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Left Hand Gun Holsters

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The Advantages Of Using Left Hand Gun Holsters

In many instances a person would prefer to have their firearm in the left hand rather than the right. This may seem odd but it is becoming more common. A reason for this could be the body's orientation to gravity. If you are sitting with your right hand down and your firearm in the left hand, the bullets will appear to be coming out of the right side of your body.

The fundamentals behind having your gun in the left hand is that the left side of your body is more susceptible to muscle fatigue. Also, the left hand's muscles are stronger and more flexible. You should always hold a gun in the left hand because you are less likely to accidentally fire it. Although many hunters do maintain a handgun in their right hand, the vast majority (about 95%) have guns in the left hand.

The left hand can appear weaker because of having the hand gun holsters. However, many shooters have stated that they now notice their hands beginning to cramp from holding the gun so tightly. Many people will argue that a gun holster can improve your strength by allowing more control but studies have not proven this.

The greatest benefit of using a holstered gun in the left hand is that it protects the gun from injury. It is possible to suffer bruising or even get cut if the gun slips through your fingers. The leather material typically used in holsters is thin which increases the chance of slip-ups. If your weapon slips out of your hand while you are shooting, it is possible to crush or damage the firearm. However, if you use left handed holsters, you can more easily control the weapon which makes for a safer firearm to handle.

Not only are left handed gun holsters for pistols safer, they are also often more comfortable to hold. Most shooters favor a gun holster over a traditional firearm because it allows them to have better control and more comfort while they are handling the gun. When shooting a pistol, the finger often gets irritated from the constant rubbing against the grip of the gun. This causes bad habits such as holding the gun too tightly which can cause undesirable vibration and movement. It is much more comfortable to have a holster than it is to constantly be grinding the finger against the grip of the gun.

Some left handed people prefer to wear gun holsters on their right hand when they are more comfortable using the left hand. This is because they can still use the comfort grip provided by the holster to control the gun. When shooting, the left hand's natural position can cause wrist strain and arm fatigue. Having a gun holster on the right hand can alleviate some of these problems.

Left hand gun holsters usually come with the option of having a gun belt pouch, which is a belt like strip or buckle that can easily and quickly attach to a belt. Many holsters feature a paddle or other type of attachment to fasten a variety of handguns. A good gun holster will allow for the placement of a number of handguns and quickly change which one is most comfortable to hold at a given time. There are also belt holster styles that feature draw strings or lanyards that can easily be pulled through the belt loops on most guns. This enables the user to quickly draw the gun when they need to fire it without taking their hands off of the gun.

Left hand gun holsters are available in a number of different sizes and models. For users who prefer them, there are even models available that feature left handed pistol grips. They can also come in a number of different styles, including those that look like a traditional belt holster and those that look like they are simply part of the belt. Left hand gun holsters are perfect for any avid shooter.