fact, most people prefer shooting while wearing gloves that have the better padding because it makes the activity easier and more comfortable.

All three of these key features will lead to a comfortable and safe shooting experience. It will be a real thrill when you see how easily your hands move under stress and how relaxed you feel. Don't waste your money on cheap m-pact hand wraps that will fall apart after just a few uses, shoot for the best. Leather Tactical Gloves will give you years of use, satisfaction, and comfort.