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Magazine Holsters

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Buyer's Guide: Magazine Holsters

Magazine Holsters

Magazine holsters, otherwise known as pistol carriers or magazine holders, hold a spare magazine securely so that many pistol owners may reload quickly in the event of an emergency. Magazine holders are handy to carry, generally they're an excellent investment for open and concealed carry. They work well with any pistol size. This is because the size of most magazines isn't too large, nor too small to be comfortably held in a pistol holder. Although these pockets may be different in the models that you choose, the basic features remain the same. If you are in the market for a new magazine holder, here are some things to consider.

Magazine Holsters are intended to hold one magazine at a time. This makes them convenient if you are the type of person who often carries one or two different handguns, or carries a handgun that's difficult to transport in a conventional holster. In addition to being easy to carry one with, they make it much easier to load the other, should you ever need to use it.

Most gun owners would agree that it's more difficult to manage multiple handguns. That's why the Magazine Holsters were developed. Magazine holsters are typically open and reveal an open space inside the top. Loading a second firearm into the top (as opposed to just one) would be difficult under the circumstances described. In other words, carrying two handguns in a relaxed, open posture is not a good idea when you have concealed carry laws in your state.

In terms of self-defense, this is a good feature if you are worried about an opportunity encounter with a stranger, or a mugger. You'll feel confident knowing that you can immediately pull out your magazine holsters if necessary. Some concealed carry laws allow this as well, so it may be worth checking with your local authorities. Magazine holsters also offer the distinct advantage of providing a flexible way to carry your gun on your hip.

To illustrate the versatility of the Magazine Holsters, let's say that you like to fish. Instead of carrying your fishing pole and reels on your belt with your other handgun, you can easily tuck them inside a Magazine Holster and use them for hands-free, convenient access to them. The pouches or carriers are usually made of nylon or leather and open via a zipper or belt clip. They can be used for carrying both a pistol and a rifle.

There are many different styles of magazine holster carriers to choose from, including leather, nylon and even satin. However, one thing that is very common is a "V" shaped slit in the back of the magazine holster. This slit allows the user to quickly draw their pistol, but still have it in place and easy to control at the same time. If you opt for the nylon and satin variety, you may want to make sure that the slits are reinforced so that they don't tear apart as you are working with them.

If you are a hunter or a person who simply needs to have a pistol on hand for protection while out in the field, then you will find that the Magazine Holsters are perfect for you. These are great because you can still load them up with ammunition, but they fold down so that they are more compact and easy to conceal when not in use. There are two basic styles of magazine holster carriers; those that are designed to be carried in the front passenger side of your vehicle and those that are designed to be carried on the side of the vehicle. Carrying a gun in the front passenger side of your vehicle creates a situation where you are open to attacks by possible thieves who see you armed. However, if you carry your gun in the side of your vehicle, you are able to have it locked up, making it harder for anyone to grab and take.

The best place to get a Magazine Holster is online. This is because you will be able to review all the different models and see how they work. It is also recommended that you visit your local sporting goods store and get an idea of what type of holster you might like to buy. When you go to the local sporting goods store, you will likely be limited to a few different types of Magazine Holsters and will probably be limited to different prices as well. To get the best deal, however, you will want to browse through all the online retailers and find the best price for the model you are looking for. Once you find a magazine holster carrier that has everything you need and at a reasonable price, you will know that you have found the perfect accessory for you.