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Leupold Scope Mounts

Bestseller No. 1
Leupold PRW Weaver-Style Cross-Slot Scope Rings Matte, 1"...
  • Model #174081 - PRW Weaver-Style Cross-Slot Rings 1" Medium...
  • Compatable with Leupold QRW bases or any other...
  • Includes all mounting screws
  • Steel construction
Bestseller No. 2
Leupold Mark 4 Medium 30mm Scope Rings, Matte Finish...
  • CNC machined steel
  • Medium height, 0. 84" (21. 3mm)
  • Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail compatible
  • Designed to fit riflescopes with a 30mm main tube
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 3
Leupold Standard Two-Piece Scope Base Matte, Remington 700
  • Forged and machined steel construction
  • Versatile, available for many different guns
  • Offers maximum accessibility to the breech area of your gun
  • Fits right- and left-hand actions, and reversible base is...
Bestseller No. 4
Leupold BackCountry Two-Piece Scope Mount
  • Model #171102 - BackCountry Riflescope Mount Tikka T-3/T3x...
  • One-piece design makes installation straightforward and...
  • Machined from a single piece of lightweight, 7075-T6...
  • Includes all mounting screws
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 5
Leupold Backcountry Cross-Slot Scope Base, for Remigton ,...
  • Model #171333 - BackCountry Cross-Slot Base Remington 700 SA...
  • Fits both Picatinny and Weaver-style rings
  • Machined from lightweight, 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Available with zero elevation or 20-MOA for long-range...

Buyer's Guide: Leupold Scope Mounts

Leupold Scope Bases Explained

Are you in the market for Leupold scopes? If you are, then you need to know some important information about this brand of scopes before you make your purchase. Unlike other brands that shoot lower power than their competition, Leupold scopes are among the most durable and reliable when it comes to hunting. For this reason, Leupold scopes are the brand of choice by hunters all over the world.

What's so great about Leupold scopes? These are highly durable rifle scopes with a range of effective features and capabilities. An expensive rifle scope can easily be destroyed if not properly secured. This is where Leupold gets it right. They craft every single scope mount they sell using the same high-quality standards as their other products.

The basic mechanism on which the Leupold Scope Mounts are mounted is made up of two pieces. The first piece is the front plate, and the second piece is the back plate. The two pieces fit firmly on the rifle, but are designed to move when the user moves the rifle. The two-piece design ensures that the Leupold base and scope components are not rubbing or damaging each other.

Leupold also designs a time-consuming ring-and-bolt join date system that uses two laser beam cutting dies. The two laser cuts are set in constant phase by a computer controlled machine and are then inserted into a specially-designed Leupold insert. This leaves a totally-forged ring in place forever, protecting the insert from loosening over time. Because Leupold's designers paid so much attention to the quality of the Leupold product, this join date system is one of the most important elements in the durability of all Leupold scopes and baseplates.

Leupold Scope Mounts are available in two distinct designs: the flat-mount and the tip-off mount. If you're a beginning archer, or just want more stability for your long-range shooting, the flat-mount is the best option for you. It offers an increased carrying comfort because it's designed to sit flush against your vehicle's chassis.

There are two types of Leupold rifle mounts: flat mounts and tip-off mounts. Flat mounts have pre-drilled grooves cut into the flat rings. These grooves make it extremely easy to install the rings without the need for tools. However, the built quality of these mounts is not as strong as that of a tip-off mount, which makes them much less durable. Still, these models cost less than a half of a flat-mounted model, and you'll be able to spend less money on the rifle itself.

Leupold Scope Mounts offer the least amount of adjustments of any scope mount manufacturer. They are not difficult to adjust, but there are only a few settings that can make a real difference in your accuracy. These three settings, called a low, high, and neutral setting, allow you to adjust the magnification and eye relief of the Leupold rifle mount to better suit your needs. The drawbacks to these type of Leupold Scope Mounts are that they tend to be on the heavy side, and they can't be adjusted to infinity.

The Leupold bases come in a variety of different types. You can get a low profile base, or a high-profile base. Both are effective at reducing recoil, and both work well for different types of shooting. If your shooting needs tend to be more varied, a base with an adjustable tip will allow you to adjust it to get better results without having to change sights. Either way, Leupold Scope Mounts are designed to give you the most flexibility while providing you with the most reliable support.