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The Best Locking Holster

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Rank 1
Jotto Gear Quick Access, Rugged Steel, Locking Handgun...
  • Locking security plus quick, simple access; unlike a vault
  • Easy to install with multiple mounting options for vehicle,...
  • Deters thieves and keeps children safe
  • Design keeps gun clean and free from dirt, nicks and...
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Rank 2
Safariland 6378RDS Automated Locking System Duty Holster,...
  • 6378RDS-2832-701 Fits: GLOCK 19/23 Surefire X300U w/RDS
  • For Use With Red Dot Optic Equiped Weapons
  • ALS (Automated Locking System), Paddle and Belt Loop Combo,...
  • Protective RDS Cover automatically rotates away when drawing...
  • Made in the USA
Rank 3
Safariland 7376RDS ALS (Automatic Locking System) Duty...
  • 7376RDS-68325-411 Fits: GLK34 GEN1-5 Surefire X300U w/RDS
  • For Use With Red Dot Optic Equiped Weapons
  • ALS (Automatic Locking System), Belt Slide, Fits 2" Belt...
  • Protective RDS Cover automatically rotates away when drawing...
  • Made in the USA
Rank 4
ECOTRIC Tactical Holster Low Carry Automatic Locking System...
  • Compatible with Glock 19/23.
  • Automatic Locking secures weapon once holstered. Simple...
  • Discreetly carry your weapon throughout the day with this...
  • Precision and quality assured. Each holster is crafted from...
  • Open-top design and the Automatic Locking System to secure...
Rank 5
fobus holster fits hk vp9 and sfp9 active retention locking...
  • Gun Fit H&K VP9
  • Holster Mechanism Trigger Guard Locking System
  • Matching Pouches 6909ND CU9G 6900-SF
  • Lightweight and extremely rugged

Buyer's Guide

How to Choose the Best Locking Holster

If you want to ensure the security of your handgun at all times, then you need to think about purchasing an auto-locking holster. You no longer need to worry about whether or not your concealed carry weapon is safe because it's all completely locked in place. If you ever forget to lock it, then it can be extremely easy for you to lose your gun as you walk through the door of a restaurant or other public location. With an auto locking holster, this never happens.

The second part in this invention relates to the manner in which this type of holster works. Basically, when you're concerned about how secure your hidden carry holster actually is, then you ought to consider purchasing an auto locking holster for yourself. It will reassure you and have complete peace of mind knowing your handgun is securely secure at your side as it is locked in place permanently.

The third component relates to the design of the holsters. In order to have a completely secure system, it should be made up of a number of strong points or ribs which have been welded together. In the event that one of these ribs suffers, then this weakness could be translated into a big problem. For instance, if a weak point is exposed, then this weak point could definitely be a weak link which could easily allow an intruder to enter. This issue is solved by using a number of strong points connected to each other.

The fourth component deals with the way how the handgun holster attaches to the user. There are two types of holsters in this invention; namely, either a belt clip or a strap. Both of these types have their own unique set of advantages. Belt clips, for example, offer users convenience in that it's easy to just put the holster on the belt instead of searching for an additional holster pouch.

Also, the installation process of the holsters is very simple. There is only a method which requires you to open the bottom portion of the apparatus and insert the key which corresponds to the particular model into a keyhole slot wherein you can feed the concealed handgun. After that, you just need to close the top portion and your gun is now ready to be handled.

The fifth and final component relates to the way how the device is designed. In the case of a belt clip, the interior part is made from cotton, leather or any similar materials so that you can simply attach the device to the belt thus allowing it to move up and down when you put it on. This means that you don't have to spend time adjusting the holster so you can get the best possible angles. Also, the stop means that you will be able to take the handgun out of the holster without having to exert effort.

Finally, the sixth component is the hood blocking means. As the name suggests, the hood blocking means that the entire assembly is designed to be attached to the front end of the firearm. It is a vital component because it can impede all unwanted movements of the bullet. However, this is often considered as an unfavorable design because it presents a weak point that will always require at least one additional locking element.

The invention presented in the present invention does not introduce any weakness in prior art that would make one reluctant to use the handgun holsters. On the contrary, the inventor has done his utmost to compensate for weaknesses in prior art that were found by examination of photographs. Thus, the inventors have succeeded in their goal of satisfying the prior art. In summary, we believe that the inventor has sufficiently presented the need for a pistol holster that will prevent all possible sources of discomfort associated with the use of traditional handguns.