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M3 Holster

Safariland 6004 Tactical Holster Glock 17, 22, 31, with M3,...
  • SLS (Self Locking System) allows for a smoother single...
  • Suede Lined to Protect Handgun Finish
  • Standard double strap leg shroud with mounting holes for...

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The M3 Holster Can Be Used Like the Original

The M3 Holster is a new made item of high quality leather, like originals, used with the 1911a1 automatic colt pistol. Makers are able to obtain special editions of old world leathers like the Genuine Italian Mastiff and we have the real Italian Black Canary which comes from the oldest tanning centers of Tuscany. Our new M3 holster is made in heavy leather in the classic Genuine Italian colors like blacks, browns, tans, creams, grays. These new M series holsters are very comfortable and easy to wear. These are perfect for any ladies with long or short legs.

The original M3 holster was designed for use with the M1 carbine. Makers have adapted this design to work with many different models of pistols now in use. The new Genuine Italian Black Canary holster has a clip that attaches on the bottom of the belt. This clips over the belt buckle area and also rides forward on the inside of the belt. There are many service members still using the older clip/belt combination for various sidearms.

With the new M3, it is comfortable to wear. In fact many service members carry a regular leather belt with the M3 attached to it. The belt has enough space for storage of items like keys, cell phones, coins, bills, pens, knives and more. The belt is just not as cumbersome with the M3 Holster as it was when it was first designed.

These holsters were not originally designed to work with the 9 mm version of the M1 carbine. This was changed when later models of the m1 carbine were converted from semi-automatics to fully automatic. At this time, the military began issuing only standard M1 carbines. This necessitated designing a holster to work with these weapons. The new "holster" was designed to accept the standard ammunition and fit in the same manner as an unissued uniform.

This holster is made just like an unissued original. It is a tight fit when new so will have to be form-fitted to the pistol. This can be done dry over a period of a few days, or you can wet pack the holster for a better fit. Just dry the inside of the holster, enough oil to dampen the gunk, and place in a plastic bag, then push it in and out for a few minutes.

These are made using a durable high quality leather. You will notice immediately how secure this is. Due to the fact that this is a soft leather, it will mold to your body's contours. The beretta m9 stainless steel knife that is used with this high quality all leather reproduction of the famous WWI German issued Beholders is an example of how a knife should be used. The two are used on the same belt with each having their own pouch.

Our M3 Holster is made in heavy natural finish tan leather. This material provides a good exterior tough coat that will not fade, or become dull over time like cheap lower quality all leather reproduction of the famous WWI German issued Beholders. The leather also has many natural deep wrinkles. This is a wonderful advantage. The wrinkles provide a means for the item to be worn like originals without losing its original character and strength.

Our new made item also features a full stainless steel snap rivet closure. All leather parts are finished with a vegetable tan. The snap on the front of the holster can be ordered in different color choices. Most of our products are fully adjustable in length and easily compatible with most belt styles and pouch designs. The leather also has an appealing grain that does not reflect glare as much as darker color leathers. This makes it appropriate for use in dimly lit or very sunny areas, but will stand up to being worked into rugged jobsites or worn in light casual settings just like the originals did.